Brian Nguyen

One for the ISAC horn section.

Ladies, gentlemen and indeterminate fuckwits, I bring you Brian Nguyen…

Apparently this fat, ugly cunt is a model. As foulmouthed Scottish comedian Jerry Sadowitz would say, fuck my pubic hair. If that gives you the horn, then you need extensive BBT.*

It’s bad enough mediocre blokes stealing women’s sporting medals. But this was a beauty contest. By no objective standard is fat Brian the best looking one in that group. This is about the judges being ‘inclusive’ and ‘on the right side of History.’ Wankers. Worse, fat Brian has nicked a $7500 scholarship from an actual female teenager.

FYI – the redhead on the right of the photo in the link would swallow that much of my spunk she’d be the same size as fat Brian in six months.

* BBT = Baseball Bat Therapy.

Nominated by: Emperor of East Anglia

58 thoughts on “Brian Nguyen

  1. If he’d been a contestant in a trans only competition, he wouldn’t have stood a chance, have you seen some of those ladyboys?
    This way, two groups get appeased.
    The “fat is beautiful” crowd and
    The “man can be women, too” fantasists.
    Well done, judges, but shame on the other contestants for not screaming
    ” bullshit and fix” to the rooftops.
    This will carry on until you unite and protest.

  2. Sirs:

    New Hampshire used to be a normal place. Aggressively normal, in fact.

    Idiots from Massachusetts started moving there to avoid the crippling taxes. Nashua is close enough to Boston that the commute isn’t too bad. So they could stay on the gravy train and continue to vote for lefties without the price tag.

    Of course, the Massholes brought their retarded beliefs with them, and now New Hampshire has fat trannies winning beauty contests.

    If it was up to me, tomorrow morning Nguyen would be shipped to Qatar wearing a gay Crusader costume and half drunk. He’d get the Islamic Physics Lesson real quick.

  3. Hardly surprising look what goes on in the Deep South and the Bible Belt them cunts find anything with an oriethis fair game even if it looks like Herman fucking munster

  4. Ridiculous.

    Some Cambridge Dean said Jesus was trans; I wonder if that’s been nommed.

    World gone mad.

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