David Attenborough (7)

Yes, this old prat moaning about climate change at every available opportunity.
His constant whining is ruining what used to be the BBCs only worthwhile output. Nature documentaries.

This time it’s Frozen Planet II. Every fucking episode he just can’t help himself. He even blames climate change for an increase in killer whale attacks on bowhead whales.

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I reckon the old cunt wanks himself off over a picture of Greta Thunberg every night. Just shut the fuck up about global warming and present the program. And while we’re at it, let’s have the RSS Sir David Attenborough name changed back to Boaty McBoatface like it should be.

Nominated by: Duke of Cuntshire

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  1. The first frozen planet was bad enough. Sentimental bilge creating narratives for the animals. Misleading, emotive shite.

    • SuperHarry and SuperMeg.

      They are Kryptonite to the Royal Family.

      There is a difference though when Harry becomes SuperHarry SupetMeg has to join him in the telephone box to make sure his underpants are on the right way

    • Haha I read that kink and further down there’s an ad for a greener PC fronted by Michaela Strachan. The fucking cheeky twat.

  2. David Attenborough has a dinosaur named after him, the Attenborosarus, Attenborough is only one of two Britons given this honour the other being Labour MP Diane Abbott. The Abbottpotomas was a huge, dim witted beast with the brain the size of a walnut who mostly grazed in the chicken shops of the Hackney savannah.

  3. I went to the same same school as this wanker, albeit 30 years later, and although I’m a cunt it’s not on the same scale and I’m no fucking hypocrite.

  4. Has climate change caused orcas to play around with small boats or is their fascination more to do with the propeller wash. Not long ago a pod of orcas took to wearing dead fish on their heads is not nature wonderful.
    Tell the truth I am more worried about my energy bills and the thousands of dinghy riders who need housing, feeding, access to school age girls etc.

    • Indeed Bb.
      It’s all sleight of hand, while we watch the right hand, the left has nicked your wallet.
      That’s the way Government and taxation has always worked.
      But we’re wise to them now.
      We’re going to breed Honey Badgers, then let about 500 loose in the HoC, maybe some hyenas, too.
      The strong will survive. This is what dear, dear David has taught me.

      • Oh how I would love to see the honourable members of the Commons and Lords being chased across the Savannah by a vicious pack of African Painted Dogs. Imagine the terror on their fat, privileged faces. Imagine them being torn limb from limb screaming in agony.
        Fucking love it. 😁

  5. I used to like him until he became a preachy cunt.

    Huge teams involved in those series. Egghead engineers and cameramen.

    He gets all the credit though for reading a script and adding his own preachy bollocks.

    I avoid all his shite now.

    Those gorillas let us down back in the 70s. Imagine if he’d ended up another Timothy Treadwell?

    Would’ve saved us his preachy bollocks at least.

  6. Definitely a good candidate for Deadpool……….

    Another privelaged, lefty luvvie BBC prick who should of fucked off and retired to Bournemouth back in the late 90’s.
    Instead he has lingered around like a giant unflushable BBC turd telling us how evil we are for polluting the world and the damage done by us living out our very ordinary lives.,

    The irony being that David and his film crew’s carbon footprint from all the intricate filming around the globe they have been doing since the 1960’s is the size of Australia and the amount of jet fuel this cunt has burned whilst on his travels has single-handedly caused the North Pole to melt and all the god damn polar bears to do die.

    The real educated amongst us know this is all bollocks of course and mother Earth is doing just fine and that global warming is a fucking myth told to keep the guilty sheep like masses in check:


    • Watched your video. Struck by the swearing in a formal setting like that.
      “Fuck all’, ‘Motherfuckers’.
      Might do a Nom on this.
      I heard Senator Lidsay Graham at some hearing using ‘frigging’.
      People at the end of their tether. The polarisation of politics.
      Really says a lot about the coarsening of the culture.

      • He has always spoken like that. I think he’s a fake, though. He’s one of those, “I can make you rich,” gurus. He’s entertaining, but take him with a pinch – a BIG pinch = of salt.

  7. notice the climate goons never complain about china C H I N A !!! if every hooman in europe died C H I N A !!! would still be pumping out 99% of the shit into the air and clogging up the rivers with rotting slitty eyed prostitutes.

    • They need to keep China onside because they have cornered the world market on electric battery components. Its business as usual for them, carry on building a coal fired power station every month while we in the west become poorer achieving net zero.

    • They never do Markle. Just like feminists never complain about the Peacefuls and Joe Daki’s

  8. What an excellent nom – feeling a bit down today, but the comments cheered me up no end. Thanks one and all.

  9. Fucking nightmare tonight at the kidney unit. One of the needles to my fistula ‘blew’ and my arm inflated like a balloon. It looked like something from a Carry On Doctor film, and it also bloody hurt. My forearm looked like it had a tennis ball sewn into it. It was quickly sorted out, and I still have a pack of ice on it at home, as it is still swollen as fuck. But, as I saw my arm get bigger and bigger, I nearly shat myself. I also had the Covid booster in the other arm tonight. So I dare say I will be fucked today.😬

    • Just saw your post Norman, sounds awful. Especially the fistula part, are you sure thats the right word? You can have one of my kidneys. After armageddon obviously.

      • Had to look it up, I stand corrected. The only fistula I had heard of was vaginal-rectal. Poor old Norman thought me, shitting out his fanny. I and me are my preferred pronouns. If indeed they are pronouns, pretended to be sick the day we got taught about them.

  10. I am genuinely excited by the prospect of a nuclear conflict. Not just a few tactical nukes, every warhead on the planet deployed, with the ensuing nuclear winter causing the extinction of mankind. That should significantly reduce global warming, and just think of all the annoying cunts who would die! It would be a bit sad, but the benefits greatly outweigh the downside. If I survive the bombardment I would quickly die of starvation, unable to eat because of constantly laughing at the demise of all those on the wall of cunts. Would start giggling thinking about Schofield and Soros, the most evil men on the planet, before moving on to politicians, actors and Elton John. My only regret is that Bruce Forsythe and Cilla Black are no longer with us, it would be hysterical musing on a combination of lack of talent, hypocrisy and radiation sickness. In a few million years cockroaches will evolve into a benevolent, caring and civized society, and make a better job of taking care of the planet than we ever did. Then the sun will explode and wipe them out. Which is also funny, I fucking hate the little cunts.
    You may not completely agree with me on this, not everyone has the capacity to become a full blown sociopathic functioning alcoholic, but we should all strive to be the best we can. A pity nobody will ever read this, late to the comments party as usual.

    • Ps. Apologies if someone has already posted this, could’nt be arsed to read the comments.

      • Love it. Man made climate change is a load of bollocks. Check out a guy called Paul Burgesson YouTube https://youtu.be/v4HwbNddYH0. He has done about 40 videos debunking all of this nonsense and backed up by world renowned experts that keep getting cancelled.
        Hottest summer on record…. fuck off. It was hotter in the 1920’s, especially dustbowl America and ther was less CO2 back then.

    • Excellent reply,

      Imagine playing Deadpool in the aftermath of a east Vs west nuclear exchange?

      It would be fucking horrendous!

  11. Totally agree with this one, 45 mins of great, awesome wildlife followed bu 15 minutes of guilt, ruining the first 3 quarters of the prog, we all know about this shit, Davay boy has turned it into a visit to church.
    Now its fucked, shame realily, takes then enjoyment out of it., yep Davey boy has become a whinging cunt nowadays….

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