Nicholas Rossi

To call this cunt a Walter Mitty type of character would be an insult to his victims. He is no eccentric fantasist but a lying manipulative devious sack of shit, indulged by the Scottish legal system as we shall later see. First a bit of background.

A convicted sexual predator he went on the run from the U.S in 2020 after faking his own death as more victims of his crimes came forward, eventually washing up in Scotland as Arthur Knight, an Irish orphan. When in hospital after catching Covid-19 he was recognised by staff as being on an Interpol red notice.

This was a year ago and since then has used every trick in the book to deny his true identity. From speaking in an Irish accent so he did, to claiming his distinctive tattoos had been done in hospital while he was in a coma – I don’t think the NHS offers free half sleeves….yet. Fingerprints were also taken by a nurse called Patrick and manipulated to match those held on file in America.

Why did it take a whole fucking year to see though this bullshit? Fingerprints, DNA, the tattoos or a background check on his alias Arthur Knight could all have been done in hours. The fact he sacked six lawyers, all probably funded by legal aid didn’t help matters. Since this is Krankie McSturgeon territory where men are women, why didn’t he just say he was a trans woman and couldn’t possibly have committed rape?

Now the bleeding fucking obvious has been finally established, he has been approved for extradition proceedings to the U.S. Given that it has taken years for cunts like Julian Assange and a couple of Rotherham peaceful groomers to maybe be fucked off to America and Pakistan I wouldn’t hold my breath on seeing this bastard on a plane anytime soon.

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27 thoughts on “Nicholas Rossi

  1. Cut his knob and his fingers off, so he’ll never do it again. Simple as that (well, it should be anyway).๐Ÿ™„

    • Hahaha ๐Ÿ˜„ what a spoofing cunt this lad is!

      He’s married to where’s Wally (see link) and even used a fake name on the marriage certificate.

      Clearly a headtheball.
      Guilty as fuck.

      My missus is on jury duty today.
      Jammy sod.

      Hang him!!!

      • Weโ€™d be alright Mis on jury duty. Proper kangaroo court. Albert Pierrepoint would be working overtime, โ€œBut he only nicked a packet of fags Mโ€™Lordโ€. โ€œGuilty, his eyes are too close togetherโ€.

      • Bob@

        I think they’d get the jist of where we stand as we’re both wearing black caps at the beginning of the trial? ๐Ÿ˜

      • ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ in the Magistrates Court having a piss in a passage.

  2. Well, of course. If you want to evade the law and live the freeloader life this is where you come. Everything is free and everything is available. Welcome to the Land of Milk and Honey.

    • Aye. Like those cunts Venables and Thompson. And that Maxine Carr bitch. All set for life, the bastards…

  3. This bloke reminds me of a posh farmer I know.
    First time I met him he had a yank accent.
    Next time Irish.

    He’ll be talking to us,
    Go in the house.
    5minutes after he’ll reappear but in different glasses and hat?!!!

    Right odd cunt.

    But he’s minted so I don’t worry about it,
    I’ve very tolerant where money’s concerned.

  4. So the evil little cunt was found out by staff at the hospital noticing he was on an Interpol alert list?

    What are they? Part time detectives?

    Fuck me imagine rolling up to A&E with a broken finger only to find yourself wanted in Ecuador for drug trafficking?

    The world’s gone quite mad.

    • ‘Fuck me imagine rolling up to A&E with a broken finger’

      Be even worse if you’d called 999 for a broken finger and found me at your door…

  5. He’s a fuckin crank too.
    Julian Assuange.

    Skateboarding round a embassy like a 12yr old.

    Screeching like a tit when getting dragged out.

    We should of gift wrapped the daft fucker for the yanks.

    • They (‘The New York Times’, ‘The Guardian’, ‘Le Monde’, ‘Der Spiegel’ and EL PAรS – who actually published the leaks, not Assange) are still whining that “publishing is not a crime”. But publishing state secrets is, chaps. Anywhere in the world. Even in Ultrawokia.

      Anyway, why the fuck are we paying his Belmarsh bill? He’s a fucking Strine and belongs in a rusty tin shed in Geelong…

  6. He could fit in quite well in ScotchLand. He’s a dodgy criminal, has the barnet of a shite indie band, tattooes to compensate for his lack of strength, and looks like a junkie who’s pissed his kecks. Hoots mon, Where’s ma free smack, Sturrrgeon?

  7. I thought that the first job of the government is to protect the population from cunts like this deviant and illegal dinghy riders etc? Another abject failure by the shitstains in charge.

  8. I’m always suspicious of people who change their name or lack a sense of self.

    I’m positively in love with myself!
    Don’t want to be anybody else.

    It shows lack of pride in yourself, family, community, country.

    Be proud of who you are.

    Yours sincerely

    Gorgeous Randy Flamethrower

  9. Another accolade for our marvellous legal system. And Border Force.
    At least the enormous NHS budget has been put to good use, as the staff are even well versed with Interpol’s most wanted list.

  10. The deportation hearing isn’t taking place until March next year, so we’ve got the expense of keeping this freeloading criminal for at least another 4 months.
    Doesn’t some covert American government department fancy “arranging” a fatal incident in the prison showers?

  11. Bet his victims are well satisfied with this powerful display of justice U.K. style.
    Can the hideous cunt have a nasty accident or something.
    A fine example of the wokist mindset that fills the heads of those that should know.
    Tattooed whilst in hospital if that is what he truly thinks then a position as dropped soap collector at Rampton hospital has just been announced. The last post holder was eaten by three inmates.

    • Typical of the NHS, tattooing someone while they’re unconscious. They tried it on me while I was in Manchester Royal ICU. You’d think they’d have better things to do.

      • Typical of the NHS.
        When not striking they while away the hours tattooing and body piercing people.

        My gran went in for a routine hip replacement?

        Full sleeve in traditional Japanese artwork
        And her septum pierced.

        Same with the niece.
        Went in for a measles vaccine,
        Back done in tribal Maori,
        And both nostrils pierced.
        Went off the rails.

        First under 12 to join the Road Ratz motorcycle club.

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