Brian Nguyen

One for the ISAC horn section.

Ladies, gentlemen and indeterminate fuckwits, I bring you Brian Nguyen…

Apparently this fat, ugly cunt is a model. As foulmouthed Scottish comedian Jerry Sadowitz would say, fuck my pubic hair. If that gives you the horn, then you need extensive BBT.*

It’s bad enough mediocre blokes stealing women’s sporting medals. But this was a beauty contest. By no objective standard is fat Brian the best looking one in that group. This is about the judges being ‘inclusive’ and ‘on the right side of History.’ Wankers. Worse, fat Brian has nicked a $7500 scholarship from an actual female teenager.

FYI – the redhead on the right of the photo in the link would swallow that much of my spunk she’d be the same size as fat Brian in six months.

* BBT = Baseball Bat Therapy.

Nominated by: Emperor of East Anglia

58 thoughts on “Brian Nguyen

  1. never enough drink or drugs to get my morn horn going, who on earth would bone that? morning all

  2. Hahaha, if youd of said 20 years ago some big fat tranny chink would win a beauty contest,
    No one would of believed it.

    Nowadays it’s par for the course.

    Brian doesn’t make a good woman.

    He’s more Oddjob from that Bond film ,
    Or a bodyguard for Rocketman Kim.

  3. Hold on a minute!

    This is a bloody hoax.

    Everyone knows beauty contests were outlawed by the Mill Tants years back.

    Even by the gutter standards of today there’s no way this could take place..

    Is there?

  4. I wonder how this went down with the various wimminz and feminazi groups?

    And surely using the incorrect gender pronoun (“Miss”) must also rankle with the wokies

    Anyway, I’m sure someone on here will get the horn.

  5. Well derry is certainly greater now that monstrosity is representing them.

    Probably got its own gravity field.

    And at least change your name brian is a bad enough name for a bloke..

    • Derry is in Maine , New England.
      It’s most famous son being horror novelist and apologetic shithouse Stephen King.

      Maybe it’s a stunt for a upcoming horror book?
      But starring a massive corpulent chinky in a nod to diversity?

      • Is it Derry or Londondrerry in NI Miserable?

        Maybe they need a ‘non-binary’ beauty queen over there.

        One half of the week they go to mass and sing Republican songs.The other half practice their baton -throwing and marching skills.

        ‘They’ would be a hit.

  6. He/She/It would be quids-in should there ever be a reboot/reimagining of “The Incredible Hulk”

    “Don’t make me angry! You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry”, was the famous line from Bruce Banner.

    One hint of a hurty word/micro aggression and our Brian would transmogrify into a right old ugly fat angry cunt.

    Oh, hang on!

    • Good Morning

      I guess that’s the answer, the judging committee being afraid of being called transphobic if they didn’t vote for sweet Brian. A case of them not having any balls, unlike Brian, who I presume is pre-op.

  7. I had visions of one of the other pretty (genuine) girls stripped down to a skimpy bikini and secured with a chain to this grotesque, bloated monster.

    A real dead ringer for Jabba the Gut.

  8. It should’ve first been subject to a rigorous DNA test before being awarded the wooden spoon in the ‘Non-Human’ category.

  9. Obviously using blind and mentalist judges for the sake of inclusivity.
    I take meds for my madness, this bollocks makes me think why bother as rationality and common sense are dead and buried. This World is starting to resemble some of my better delusions. Worth a thought methinks.

    • “The truth is that the modern world has had a mental breakdown; much more than a moral breakdown.”

      GK Chesterton.

  10. Looks like it’s time for The Sun to re-introduce page 3, but with fat trannies. It’s obviously what everyone wants.

  11. Well if some big fat riceboiler is miss Derry,
    I’m in with a shot at Miss Stockport.

  12. Good news for Jamie Wallis M.P. though…he’ll be looking for a new occupation after the next election…the beauty-pageant circuit beckons…might even get sticky-fingered by Prince Andrew.

  13. And the women in that picture are happy being losers to a fat ugly male , to big even to fit Uncle Terry’s oven ?
    The world gentlemen is fucking mad!

  14. A dead cert for Miss Pyongyang 2023 I’d have thought.
    It looks like Kim Jong Un’s twin sister.

    • I see he’s briging his teenage daughter to see these nuclear missiles being fired.

      No Barbie for her.

  15. Its a photo of the judges I’d like to see. But if you’ve seen one Dalek you’ve seen them all.

  16. ‘Yet, with well-practised smiles, the losing contestants cooed as the overweight teenager kneeled down so that a delicate, diamante tiara could be placed on his head.’

    And all we have heard for years and years over and over again how ‘strong’ young women are today.

  17. In that header pic is Brian sitting on someone’s face or doing a reverse cowboy/girl?

    Looks like vinegar strokes isn’t too far off

    Jeez, hurry up 11am and the next nom. My eyes are bleeding looking at old Brian here.

  18. Tranny’s make me feel sick.
    Even those panto ones at Christmas,
    I know some say it’s that they’re mental or subnormal,
    And they should be pitied.

    I think they’re monstrous.
    The forerunners for the legions of Hell.

    • I agree, NMC.

      That Ru Paul’s Drag Race? Looks like Dante’s Seventh Circle of Hell, that. Pig ugly monstrosities that should be fed to the animals.

      My other half loves it. They’d put it on on a Saturday morning after an evening on The Ale. I’d get out of bed to make food.

      Couldn’t cook for toffee at the time. Given there’s about 12 episodes per-season of “Trannies” as I call it, I became a proper whizz in the kitchen.

  19. Also, does anyone remember that camp tv quiz show from the 70s presented by Nicolas Parsons, called “Sale of the Century”?

    I remember it quite fondly, if only because it had some genuinely fit birds dressed in bikinis stroking BBQ grill sets, caravans and Kenwood food mixers.

    Imagine a Sale of the Century today, presented by Boy George, and the likes of Brian an Laurel Hubbard doing much the same thing in their flimsy attire!

    The mind well and truly boggles.

    • ‘From Norwich, the quiz of the week’, one of the fit birds was Sneh Gupta, the other was some blonde bird, can’t remember her name.

  20. On the subject of transwomen. I read somewhere (possibly the Torygraph) that some scientist or professor has declared that Jesus might be a trans!

    I didn’t read the rest of the article because I was too busy trying not to choke on my muesli. But I don’t know how the “professor” came to his conclusions or that if Jesus was a man identifying as a woman, or the other way round?

    I suppose God will be called out next (not the Prophet Mohammed of course – that would cause a shitstorm of epic proportions)

  21. It’s tranny appeasement gone mad.
    A perfect example of the emperor’s new clothes.
    Or in this case, bathing suit.
    Those poor female contestants.
    Afraid to show their true feelings, lest they be cancelled, or worse.
    This Woke virus is a thousand times more dangerous than Covid could ever be.

  22. I thought this was hilarious, the brain washed stupid bitches stood there smiling. Back in the day the cunts would have clawed the fat ogre to death.

  23. Because I feel a bit sick some mornings because of you know what, I haven’t eaten anything yet.

    Then I see that thing….🤢😉

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