Two Dogs: One Mouth

What a fucking rancid old Bag….serves her right that her “fur-baby” showed his true opinion of her and crapped in her gaping maw…calling ambulances and a 3 day stay in hospital indeed….I bet she wouldn’t have been so keen if she had to pick up the bill.

What really gets me is the bit where she says she ran to the bathroom to wash the shit out but her son was having a shower so she had time to take a fucking selfie!!..

Dear God, I’m not squeamish but if I had a mouthful of watery shite,I  don’t think that updating my Facebook status would really be my first thought when I couldn’t get in the bathroom.

I’m glad the horrible ratty little dog crapped on her….I’d happily join it for a repeat performance.

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Nominated by: Foxchaser-Fiddler

55 thoughts on “Two Dogs: One Mouth

  1. Where’s Tommy cuntengine?
    He’d like this filthy nomination.

    Bet he’s knows her?!
    He’s from round that way.
    Bet him and MacKenzie Crook have had a scat party with Mrs Gommo.

  2. Takes me back to the 70’s, I had a large shocking pink badge with EAT SHIT MOTHERFUCKER on it.

    • How well l recall visiting the’mole-valley’s website years ago when they rejoiced in the old name…’SCATS’. (Looking for galoshesof all things) Never really recovered from some of the imagery avenues it…coerced me into.What was seen can’t be unseen as is often heard.

  3. Fuck me something ‘stinks’ about this story, pardon the pun.

    Firstly how can anyone say this rat of a dog ‘accidentally’ shat on her face, these little rats are a shit excuse for a dog, spiteful, snappy and would eat you if they were big enough. Hateful little cunt probably meant it IMO

    Then who the hell sleeps or for that matter can sleep with a rat on their face without waking as soon as the cunt takes up position or dying through suffocation.

    It gets worse, she takes a selfie. Get to fuck who the fuck takes a selfie when they’re being violently sick with dog shit on their face and in their mouth other than Jeffrey Dahmer.

    Oh and she suffers from Crohn’s disease which my cousin who had his bowl removed last year will testify is an horrendous condition that causes amongst others exactly the symptoms Ms Fuckwit described.

    I can’t actually get my head around what this Cunt was trying to achieve other than she looks in on ISAC and wanted to be royally cunted.

  4. I can relate to that, laying on the sofa my cat jumped up on my chest and i ruffled his neck and pulled him forward by the head to kiss him, I then got a full mouth full of pus as an abscess burst under his chin that I didn’t know was there…taste & smell I’ll never forget

  5. This was my exact first thought on reading the article. Some events merit an instant and robust response. I would classify having a face full of canine rusty water as one of them. For the life of me I can not understand how anybody could override the natural human reaction to remove the feculant matter at the earliest opportunity. I can only conclude that this sad individual has recreated the supposed event with fugazi shite. Looks like Beasto chicken gravy to me. Begs the question as to why anybody would want their 15 minutes for something so odd and repulsive. I doubt they will be lining up to kiss her under the mistletoe at this years office party (assuming such events are still legal by then naturally)

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