Cadbury’s Badbury’s (2)

It’s with a heavy heart I write this.
I feel like a traitor.

My whole life I’ve loved Cadbury’s chocolate.
No better treat!

The finest chocolate in the world 🇬🇧
…. Get fucked.

Cadburys was like heaven on your tongue,
Like virgins piss.

Then Kraft bought it out☹️
Fuckin yanks!!
They fuck up everything.
It’s rubbish now.
I’d rather lick my own arse.

As a boy I’d have a bar of fruit and nut in my haversack, hiking up a Pennine trail, behind my dad, dog at my side,
And when we sat tired on the rocks surveying the beauty of the British countryside we’d share a bar of fruit & nut for ‘energy’🙂

Can’t do that now,
Be better off with a bag of crisps ( 70% air 30% crisps.)
So thanks for that Kraft you bunch of cunts.

I’ll get my own back.
Just see if I don’t.

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Nominated by: Miserable northern cunt

62 thoughts on “Cadbury’s Badbury’s (2)

  1. Great nom. Fruit and Nut and Caramel are my go to’s. Can’t explain what has happened since Kraft pissed around with the recipe.

    Best described as the chocolate has lost its guts; it no longer has the body it once had.

    Shame. Another fine example of British defeat snatched from the jaws of victory.

  2. True mnc we buying chocolate 🍫 or crisps today is just like paying gas standing charge (about £15 a month) paying for fresh air. Open a bag of crisps and you can’t even make one butty out of them. Robbing cunts.

  3. Why the fuck Cyclops Brown the secondary cunt of Zanu new liebore had to sell this fine institution off to Mondelez I do not know. The cunt should be tried for crimes against the British people. Cadburys, you can now stick it up Owen Jones overused poo pipe

    • Are good old Labour for the people, up the people, fuck the people ( the foregoing only applies to White English indigenous persons who are straight).
      To think that some supposed political pundits see liebour winning the next election. Doubt if we will get Cadburys back and how can memories be so short. No party is fit to lead this nation

    • PS….Chocolate id eaten by The Gays.common fishwife types and fat children….I’d ban it…and them.

      • Nowt ducky about chocolate.
        British Tommy’s had it as part of their rations.

        Our boys fought off the Hun, Zulus, Boers, etc
        With it in their kitbag.

        To not like it is unpatriotic 🇬🇧

        Your a communist in the employ of Kraft.
        Your the Lord Hawhaw of the confectionery world.

      • Chocolate was introduced to British rations by a shadowy German cabal determined to weaken “Our Boys” by giving them bad teeth….weaken the Great British Empire…install a family of Krauts in Buckingham Palace…and make endless work for Cunts who couldn’t make it as Quacks so settled on dentistry.

        Educate yerself by watching my dedicated video channel ..” Tinfoil Hattery for The Normies”.

      • He did not!

        Prince Andrew is a lovely hard working man with no interest in girls younger than his socks,
        And he is a paragon of virtue.

        Besides he prefers pizza…

      • Invented a vibrating creme-egg …Clitoris Allsorts and Aniseed Anal-Beads too…..the filthy Cunt also porked Sarah Ferguson at least twice….should be beheaded.

      • I think you will find Peter “Mandy” Mandelson possessed the original finger of fudge and he still has it. So many poofers in the Labour party, so little time.

  4. At first glance I thought it was another ‘dog shat in my mouth’ cunting. What a truly revolting creature.

  5. Cadbury’s? Cunts. I was reading about their set-up in Keynsham, near Bristol. Set up by Quakers, built houses for their workers, paid them well, looked after them, social club, day trips, pension, canteen which ex-employees could use, pensioners day trips. Result? Loyalty from happy employees. They worked there for life. Kraft took over, shut the factory, sold the site and it’s now a housing estate.

    Cunts. Good nom.

      • No they kept that one as a Symbol gesture. The Americans promised to keep Cadburys at Keynsham, whilst expanding operations in Poland. Guess what Poland up and running and book P45 for Keynsham. Disgusting company Mondelez. Look at when they started, I think it was like only 2013 and look at the market share. Really aggressive vultures.

  6. It’s the same story with beer. Doom bar was a decent brew until it became homogenised. I hear the Beavertown brewery has just been purchased by Carlsberg, so that’s their beer fucked then.
    Like many things nowadays, they morph into cheap products but still retain the premium price.

    • That’s what I don’t understand with these company/product buy outs. They want to purchase the product because of its unique properties that the public want to but it…..they fucking change it so people don’t.

      Can’t work it out.

      • Just lots of Anti British people really. Don’t want us to have success.

      • The cunts gradually reduce the quality knowing many won’t notice.

        Cheaper or less ingredients means more profit.

        Fuck em,once they start that caper I vote with my wallet.

  7. It 5astes like they’ve reduced the cocoa content and replaced it with lard.

    No,wait…lard is too expensive..

    Old vegetable oil probably.

    Cadbury should have been bought by the Queen to keep foreign cunts away from it.

  8. It tasted ‘rich’ didn’t it.

    I don’t really like other chocolate.

    It’s like I’ve been riding Jane Seymour,
    And suddenly I’m expected to shoot my muck up Roseanne Barr.

    Don’t get why you’d buy a brilliant product and ruin it?
    Because their chocolate all tastes like shite?

    I’d of been less offended if they’d bought Buckingham palace and turned it into a McDonald’s ☹️

    • To my eternal shame I’ve been driven to the German chocolate made for Aldi…

      Named after a famous Prussian general Moser Roth.

      Either that or a scat porn star.

      • Ooh, you can’t whack a bar of Aldi or Lidl chocolate, Terrence. The bar that’s in a cardboard wrapper. Cheaper and much, much better.

  9. The yanks have a tendency to ruin things.
    Cheese for one.. what is that rubbery shite that they pass off as cheese..
    Probably OK for patching up a hole in a plasterboard wall. But it’s not going on top of my burger..

    • …the American ‘cheese’ they put on burgers etc cannot legally be described as cheese in America. Little known fact there

      ‘American cheese is made with Colby, cheddar and other similar cheeses that mean it is processed cheese. So legally, it is not cheese. According to FDA, it is pasteurized processed cheese, and true cheese should contain more than pressed curds of milk or cheese. American cheese is salty and creamy in flavour’

  10. It’s a taste issue isn’t it?
    If you want tasteful ?

    If America had a hand in the Queen’s funeral they’d of had her on a fuckin carnival float with Mickey mouse and Donald duck waving to the crowd.

  11. Yank chocolate is so low in cocoa content that it cannot be marketed as being chocolate.

    It is candy.

    Other than Hershey, which has a cocoa content of only 10%, Cadbury was the second most stingy in the entire world, and shite at only 20%.

    They just put in a shed load of sugar to make it have any taste.
    The result being that both brands will make you horrendously fat and rot your teeth.

    Don’t touch any chocolate with less than 70% cocoa.

  12. Still tastes better tha sickly sweet Galaxy though. The spouse eats any brand she isn’t proud, but even she finds Galaxy a bit sickly. She farts like a good ‘un though when she has masticated Crunchy.

  13. It’s got Palm Oil in it. I presume that’s the stuff they get from using child labour in far flung parts, and not the residue from a hand shandy.

  14. As an aside, did anyone see the gunshot that killed the Saint that was trying to ram police? One shot, through the windscreen! Good shooting, squire! Who was it? Dirty Harry?

    As a further aside, I have it on good authority that Saint George Floyd is releasing a posthumous single, hoping for the Christmas number one – a cover of The Hollies – The Air That (I Don’t) Breathe.

  15. I know you don’t do foreign, MNC, but Ritter Sport must be good because I don’t really like chocolate, but I quite like that.

    Try the dark choc hazelnut one.

    It’s not cheap though. With the cost of living crisis it might cost you a kidney soon.

    And it’s German so you might put on 10 stone and walk about the Arndale in a thong, just before shitting on some bird and invading Poland.

  16. Aldi and Lidl premium chocolate is very good. Even the cheaper stuff isn’t awful. Cadbury’s can fuck right off, selling out to those cunts at Mondelez, everything they touch fucks up. They fucked up Toblerone too, that was nice now it’s like eating lard. Americans have one agenda, money, everything else is insignificant.

  17. If you have had the misfortune of eating American chocolate. It’s fucking horrible
    and so is Ferrero Rocher.

  18. These bastards killed off Terry’s Waifa, which were streets ahead of Kit-Kat.

  19. Never been a huge fan of Cadbury; always preferred Galaxy myself. Much creamier and probably why I have such bad teeth.

  20. I nearly spat my pastry out at the image.

    Fucking hell, admin.

    Being a cunt i refer to cadburys bars as ‘Cadburys Candy’. Isnt the plant in Poland now?

    Sorry to disappoint cadburys fans but ive preferred Snickers, Twix etc since childhood. Now i quite enjoy Lindt.

    • Spat out your pastry? What’s wrong with a nice iced bun? And Lindt! You’ve gone all continental on us. Mrs Magiccunt says it tastes likes spunk, which is odd because I always nut up her shitter.

  21. Stay clear of anyone with chocolates and nylons. They will always have an excuse for being late.

  22. Yep used to be great back in the day, now it tastes of oil slick.

    I don’t buy Cadbury’s anymore. I buy Lindt.

  23. when shops stopped selling cadbury old Jamaica rum raisin chocolate i was distraught, then found you can still buy it online 10 bars for a tenner on bestbuy plus 2,95 P&P….best choc ever big bar for just a squid

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