Simon Pegg (2)

Oh dear me, here’s yet another privately educated, multi millionaire lefty cunt demonstrating his moral superiority. This time it’s Itchy Ballsack’s suggestion that kids should continue Maths lessons until the age of 18 which has aroused the ire of Simon Pegg.
Now for what it’s worth, I have no liking for Itchy or his Party, and I think his idea for maths is plain daft. But I don’t show the whole world what a tit I am by putting out a pitiful rant like this. ‘Fuck Sunak’, ‘Fuck the Tories’. Wow, what insight, what political nous, what a brilliant critique!

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He tells us he didn’t need maths to get where he is today. Spoken sitting in his car – designed and built using mathematics. Posted on the internet, created and operated using mathematics. And I imagine his accountants and tax advisers use a bit of mathematics to shelter his estimated £20 million from the tax man. How does this dickhead think the world works, by everyone sitting under a tree reading poetry?

What a complete and utter bellend.

Nominated by: Geordie Twatt

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  1. The thing to do is to put Pegg and Sunak in a room with a Ukrainian whore, sorry refugee.

    Then take bets on which one dies of aids first.

  2. Reading back through the posts from Mis, Ron and GOC, their memories of and feelings still towards former teachers is so familiar it’s almost creepy. I would say there is material here for a good nom but maybe not; our site after all is called “is-a-cunt” not “was-a-cunt”. Thank goodness things changed in later years. When our elder one was told by a PE teacher to go out on the field in the pissing rain she told her where to stuff it and walked away.

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