Relying on the Nanny State (3)

“The Government Should Do More To Help”…..

Too many people seem to think that the Govt. ( actually the taxpayer) should ride to the rescue when hard times hit. I think it really got started with the ridiculous and hysterical way that “Covid support” money was dished out to so many. It seems to have given people the idea that “Nanny will look after it” and at the moment “Nanny” is doing just that…unfortunately eventually The Piper will be to pay and it’s going to be a harsh awakening for so many who have become Golden Tit dependant…not that the present (or past) round of politicians will give a shit…they’ll all be financially protected,no doubt…….

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As a bit of an aside….I’d love to be able to read the comments on here about “magic money-trees” and “bankrupting the Country” if Corbyn and “the lefties” had been dishing out the cash the way the Tories have lately…fuck me,the site would have probably lost half it’s membership due to ” death by boiling piss venting through every orifice”

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And in a similar vain there’s this from Cuntstable Cuntbubble

Truss and the Tory suicide note.

They seem to have produced a budget for London and the Home Counties.
The more you earn, the better off you are.
45% higher earning rate abolished.
First time buyers get £450 stamp duty relief – I wonder to what part of the country that will apply?
National insurance increase cut back.
Banker’s bonuses back to the greed for all.

I can only assume the cunts have had enough and want Kweer to take over. This budget is the end of the northern blue wall, the end of any chance in Wales or Scotland.
They have found Steptoe’s magic money tree and redistributed it firmly south.

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95 thoughts on “Relying on the Nanny State (3)

  1. Let starmzy and his cabal of cunts take over, the country is bankrupt, financially and morally.
    The race to the bottom has been run and we won a medal.

  2. Just because something is offered doesn’t mean you should take it. The gubmint tit may be in your face but that doesn’t mean you should latch on. Many will. It appeals to the worst in our human nature: greed, resentment, victimhood, entitlement, and sloth. It kills productivity and deprives you of the fullfillment that comes from a productive work day.
    As for me I will continue to work.hard every day. Millions of cunts on the gubmint dole depend on me.

  3. I thought the Conservatives took their policy decisions on govt support from cunts like Marcus Rashford, Gary Lineker and Twitter anyway.

    • therein lies the problem – policy making based on the last twatter feed. Johnson was also good on that. She should have stuck to her guns and told her party to put up or shut up. For fuck’s sake – the tax “cut” will only put it back to where it was before that cunt Sunak raised it. And I’m sick of being one of the few cunts who supports millions of freeloaders. I noticed that they are going to INCREASE benefits!!!!!!

  4. Never had a penny off the government, but to be honest if they offered me a bag of cash for fuck all I’d snatch their hand off, and I don’t blame anyone else for doing the same, work ethic is bollocks, I’ve had decades of it, give me £500 a week to get fat sitting on my settee and I’d even vote for that mong truss

    • If I had my time over again, I would have just left school and gone straight on the social or sick.

  5. I didn’t even get the £150 off the rates….not my fault that I live in a vast moated mansion surrounded by landscaped croquet lawns and polo pitches,is it ?..those fucking incomers in their new-build Barrat-boxes got it….at least I’d have spent my refund in the Pub and helped the local economy instead of donating it to some fucking Starving Sooty charity…which is probably what they tell each other they did,when really they spent it on sex-swings and poppers…..The Cunts.

      • Only one of them,Unkle T….I’m still welcomed in the other…The Auld Bitch from the one where I’m banned tried to get me barred from every hostelry in the area but the other Publicans ignored the Cunt…she fucking detests me….I’m convinced she stole my shoes that night when I stripped off in her bar….had everything else the next morning bar my going-out shoes….thieving old trollop.

  6. Every fucking night on the news there are cunts with their hands out. The government must give us this that and the fucking other. Queuing at food banks while on their mobile phones, covered in tatoos and itching to get back to their subsidised housing to watch Netflix and Sky. Calling for tabs and booze on the way back. Waddling fat cunts.
    One parent families with endless fucking sprogs, a disproportion of which are brown. . ‘Are you gonna bingo?’ Fucking scum.

    • I saw a family of them in my local Tesco the other day. Great big fat lump with a little brown piccaninny. Toothless old bag of a mother. trolley loaded to the gunwales.

  7. Grits my shit, when I hear those on benefits are to get a ‘pay rise’ FFS, I haven’t had one for donkeys….lucky to keep my job in reality, at I my age I am probably never going to get another job.

    Don’t mind the genuine ‘in need’ but today the ‘benefits’ systems is seen as a livestyle choice, that had bred a new class below working class ‘benfit class’ It sohuldn’t be referred to as a benefit anyway- should be no benefit not working and taking my money- doesn’t benefit me that’s for sure.

    When I was younger it was the dole….and was designed to tide you over between jobs or times when you were incapaciated…not a fucking career.

    Shit….I need a lie down.

    • Some poverty groups have insisted that some benefits should be increased by the rate of inflation rather than a living basic wage of (around £10/h)
      The Consumer Price Index is currently around 10%. Therefore these groups want benefits to go up by 10% or more in order to maintain their standard of living. But guess who has to fund these benefits and benefit increases? The Taxpayer!

      And if you work in the private sector there’s little or no chance of effectively receiving a similar pay rise, but you are expected to pay more of your tax contributions in order to give those on benefits a well deserved 10% pay rise instead.

      What is the point of going to work if you’re going to be worse off than someone playing the system?

  8. The government put £200 for heating allowance into my savings account, without even asking me. Taking advantage of the elderly is a crime.

  9. I was scratching my head throughout lockdown wondering to what end all this magic money creation would lead to. Also, with the benefit of hindsight I couldn’t help but feel slightly puzzled as to why we all had to eat shit through the years of austerity whilst our services became unfit for purpose but yet there was no magic money tree then. I can only assume that the’s strategy is to cripple us with debt to the point that any poxy semblance of wealth we’ve managed to carve out for ourselves is transferred to legions of fat sunburnt cigar smoking cunts languishing in the Caymans. I’m not one for conspiracy theories but its almost as if they are trying to make the majority of us state dependent. Can’t see that ending well for anybody other than the mega rich who seem to be the puppet masters of whichever bunch of cunts is in power at the time. Pah, bunch of arse

  10. Government keep banging on about working hard and people lap it up, a nonentity back bench mp gets £1700 a week, plus staggeringly high expenses and the house of commons has been open for work 1 week in the last 14 and will soon shut down for a 3 week Christmas jolly, I’m amazed they are able to speak and not spend all there time laughing there heads off at the plebs like me who spend a lifetime at work

      • Do you get more for AIDs?

        If so it’s definitely that!

        £££ also I should have one of those ambulance blokes like DCI to ferry me about, get my shopping, take the dog out etc
        Till I’ve recovered from this debilitating illness…

      • Ha! If I turn up if you call us because you have The Aids or Monkey Pox, I’ll get you fucking sparking, don’t you worry!! Plus I’ll give you Silver Line’s number so they can come and help you, you disease-ridden cunt😆

        (You can Google ‘Silver Line’, yourself🤣).

      • That’s not the caring and compassionate NHS bedside manner I’d been led to believe existed?!!

        ISAC are a bunch of cunts!!

        I’ve the icy claw of the grim reaper at my throat and just get abuse.😩

        Anyone got me any grapes?

      • You didn’t expect sympathy here of all places did you, MNC?

        I’ve opened a book.

        100-1 to croak before tomorrow.
        66-1 by the end of the week.
        1-150 to not die this year.

        I can’t divulge the most popular bet, but I wouldn’t step outside if I were you, just in case a Toyota Hilux or an Austin Allegro mow you down in the street in front of your crying children.

      • I’ll have a tenner on him being run down by a yellow and green Mercedes Sprinter.

      • Mercedes-Benz on the NHS?

        It’s getting as bad as the cops in Miami. In that highly realistic 80s cop show, Miami Vice, the rozzers drove about in Ferrari Testsrossas.

        We never did see the episode where an angry mob protested at the mayor’s office, demanding to know why he was spending obscene amounts of public money on buying the police high-performance, Italian sports cars. No wonder every cunt i that town was either on the game or selling drugs. All the money went on racing cars for rozzers. And flash suits I forgot about them.

        You should get onto your union DCI. You’ll be kitted out in an Armani suit and climbing into your Lamborghini ambulance by tea time.

      • I’d rather push a Merc than drive a Fiat! Mercs still going strong with over 300,0000 miles on them, Fiats replaced every three years in some Trusts and spend lots of time in workshops being fixed. The piles of shite. An Armani uniform would be nice, though. Better than the ‘made by the lowest bidder’ stuff we have, now.

      • You’ve watched too many episodes of ‘Inside The Ambulance’, with the carefully selected crews! Dinosaurs like me need not apply!!

      • How dare you?!!!

        I hope your defibrillator backfires and blows your syrup off you callous little bleeder!

  11. Politics is on it’s arse.

    No policies,just casting about for popularity.

    Useless,drifting windbags.

    Latest case in point:Kwarteng curls out a stinking turd of a mini budget that was dreamt up on the back of a fag packet,gets bollocked so changes his mind….never mind the fact he almost bankrupted the pension industry.

    How about a government that governs on the principle of “what’s the best option for the majority” and stick to it.

    Getting the Bank of England to create money out of nothing to buy government debt is a complete catastrophe waiting to happen…

    The mental lying cunts.

    • Fuckin Tory cunts have done what it’d of taken Labour 20yrs to do in regards to bankrupting the country.

      That slug Boris was like Viv Nichols with money.

      Just me?
      But id like to tamper with that bird with red hair in the header pic💪

      • That’s exactly it – could Labour have p1ssed any more up the wall than the CONs have? Highly unlikely and it removes the “least worse option” motivation that garnered many of their votes.

        I think we will definitely have a Labour Government next time around the only question being whether they will need to go into coalition with the SNP.

        Then we’ll find out what Starmer’s policies will actually be. Can’t be worse than the CONs promising one thing and delivering the exact opposite though.

    • Oh and the reason The Mental Blek Chancellor hasn’t brought forward his plan for paying for his magical giveaway nor allowed the OBR to have a look is that he simply doesn’t have one.

      His minions will cobble some bullshit together that the OBR will swallow then the whole matter will be added to the colossal debt pile and promptly forgotten about.

      Just like every single time before it.


    • That’s it in a nutshell, isn’t it, Terry? Popularity is the goal of the modern politician. They just slalom about, maintaining their status as a hip, modern, caring, cool dude and don’t have any real intention of fixing the problems of society. In the past, they were openly coarse, hard-nosed and unlikable but they got the job done. Now, we just get endless waffle and fuck-ups stacked upon fuck-ups. We aren’t as bad as America, but we are getting there, modelling our society on that clusterfuck Hellscape.

  12. I see cunts like this all the time. I’ve genuinely been sent to some over-weight, blubbery, tattooed trollop with the ubiquitous ‘Brown Baby’ – (“Where’s the father…ahem”), who’s, miracle of fucking miracles, been told to make her own way to hospital by 11fucking1 – The Beezelbub of ‘Healthcare’, but ‘Can’t afford a taxi and I don’t drive’, despite having a fucking telly so large you’d think there was a 747 missing a windscreen, smoking and constantly i-phone positive, so the cunts put it through to us, so you have a fat cunt who could waddle to hospital in half the bastard eight fucking hours she’s been waiting, sat in a fucking seat in the back of my supposedly life-saving Blueber.

    It’s a fucking disgrace, and, the Scumdog Millionaires see fuck-all wrong with their attitude and behaviour.

  13. Just for my own amusement I used the government calculator to see what benefit I would get if I sat on my arse and did fuck all, with a non assisted rent of £450 a month, I used a Hertfordshire post code.
    £195 per week (inc £14 council tax relief).

    There is an additional calculator which shows how much you will get for if you can be arsed to do some work.

    Basically 30 hours at minimum wage £9.50 would give me just over £300 quid a week. Working 30 hours produced £107, a net £3.50 per hour and if there are any travels costs involved that would soon cut into the extra £107.

    Being a lazy cunt, it ain’t worth getting out of bed, well not before the food bank opens 😂

    The point is that the differential between working and not isn’t high enough and the cunts want to make it even narrower by increasing benefits by inflation (10%)

  14. The Tories
    The Civil Service
    The Bank of England
    Office for National Statistics
    The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority
    The Office for Budget Responsibility

    Are all duplicitous in their own incompetence and all seem to have their own agendas and opinions if what is best for the country moving forward.And yet when the shit hits the fan out come the blame game and they start blaming one another. But again no one is properly censured because no one person for each department can be singled out. Instead its a group thing, which makes firing the cunts even more difficult.

    A nosy cosy little oligopoly going on between all of them. But they don’t give two shits because they have indexed linked pensions and fuck knows what else regardless of length of tenure. Just so long as the Taxpayer is there to pick up the bill then everything is sweet.

    Einstein awesome quote was right in this context “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

    Try as you might nothing will ever change with these cunts

  15. You know times are getting hard when there’s nothing worth nicking from the box for the Food Bank in Tescos.

  16. It’s been roughly twenty years of increasing government handouts.

    Compounded by furlough payments and now energy payments..

    It will take decades of increasing austerity to correct the giant handout culture..

    Even if a government ever turned up with the will to do so..

  17. Next thing will be a :-
    Air you Breathe tax
    Average daily fart tax
    Average daily get your leg over tax
    Average daily wank tax
    Average daily dump tax
    Average talking bollocks tax
    Average daily thinking/talking about hurty words tax
    Death tax (different from inheritance tax) for the sheer nerve of dying rather than continuing to pay tax!

    • Bloody hell! I’d get taxed to the hilt except the one thing I wouldn’t mind doing more often.

  18. The country will never be out of debt, along with many others.
    Unless of course, there’s some massive recalibration of the world financial system.
    Not sure what the chances of that are.
    To be honest, I’m past fucking caring.
    An enduring constant in my life has been inept politicians.
    Corbyn might have been a cheaper option for the country. Who knows ?
    I’ve got more immediate concerns.
    Namely, a bowlful of apple cake and custard.
    Topping !
    Get To Fuck.

  19. Highest claiming MPs
    Includes claims made between 1 Feb 2021 and 31 Jan 2022, excluding repayments

    Name Constituency Number of claims Total claimed
    Brendan Clarke-Smith Bassetlaw 457 £267,512.51
    Damien Moore Southport 392 £265,761.51
    Darren Henry Broxtowe 273 £264,864.35
    Christopher Elmore Ogmore 442 £264,087.62
    David Mundell Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale 476 £262,307.66
    Mark Jenkinson Workington 655 £261,588.58
    Ben Everitt Milton Keynes North 329 £255,154.22
    Tim Farron Westmorland and Lonsdale 370 £254,612.15
    Virginia Crosbie Ynys Môn 245 £254,394.62
    Khalid Mahmood Birmingham, Perry Barr 175 £253,649.14!/all

    ’nuff said

    • Never even heard of these cretins. A quarter of a million and change per year for basically just showing up, showing face?

      For that many shekels, they should at least do an annual fight-to-the-death gladiatorial-style, Mad Max: Beyond the Thunderdome event. Boxing Day. Whole family cheering on their favourite 1960s wrestling, Gorgeous George style!


    • I have to say that I am rather shocked…
      That only one name on the list was not typically English.
      Pigs, trough.

  20. Talking of politicians, has anyone else noticed how when Liz Truss walks with that purposeful gait her tits bounce delightfully?

    • She probably walks like that after the many times she’s been on her knees sucking backbencher dick during the recent leadership campaign.

      Add to that a few sessions of 3 way gangbangs and its any wonder she can stand up never mind walk in a straight line

      All alleged of course

      • Only 32% of Tory MPs ended up voting for Truss.

        They wanted Ricky ‘Kama Sutra’ Sucknuts.

      • @RTC
        Indeed. And now some rebel Tory backbenchers are spending more time taking digs at Truss than focusing on getting the government through an incredibly difficult few months – especially with the so-called “Winter of Discontent 2” from public sector unions.

        I don’t understand the mentality of these cunts. They make the party look weak and indecisive. And there are calls from Truss’ faithful to call a snap election in the hope it will get everyone on board and focused as one.

        Internecine politics looks just like squabbling schoolkids on the playground. And we’re supposed to vote for these twats (on all sides of the Floor)

        Think I’ll spoil by voting slip and write “Grow up you stupid cunts!”

      • I spoiled my ballot paper at the last election. The thought of voting for Boris was too much to stomach.

        I would only have considered voting Tory if a Corbyn premiership had appeared to be a possibility.

        Who knows, Truss may yet surprise us all.

    • I’ve noticed she struggles to walk and smile at the same time…

      Not a multi-tasker.

      • She doesn’t fit the costume of Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Our Many Secret Colonies. It’s like a Hollyoaks character is Big Boss of Blighty. All of these politicians are soft, mushy banana-people now. Bin the lot of them.

      • She doesn’t look like a PM.
        More like someone who works at NatWest and asks along the queue

        “Are you just paying in cash or cheques today sir?”

        Suppose it’s a step up from Boris who always looked like he’d just been mugged.

      • She walks like Lady Penelope only with less coordination (could be some of the strings are broken)

      • She looked different today. Like the puppeteer had remodelled her face slightly. Bizarre.

      • Truss reminds me of ET.
        There’s an (apocryphal?) story that one newspaper wanted Michael Foot to be given the Mod job, so they could run “FOOT HEADS ARMS” on their front page.
        How about “Truss proven useless for anal prolapse” ?

    • I have. I first noticed the magnificent mammaries at the Queens’ funeral. Yes they jiggle well, I’d like to see them un-fettered.

      • She just spouts slogans she has been told to spout. Fucking joke, folks! Never before has the puppet show of politics been more clearly on display with Macron, Truss, Trudeau, Biden, Arden – all of them. Even Putin, he’s been lured into playing the villain. This world needs a new beginning that only God/Nature can bring about.

  21. As we’ve learned over the past 25 years, Labour democratic socialism and Tory democratic socialism are broadly similar. The rich and the underclass get help, everybody else struggles on.

    • Blair morphed into a Tory, and now the Tories leaders are libtard socialist woke muppets. In a way, it’s funny, auto-satire.

      • Can you imagine Thatcher’s reaction to being told to pander to the various woke groups in 1984?

        “I am up against the Soviet Union, the IRA, countless enemies and you want me to address what?”

      • There are many things Truss can be accused of. Being woke or pandering to woke groups is not one of them.

      • They’re not anti tranny as such. They just don’t see trannies as being relevant.

        A view shared by the majority of the population, I’m sure.

        Labour have chosen to hang the tranny millstone around their neck. Good luck with that, suckers.

      • The problem with activist groups is that they are never fully satisfied as then they’d have to unemploy themselves. The, “struggle” has to go on. That’s why the “T” was added to LGB – the cause had pretty much succeed after many decades. Trans people were told to fuck off by gays and lesbians in the past – “get out of our bar, you freak!”. Now the trans people are being used to bolster up the movement, keep the train chugging along. God help us if a, “P” is added to LBGTQ+. There are already signs of that. Theresa May considered lowering the age of consent to 14 in an age where many countries jacked it up from 14/15 to 16 even 17.

      • The idea that May considered lowering the age of consent to 14 is nonsense. As are mischievous claims in certain quarters that a “P” is likely to be added to LGBTQ alphabet. Children are not and never will be considered as consenting adults, FFS.

    • @RTC

      I would agree to an extent that Truss is ignoring the Woke mob and the vested interest groups for the Progressive Liberals.

      I recall Ed Davey – leader of the Dumbs – suggesting that Truss is the most right-wing Tory PM since Thatcher and is therefore a “threat” to liberal democracy.

      This statement was anathema to some of the more liberal Conservative MPs on the backbenches. Which one reason why they’re giving her hard time for fear of moving the party to the Right of Centre rather than what Boris was doing by moving it to the Left of Centre- perceived or otherwise.

      She needs to get the Chief Whip to kick those “Tory Wets” in the bollocks; or face months of aggro from those very same Wets who want the Party to become a hybrid of Socialism and liberal Progressive dogma.

      • Hopefully she is a “liberal” in the original political meaning of the word, the ideology developed in 18th century Europe, drawing on the economic writings of Adam Smith and the growing notion of social progress.

        An ideology that values the freedom of individuals — including the freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and markets — and of limited government.

        As different as chalk and cheese from the bastardised, relatively recent American “liberal” import creation we all know and hate as Libtardis.

      • “P” will never be added to the alphabettispaghetti list, as it has to be “MA”, for minor-attracted…

  22. Short of hiring a fleet of charabancs from Del Boy, and driving over some of the kingdom’s highest points, I cannot see a better way for the tories to commit suicide.
    I am feeling very badly behaved at the moment. If Nanny Penny is free, she can come and sort me out. She will be rewarded in a way that the party could never offer…

  23. Take VAT off Tampax they cried, Ok
    Put more tax on sugary drinks they cried. Ok
    Do something about hurty words on the internet. Ok
    Leave the EU. Yeah but no but.

    Prioritise burglaries over hurty words. Nada.
    Stop spending 5 million a day on housing illegals. Nada.

    The list goes on.


  24. The costs of caring for the boaters is enough to give each old age pensioner a massive reduction on their cost of living in fact enough to cover disabled as well with plenty left over for others in need.
    But no just give all that dosh so thousands of illegals can have a cosy home till social housing is offered.
    Really makes me wonder why parliament was not burned down years ago as all the fuckers that infest the place do is throw money at every crook, pervert, illegal with trans abandon whilst many of the people who pay for them freeze their arses off and cannot afford to ear properly.
    I say fuck the stiff upper lip bollocks get out and protest about things that really matter. For fucks sake this is the 21st not the 19th century things should be better for the indigenous majority. Hordes of freeloading dingy riders are not going to improve things neither is great discussions and protests about men called Sally using womens changing rooms. Fuck them the time is ripe for action.

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