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Oh dear me, here’s yet another privately educated, multi millionaire lefty cunt demonstrating his moral superiority. This time it’s Itchy Ballsack’s suggestion that kids should continue Maths lessons until the age of 18 which has aroused the ire of Simon Pegg.
Now for what it’s worth, I have no liking for Itchy or his Party, and I think his idea for maths is plain daft. But I don’t show the whole world what a tit I am by putting out a pitiful rant like this. ‘Fuck Sunak’, ‘Fuck the Tories’. Wow, what insight, what political nous, what a brilliant critique!

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He tells us he didn’t need maths to get where he is today. Spoken sitting in his car – designed and built using mathematics. Posted on the internet, created and operated using mathematics. And I imagine his accountants and tax advisers use a bit of mathematics to shelter his estimated £20 million from the tax man. How does this dickhead think the world works, by everyone sitting under a tree reading poetry?

What a complete and utter bellend.

Nominated by: Geordie Twatt

121 thoughts on “Simon Pegg (2)

  1. But , but, …he’s a actor.
    Surely they know best ?
    And are among the most highly qualified to voice opinions on policy and political decisions?

    Not like some fuckin plumber or brickie, are they?
    They’ve been trained in the art of mime, dance, singing and pretending to be someone else.
    They’re special.

    Simon Pegg a struggling multi millionaire and telling it like it is.

    He has to have Lidl asparagus and once resorted to ice made from tap water.

    Austerity effects the dramatic arts darling!!!

      • Any more of your lip and I’ll get admin to issue you with a 2week ban.

        Distinct lack of respect for my position as COTY on here.

  2. I don’t need a A level in maths to know simon pegg adds up to a luvvie cunt.

    And I prefer nick frost anyway

  3. What about humanities, the arts, well what about it 😂

    You can’t have too much education, just ask Professor Rio Ferdinand, he wants to educate everyone

    Stick to acting not acting like a cunt.

    • Jeez !!! Have I got it right that your private pension is being taxed ?
      According to Cocker, private pensions are tax free. I should know, I’m getting one. The annual information you receive tells me tax zero. I hope you jovially made a mistake.

      • You’re mistaken I’m afraid Sammy. The personal tax allowance is £12,570. Any income you receive above that, whether earned or from a pension is taxed at 20%. If this applies to your good self and you are not paying any tax when they find out they will want all the back tax and a penalty charge on top. Beware!

      • Nope.

        I get state pension, not the full amount, as I’m missing a couple of years contributions.

        I get a private pension from my former employer, which is taxed. A half pension from my deceased partners former employer, which is taxed, and two small anuities, from my former partner, which are taxed.

        You see, my annual income is above the single person’s tax-free allowance, so HMRC tax everything over, even if you’re a state pensioner. Being the sympathetic people they are, they spread the annual tax across all my private income, bless.

      • You’re either
        Still working.
        Getting State Pension with enough top up, but just below tax threshold.
        Eating dog food and shuffling about in a sleeping bag.

        How the hell?
        Do you live in a cardboard box?

      • I’m retired, single on state pension and private pension, besides disability pension and my own house.

      • Besides already cancelling my black bastard cajoling cunts tv license some years back, I’m quids in.

  4. This is a win win cunting for me.
    I Hate the Tories
    I Hate Simon Pegg
    I Hate maths
    And Hate baseball caps.

    Where’s he from anyway?
    I’ll tell you,
    Gloustershire that’s where.
    Like Fred west.

    And his mummy is a civil serpent.
    And daddy a jazz musician.

    Fuckin jazz musician!!
    Hahaha 😄

    The shower of cunts.

  5. Always hated this luvvie turd, Geordie.

    Pegg is another one from the set of twats that includes Coogan, Freeman, Cuntberbatch, Sheen, Tennant ,and Brydon.

    Insufferable Labour cunt, who gets his housekeeper to turn the pages of Socialist Worker for him as he eats his vegan breakfast.

    • You left out Jeremy Clarkson Norman. He may not be what you would call a luvvie but he has the same attitude i.e pride in being ignorant. I recall when he said “My physics teacher said I was the most stupid pupil he ever had” with a laugh and a smirk. Trouble is lots of youngsters think they can get a highly paid sinecure like his without needing an education. They don’t realise that the whole shit show runs on nepotism; such positions are not available to normal folks.
      In the BBC there is a solid divide between the people you see on the screen and the army of technical people on the other side of the camera. The ignorance of anything even slightly technical displayed by the presenters and talking heads is sometimes breathtaking but it would not occur to them to take advice from the engineers just yards away. To them they are just grease monkeys whose opinion is not worth hearing.

      • If Clarkson tried to bully me, he would slap that pot bellied twat around, like an angry count behind a Worcestershire bike-shed.
        Oh yeah!

      • I’d rip that fuckin perm off his head.

        And once I’d put him through a wall I’d piss on those Asda snow wash jeans he wears.

  6. The Chinkies invented Tik Tok precisely for privileged wankers like this. It’s all very well saying nobody gives a fuck about these cunts but I’m afraid the young and dumb definitely do. They spend their lives on soshul meeja and look up to arseholes like this. The trouble with slebs is that they make it look so easy to get rich for doing fuck all. They don’t realise that , as a young man, Mr Pegg had to work hard to get his showbiz breaks……..

    “two pound ten a tit and a fiver for his arse”

  7. Daft cunt.

    Hardly Roger Moore is he?

    Mithering about maths and politics?

    He could be on a yacht off St Tropez getting his pencil dick wet with a supermodel.

    Just fuck off.

    • We used to have timestables test on a Friday in junior school.
      The teacher would make you stand on a chair and fire questions at you.


      My mind would cloud with panic.
      The cunt must of had a screw loose because he’d bellow

      6×8? COME ON!!!!

      I was only 8yr!
      I dreaded Fridays and would do a sicky.

      My mum would bring me a meat& potato pie for me dinner and I’d watch the Friday matinee on a black+white portable TV in my bedroom.

      I’ve hated maths ever since.
      Yet developed a love of film, pies and absconding from school.

      • At secondary school I was bamboozled completely by maths. I’d sit there watching as the teacher went over some aspect of geometry, and it all seemed as simple as straightforward as falling off a log.

        Then when it came to do the homework we’d been set on the matter, I wouldn’t be able to make head nor tail of the question, or relate it to what I’d seen demonstrated so clearly only a few hours before.


      • Me too, Ron.

        I liked what I call logical maths, but could never understand sines, cosines or bloody algebra.

        I have no problem calculating how much tax I will pay.

        Too fucking much! I’m a Pensioner, stop taxing my private pensions, you robbing cunts!

      • Strangely enough, Ron, about three weeks before I was due to sit my CSE in maths, it clicked!
        It was as if I’d been sat in the dark, and someone switched the light on.

        I did stupendously well, top mark, top grade.

        My Maths teacher said, somewhat bitterly, that it was a pity I hadn’t shown the promise earlier, as he’d have put me in for the GCSE instead.
        What? Did he get a backhander, or something?

      • Mr Woodward.
        Sure the cunts previous job had been petty officer on the Bounty.

        Making little kids scared to fuckin death of maths rather than teach them.
        The useless cunt.

      • We had plenty of those teachers at my secondary school Mis.
        They seemed to be under the impression that browbeating and intimidating the pupils would lead them to develop a love and deep understanding of the subject at hand.
        I spent a lot of my classroom time trying to look as innocuous as I could, and staying off the radar of the blackboard cleaner throwers.

      • Evening Ron 👍
        What was there fuckin issue?

        They chose to teach, nobody forced them.

        We had one great teacher, genuinely learnt with him, and we all liked him.
        He encouraged my love for history and would let me do things that interested me.

        Although he tied a kid to a chair with a skipping rope because he was having a seizure.

        So mixed bag really.

      • A very good question Miserable.
        I think that a lot of it went back to the bullying they received in their school days, or perhaps the regimentation in the forces during the war or national service.
        My own school was Moseley Grammar in Brum, and the fact that it had delusions of grandeur, seeing itself almost like some minor public school, didn’t help either.
        To this day I still dream of meeting two or three real cunt teachers after I’d grown and left.
        I imagine myself facing them, and saying ‘go on then, smack me around the head like you used to do for nothing. Please, please, that’ll give me the excuse I need to put you on the floor, you cunt’.
        I left in the late 60s, and I still can’t shake my hatred. It ain’t healthy.

      • I DID meet Mr Woodward long after school.

        I was paid as security to make sure the mayor wasn’t hassled at a young farmers show,
        And to oversee and guard the takings.

        Guess who was counting the money?


        But he was a twig thin old bloke,
        I lost all hatred for him that day,
        I asked him if he remembered me,
        And he said he did but don’t think he did.

        I just see it as he was shite at his job and he failed as a teacher.

        Fuck him.

      • I met one of my old teachers a few years after leaving his school. He was playing on the wing for our opponents on the rugby field….I straight-armed him across the throat within the first 10 minutes,sparking a mass brawl and me getting sent off….worth it to see him getting carried off.

      • Hahaha 😄

        Hey Dick, Jack the cunter hasn’t posted in a while you notice?

        Hope he’s ok?

      • I just thought the same about Jack yesterday….perhaps he’s away in his “luxury” mobile-home…hope he’s OK

      • Yeah hope so.
        His posts cheer me up no end.

        Talking to a handyman on a job today,
        He’s into shooting and also has a compound bow.
        He was saying he’s going to the Czech Republic to hunt wild boar.

        Didn’t you fancy that?
        Seem to remember you mentioning it.

        Anyway, told him near us I moved this nice lady into a house that backs onto a field full of sheep.

        She said to me ” I’ve been feeding the pigs in the morning”

        I said the farm didn’t have pigs.
        ” The little piglets have stripes” she said.

        Fuckin wild boar!!

      • There’s a few places I’d like to go, Mis, but I can’t be bothered to organise even a few days in Ireland nowadays…too much hassle going away these days and I’m genuinely happy just doing the odd job and spending the rest of my time pottering about with Hound who comes everywhere with me…don’t know how he’d come on if I left him for any length of time,tbh.

      • Yeah, know what you mean.

        I’m happiest with my dog on Kinder scout or Macc Forest.

        No better company than a dog.

  8. Prime bit of cunting this Geordie old son.

    For the life of me I can’t understand why being an ‘ach-tor’ or a ‘celebrity’ leads
    these people to think that we give a flying fuck about their opinions on anything.

    File in the bin with Stewart, Allen, Coogan, Cumberbatch and other bores.

  9. Always mystified by how this no-mark nerd cunt managed to get himself a career, solely on the back of him doing witless re-enactments of his favourite (shit) films. Spaced was fucking dismal, so is everything else he has done.

    As note above his mate Nick Frost the funny one – his pissed up Uncle in Man Stroke Woman was a tragi-comic tour de force.

  10. Another cunt with delusions of grandeur….. you don’t need any education when you

    Speak other peoples words.
    Wear other peoples clothes
    Move about where other people tell you
    Wear make up.
    You are a CUNT….!

  11. As with all super celebrities he and every single one of them without exception are a total shower and cunts to a man.
    If you could extract energy from smug superiority with the explosion in numbers of “stars” we would be self sufficient in power for decades

  12. Calculators are used in classrooms now and have been for some time.

    A big mistake in my opinion.

    Unless you have a reasonable idea of the answer to any calculation, you would accept any answer that the calculator comes up with, regardless of the possibility that you may input the data incorrectly or pressed the wrong button.

      • Indeed, JM.

        I’ve even used an abacus, and no, I’m not taking the piss!

        I worked in an accounting office when the Plus Adder was state of the art.

      • You a accountant JP?

        Why don’t you offer small businesses to do their tax returns, be a income for you?!

        Do it cash in hand 😁

      • Yes, why not, Mis.

        Tax free Friday and all that!

        Didn’t you notice the reference to an abacus? I’m so out of date on the rules and regs, it’ll be 5 years before I’m up to speed.

        No, I’m too old to be arsed.

  13. Admin.

    I’ve tried to send you a message via the ‘Contact Us’ form.

    There is no ‘send’ to click on.

  14. I’ve got some Maths for ya!
    I’m a big fan of Magnums. Every week i buy a box of 4 in Sainsbury’s, 3 quid a pop. Just got back from there, gone up to £3.50!
    Cunts cunts cunts cunts. Fuck you Sunak you fucking Gupta fucking wanker.

  15. Simon Pegg absolute twat
    Leftie privileged wanker
    Wouldn’t pay him in washers 👎👎

  16. No, not everyone needs maths, by a long way. OTOH more people need a kick in the slats than are currently claiming it:

    Pegg (of whom I had never previously heard) “graduated from the University of Bristol in 1991 with a BA in Theatre, Film, and Television,[4] titling his undergraduate thesis “A Marxist overview of popular 1970s cinema and hegemonic discourses””. (Wikipedia)
    Keywords: Bristol, BA, Theatre, Film, Television, Marxist, hegemonic discourses.
    I don’t think there’s any more to be said.

    • Evening K.

      Have you not seen ‘Shaun of the Dead’ or ‘Hot Fuzz’? Both films he acted in and co-wrote. Pretty funny as I remember, as was the TV series ‘Spaced’ which he also co-wrote and starred in.

      But that all was a long time ago…

      • Shaun of the Dead was funny.

        Everytime Shaun wins Dead Pool, I often wonder if the choice of screen name is a homage to this.

      • Evening RTC
        No, Brought up on books, mostly, never really got into cinema and have rarely been near enough a TV to watch it. I take a certain pride in entertaining myself otherwise. What a deprived life I have led. Must blame someone…

      • Evening Komodo 👍

        I’m not a bookish person but used to love Jack Londons ‘white Fang ‘ and ‘call of the wild’.

        Not very intellectual I know but I loved them.

        Reading them as a lad I was right there in the Yukon, packing supplies to go on the gold rush 🙂

    • Marvellous! I’d like to read that thesis, sounds fascinating. I wonder what the “Marxist overview” of “Carry on up the Khyber” or “Confessions of a Window Cleaner” were?
      As Babs Windsor would have said……..”you cheeky bleeder.”

      • I’ve never understood the appeal of Babs. I wouldn’t have given her a single glance in a pub.

      • Everyone thinks Babs had massive tits. She didn’t……she just made the most of what should had, like any truly sexy woman would. Unlike, for example, Katie Price, who just pumps them full of polyfilla the dirty old slag.
        Mind you, she’d still get Freddie’s pearl necklace. But then, I’m a cunt who can’t afford to be picky.

      • Well, Ron, they weren’t that spectacular tbh, she’d got more than a handful, it’s true, but they weren’t perky.

        No, it was that dirty laugh that did it for me, no girly giggles from Babs.

      • Anyone associated with those JJ Abrams Star Trek films should be vapourized, especially this little dickhead.
        And “Cockneys Vs Zombies” starring Alan “Bricktop” Ford is more fun than Shaun of the Dead any day

    • Sounds like a right pretentious little twat.
      I bet he’s a real fucking laugh down the pub, a multimillionaire lecturing everybody on the horrors of capitalism or something.

  17. He is some maths for you a committee in San Francisco have a proposal for a one time payment for 5 million dollars to each eligible black resident..

    Now that comes to financial suicide..

    • That buys an awful lot of guns, cars, drugs, hoes, and chiggun.
      ‘Where’s ah done gone an’ put mah tin o’ shoe black, y’all? What you lookin’ at, honky?’.

  18. Probably a paid-up member of the Fruity Gentlemen’s Club if he’s an actor…most ” creatives” are the type of dirt-box divers who signed up for the school-play rather than play rugby when young.

    They use greasepaint as anal lubricant.

    • What a calumny!

      There was always Vaseline, which was used to remove the Widow Twanky eyebrows!


      • Vaseline’s petroleum based, so a definite no-no for back entry fun (according to a friend).

      • Cheers, Ron.

        Did your ‘friend’ happen to mention a risk free alternative?

        Also asking for a friend.

      • Jeezum;
        Spoken to my friend, who advises use of water-based lubricant such as KY Jelly.
        Recently the missus informed me that ancients like the Greeks and Romans used olive oil or vegetable oil as a lube, if anybody fancies going old school.
        She constantly comes up with stuff like this. I learn something every day with her.

      • Know what the Romans washed their arse with?


  19. A late and drunken addition to this nomination: ‘Come the revolution’, posh pseudo-lefties like Simon Smeg will be slaughtered and dug into the earth but, after a few years, it’ll be ‘meet the new boss, same as the old boss’. There is no hope. Our country is fucked. You’ve been a lovely audience. Thank you and goodnight.

  20. I think he has a villa in Kefalonia near Skala and frequents a cocktail bar there.
    There’s a few pics of himself on the wall which the Greeks are keen to point out.
    They don’t have a fucking clue who he is, only that he’s famous.

    And a cunt.

  21. Is he a ginger?
    I don’t mean a “Ginger Beer”-although I suspect, like others on here, mist luvvies are deviants.

    A ginger haired cunt!

  22. I don’t really know who this Pegg wanker is but I’ve decided that I hate the cunt.
    Thank you gentlemen.
    I’ve put him on my black list for dealing with at a later date. Very low down admittedly but I am a man with a grudge. Never forgive, never forget.

  23. Ive met loads of Simon Peggs.

    Posh nerds who never grew out of being a student.

    Lip service Marxism while keen to make as much money as possible.

    Posture about socialism but won’t share a bag of chips.

    One customer of mine had all these toys from the 70s.
    Stretch Armstrong,
    Stuff like that.
    His grandad was a buyer for all these big stores,
    And attended launches for new toy ranges ,
    So this cunt would go along and get toys that weren’t on the shelves yet and nobody else had.

    He proudly told me this in his new apartment in a big old mill,
    And the temptation to push the spoilt little cunt down the steep wrought iron stairs was almost too much to resist.😁

    • I’ve met them myself. As Del Boy says in the very first episode of Only Fools and Horses, ‘That’s the mentality of your spoonfed student type. They spout on about humanity. Yet, when it comes to an argument over a fiver, they make Ghengis Khan look like a pacifist.’

      Pegg is the sort of cunt who would throw eggs at the Queen when she visited his university. But he couldn’t give a decent reason why he was doing it, and only did it because others were doing it. Classic Marxist student knobhead.

  24. Moseley Grammar eh Ron ? Did you ever run into a right cunt of a PE Teacher and Moseley Rugby Club thug called “Uggy White “? He then came to Lordswood Grammar and battered every kid who couldn’t excel in the gym. Even today, I would happily blow the cunts brains out.
    BTW, I got 19 large boars and sows on the weekend . Bastards are in plague proportions here in NSW after all the rain earlier in the year.

    • You butcher and eat em Grumpy?

      Rare here, although they’re native to the UK and on the rise.

      • Sure do Mis. Knock the back legs off and skin them and take the loins out of any fat sows. Packed in big ice boxes for the one hour trip home. A few in the freezer and give the rest away. I am very popular with my neighbors .
        There are depots around where I could take whole ( gutted ) carcasses and get good money but the closest one to where I shoot is about 2 1/2 hours drive so can’t be arsed .

    • My PE teacher was called Miss Kendall. Magnificent tits, and when she did the trampolene demonstration, I rose quicker than E.T and Lazarus put together….

    • The name doesn’t ring a bell with me Grumpy. What sort of time period are we talking about? The PE teachers I remember were named Reid and Toal (I think that was how it was spelt).

      • He came to Lordswood around 65/66. We thought he came from Moseley Grammar. I definitely know he was involved with the Rugby Club for sure. What a sadistic bastard he was. Lord Fiddler would have idolized the cunt.

  25. My maths teacher was Mrs Buchan. Sister in law to legendary Man United and Scotland captain, Martin Buchan. She died very young, aged about 36. A shame, because she was a nice lady and not a cunt.

    • Her husband, George Buchan, briefly played for United too in the mid 70s. But – unlike his brother – George Buchan was shit.

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