Gary Neville (4)

Gary Neville is a cunt, isn’t he.

The Champagne socialist prick, thick-as-a-turd after a horsemeat burger, Beckham ringpiece-rimmer, and whiny, Manc commentator fuckwit has attended a Labour Party conference.

Previously, the little shit-biscuit had stated, “Ah ain got no intenshun of goin’ in’o politics, liiike” yet here he was acting as if he wasn’t a multi-millionaire marxist.

“Eee, lissen oop liiike, ah ain no fookin’ leftie woke fingie” he garbled.

“Starmer becumin’ President, riight, can’t come quick enuff.”

“Also, riight, we should ‘ave more diversi’y in football. Ahh fink. Eh.”

This monglish simple-simon has had many achievements outside of being Ferguson’s foot-rest, including a three-month stint as manager in Spain, not being the ugliest Neville brother, and showing support for (alleged) serial-assaulter and woman-puncher Ryan Giggs on soshul meeja.

“Ah fink du tax coots for du wealfy are immoral, liike. Oo du fook wants ’em, anywaaay? Well, me obviously. Fook the poor.”

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64 thoughts on “Gary Neville (4)

  1. “I have no intention of going into politics” because “I love what I do”.

    More like its the salary of ‘only’ ยฃ84K a year. The Labour faithful seemed a bit starstruck when Neville took to the stage with Sir Kier wetting himself like tweenager at a Harry Styles concert.

    At least no one will be accusing Starmer of presiding over a cult of personality within the party like Magic Granda because the wooden cunt hasn’t got one, relying on gimmicks like arse kissing this tool.

    • Its very much the case the politicians are starfuckers – Harold Wilson with the Beatles, Mrs Thatcher with whatshisname, Anthony Blair with D-Ream, the Gallaghers and other beat combos, and Ted Heath and the LSO. Kweer has Neville and that little poofy cunt Izzard – TV exposure means “stars” though so of them, most of them are has-beens. Some were even “never-were’s”

  2. Another pig shit thick footballer with all the answers to this country’s problems..
    Oh please educate and enlighten me on the errors of my way..
    Or better still go back to stating the bleeding obvious on sly sports you utter cunt..

    • And those twats at the Daily Mirror will be fawning all over him ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

      • Reading Maggie’s nom I never realised what a lovely speaking voice Gary had,
        Absolutely marvelous.
        Well done Gary,
        With a voice like that you should go into politics?

      • I’m enthralled to listen to Gary’s political views,
        As playing games for a living must give him a deep insight into the running of a country,
        Socio-economics, it’s dealings with other countries around the world,
        A shoe in for PM๐Ÿ‘

        Maybe he could get the girl who played hopscotch at school to be his chancellor of the Exchequer?

      • Like a Shakespearian thesp after 2 litres of White Lightening and a pack of B&H Miserable.

      • Up next David Beckham gives a keynote speech to world leaders at Davos on the geopolitics of the Korean peninsular and the consequences of Russian sanctions for wider African diaspora.

      • While Victoria fiddles with his remote control.
        Press the wrong button and he soils his Armani undercrackers ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. A cabinet of Gary , Angie Rayner and Liam Gallagher?

    Glad I took elocution lessons !
    I sound nothing like those fuckers

    • I do have quite a strong Mancaccent, Miserable. But I don’t do all that ‘Eeee By Gum! Az gev tha Missis a good fook t’other neet’ stuff either. Also, the northern gobshite cabinet.Don’t forget Covid crank and gobshite monkey man, Ian Brown.๐Ÿ˜„

      • I didn’t really think I had that strong a accent till meeting other blokes from around the country at work events Norm.
        We’d have a few beers and I’d get all that

        “Top one our kid, Avin it!!’

        I’m from Stockport
        Don’t see myself as manc,
        But suppose it’s like we class all Londoners as cockneys?

        I thought I sounded like John leMesurier ๐Ÿ™‚

        Ian Brown?
        He’s touring without a band, ยฃ40 a ticket.
        Karaoke stylee

        Fuck that.
        That mitmot Liam Gallagher raving about it..

      • Heard off a few people Brown is a right cunt. Rest of the band (Stone Roses) were nice lads by all accounts.

        I’ve never met them, they could all be cunts. One of the lads who told me this was a sound engineer for them in the early days, unless he was full of shit, but apparently it’s true according to others an’ all.

      • I actually sound similar to Stone Roses bassist, Mani.
        Don’t mind that. Mani is a top lad.

      • I have it on good authority that Mis has an Alderley Edge accent to go with his gate.

      • ” Cressida,Cressida!
        That ghastly postman is pulling at the gate again.
        I thought you’d had a word with the dreadful fellow?

        Hello, you there!
        Do you mind awfully?
        It’s handmade.
        By artisans๐Ÿ˜

  4. Footballers are thick. They failed at school and would not be able to survive in a world where ability and savvy are required. This is why they kick balls for a living.

  5. Gary Nev is not a Manc. He is from Bury, which is in Lancashire. But this cunt is not – repeat, not – a Mancunian.๐Ÿ˜‰

    Nev was a competent right back, but he wasn’t the best I saw. He couldn’t attack like John Gidman or Denis Irwin could. And he didn’t have the ferocity of Gabriel Heinze. He was fairly useful, but Nev wouldn’t get anywhere near my all time Manchester United XI.

    Nev is also OK as a pundit. Him and Graeme Souness are about the best now in a sea of shit. Carragher is also decent on the telly. But he sounds like an asthmatic parrot. Still, anything is better than the loathsome Karen Fucking Carney. Did I ever say that I can’t fucking stand her? The fucking bitch.

    Nev as a person? Well, he’s always been a reeking hypocrite. Took the Glazers filthy lucre for years as an ‘official club ambassasor’ and said fuck all about these weirdo septic tank carpetbaggers financially raping an institution and the world’s most fabled football club. Yet now Neville is now saying that the Glazers should go. Double standards that stink like Pepe Le Pew’s arse.

    The Class Of 92 ‘brand’ also makes me heave. OK, they were decent. But only one of them was anywhere near world class, and that was Paul Scholes. They are well overhyped and anyway, miles better players came through the MUFC youth system. Like Brian Kidd, Nobby Stiles, Sammy McIlroy, Mark Hughes, Norman Whiteside, and, of course the great George Best, the magnificent Bobby Charlton and the legendary Duncan Edwards.

    Also disgraceful how the cunting Nevilles (him and that little girl’s voice twat Phil) spunk loads of dough on Salford City, yet they didn’t lift a finger to help their hometown club, Bury, and they left the Shakers to die. Both Nevilles are cunts, and their dad was and all. That about sums it up…

  6. What tickled my bell-end watching this prick was how disgusted he and his fellow ‘footballer’s’ feel at the 45p tax cut – standing there, giving it large, subconsciously telling all that “I’m OK Jack cos I got $$$$”.

    If most of his Brazilian, Ghanaian, Nigerian and other ‘not of this country’ bum chum football mates gave a fuck.

    A/. They’d not command ridiculous salaries in the first place
    B/. Donate a lot of it to their local communities

    Sanctimonious northern cunt making it out like they didn’t ask for, or really want disgustingly high salaries – yeah right.

    Tell that to Umbookoo and his Manc City bum-chum Embebeee when they’re having a spit-roast with a couple of teenagers in some posh hotel.

    Fuck off.

  7. Yet another champers socialist worth millions.
    Not only does he have a nice cosy all-expenses paid job on Sky, but he has also moved into the construction and hospitality business and was involved with the construction of a hotel in Manchester along with fellow team mate and all-round dodgy person, Ryan Giggs,

    He is also involved in the construction of a ยฃ200m residential skyscraper in the heart of mancland

    Moreover, Gary’s net worth is around $25m

    Yeah, he’s definitely “one of the people”


  8. The cunt must be worried about his job at Sky so he seals the deal by licking Starmzyโ€™s arse.
    Better than claiming to be black I suppose.

  9. Oh and let’s not forget his 5 minute foray as as club manager!
    Became boss at Spanish club, Valencia, despite never coached before (I always assumed former players had to earn their coach badges first?)

    Anyway, he was there for 3 months before being sacked with only 4 points earned and the club hovering in the relegation zone.

    Not only did he tell Sky to fuck off when he took the job, but then he came crawling back begging forgiveness when he realised management was not for him. And Sky took him back in.

    But it says a lot about a pundit who talks about what a manager should do from the viewpoint of a TV screen, compared to the harsh realities of doing the job from the touch line!

  10. Total failure as a manager (like his twat of a brother), and he was lucky that Sky had him back. Nev makes out he is a meat and potatoes Englander and a man of the people. But he is a notorious penny pincher and a monumnetal tightarse. He rivals Paul McCartney and Jimmy Page in the tightarse stakes. And they are two infamously tightfisted cunts. You will never See Gary Nev get a round in, ever. Tighter than a camel’s arsehole in a sandstorm.

  11. Off topic, but I was just unfortunate enough to catch some of the lunchtime BBC news.
    The cunts are doing their level best to make that recently perforated criminal the next Chiggun George Floyd.
    Fuck the BBC…

  12. And when Gary and Phil went crying to Fergie, Grassing up Jaap Stam, because he called them both ‘busy cunts’. The little squealing big girls got Stam the sack at Old Trafford. Big Jaap should have killed the pair of little squealing narks.

    • Ferguson dropped a bollock by sacking Jaap Stam off and it took a good while to correct that glaring error of judgement.

      Helped highlight what a petulant old bastard Ferguson was.

      • Stam was one of the best centre halfโ€™s I ever saw, that jock red nosed cunt must have been well pissed up to bin him.

      • Stam was a fucking beast. Up there with Adams and Van Dyke as the best PL centre halves I’ve seen.

      • 3 of the best there CB

        I’d throw Hyypia, Vidic and Cavalhio in there as well though I’d take a prime Stam over them all.

    • Got to say Jaap Stam was one of the best defenders Iโ€™ve ever seen Norm. Never understood why Ferguson got rid, till now. Iโ€™m not a Man U fan btw. Just appreciate great players when I see them.

  13. Kiss arse wanker Gary Neville used to be a bang average player who was surrounded by far better players which helped to elevate him beyond his limitations.

    Now Gary Neville is an average pundit for Sly Black Lives Matter/ Black history month Sports. Pocketing millions and preaching left wing politics to the masses from his lofty and financially comfortable perch.

    Gary Neville was also a hopelessly inept manager for the few games he actually attempted.

    Gary Neville is also a massive cunt.

    • Left wing politics is always preached from a position of (minor) privilege.
      If they knew what socialism is really all about they would shit their pants.
      Useful idiots…

    • Dead right, Herman. Any leftie cunt who says ‘Refugees (except they aren’t) welcome’ and loves migrants is rich as fuck and doesn’t have to live near or put up with them. If Gary Nev had what I have, he’d be in a posh private room. And he wouldn’t have to put up with pig ignorant thoughtless P@k!s showing their smelly arses and disturbing everyone with that shitty Bollywood music.

      Cunts like Neville and Lineker are so enthusiastic about these cunts, because they don’t have to deal with the piss boiling bastards.

      • Amen to that Norman.

        The oldest hotel in my local small town, having recently been sold by the now retired owners who had managed it for decades, has now been converted into a … yes you guessed it. A refugee centre for young, mainly African fucking males (and I assure all counters that there’s not a female or child in sight amongst the cunts because I work near there)

        What’s more, this has been a decision made purely by stealth and without one minute of consultation with the actual people who happen to live here. But what the fuck do the concerns of hard working locals matter to politicians.

        The local Tory MP as you would expect, lives in a nice cushy pad many miles outside the town centre so not their problem is it.

        Complete treacherous bastards.

      • Interestingly enough for these young African men – should they decide to stick the telly on in their nice warm hotel rooms – they’ll automatically think they’re back in Africa which could cause them no end of confusion.

  14. He didn’t have a good start in life, seeing as he’s father was called neville neville.
    A member of the Bury hillbillies.

  15. If he becomes a politian then he will have to make a better job than he did being manager of Valencia CF.

    He was worse than fucking hopeless.

    He had the worst set of results in La Liga for the short time he was there.
    One of the best teams in Spain were heading for relegation under the cunt.

    The supporters hated him.

    Fuck knows how he or his equally useless brother and sister keep getting management jobs.

    After the dire performance for ‘Los Che’ I thought that he would never work in football again, but then he popped up again as a know all pundit for Sky Sports.

  16. Gary Neville is a Louse on the pubic hair of humanity and now we see the cunt joining forces with the biggest parasites of them all:

    The Labour Party led by non other than Dame Kweer Starmonkey and his troupe of parasitic bum boys, trannies, Alan Snackbar lovers, Dark-Quay’s, parking Stanley’s, commie wimminz and magic grandpa’s all to boot. (All Cunts though)

    Fuck Neville and his new found comrades in the party that hates YOU, hates your values & traditions and hates the country you live in.

  17. I am surprised no one at conference stood in solidarity for Kwasi Kwarteng-o-rang and took the knee….

  18. I’m surprised that all the politically savvy footballers haven’t gotten together to form their own party .
    Labour United.
    A splinter party.

    Lineker, Neville, Rashford, Barnes.
    They could act on their insight into society ,racial inequality etc

    Maybe bring in other sportsmen with something to say without being asked,

    Does Frank Bruno have any views on Russia?

    There’s a reason the country’s heads of state aren’t handpicked from Dickie Davies world of sport,
    Because most sportsmen are numb as a fuckin post.

    They trial ran it with Giant Haystacks trying to mediate in the middle East and it fell apart.

    • Eric Bristow has just arrived in Moscow for a summit to end the Russia/Ukraine war. Cliff Lazerenko will mediate with the Ukrainian president.

      Truss and Kwasi Kwertang or whatever he’s called, have also asked Chris Waddle and Bill Beaumont to draught a report to end the cost of living crisis.

    • Yes, in hindsight Giant Haystacks (or Leslie to his friends) slamming down with force into Yasser Arafat probably was not the best form of diplomacy, he was never the same again, could not shave or wear his headscarf properly without some Abdul care worker on hand.

  19. I don’t give a fuck what some cabbage footballer has to say about anything.
    Stick to droning on about your mind numbing sport to likewise thick cunts.

  20. Millionaire socialists really piss me off, they never ever redistribute their filthy lucre do they.

  21. He’s a pundit and should stick to that.

    Although I think he’s not quite the great pundit we all thought he was anyway.

    He went to show his ‘tactical nouse’ in Spain as a manager at Valencia, a decent club with quite a few quid at the time, and completely fucked it up. He was fucking awful.

    I thought he was going to be great.

    Just shows, even the best pundits talk shite unless proven coaches in my opinion.

    Best pundit I’ve seen only made one appearance. Rafa Benitez.

    Fuck me, he knew his stuff and if I recall correctly, even had a dig at Neville saying their (Sky’s) pundits are good at saying what went wrong after the event, but not at how things will happen beforehand. I remember Benitez called out pre game how different players would move when the ball was played here or there. He was fucking spot on.

    Made Neville look like a charlatan. Big clamour after for the fat Spanish waiter to make regular appearances but unlike Gary, clubs wanted him to be their coach.

    Not saying he’s the greatest coach by any stretch, but he reads the tactics really well.

    Neville can’t, so how the fuck does he think he can lead a general population, the thick cunt?

    Stick to standing by (alleged) woman batterers.

  22. This twat was on BBC brekky, fuck me it was like a party political broadcast for the starmer party, the BBC has given up even pretending to be neutral…..๐Ÿ’ฉ

  23. If he loves ‘refugees’ he can fill his fucking hotel with boat riders.

    He knows they’ll trash it so he won’t, of course.

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