Protesting about other Countries

If the Cunts are so bothered,why don’t they get on the first available flight and do their protesting in Iran?…they’re not going to influence much by causing upset in London.

The Police have enough on their plates dealing with with our homegrown malcontents,spongers,deviants,tree-huggers and Royal funerals without having to bother with Cunts whinging on about events on the other side of the globe…they should take their lead from the Iranian security services and crack a few heads….Prince Andrew would be my starting point….a sponger,a teeny-toucher and an all-round Cunt,to boot.

I couldn’t give a shit what the Iranians get up to in their own Country.

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93 thoughts on “Protesting about other Countries

  1. I’ve heard, and this is just a rumour, that there’s going to be a Statue of Liberty style monument erected near Dover, to welcome “All the hungry..”
    Yadda, Yadda.
    I just made that up.
    But I wouldn’t be at all surprised.
    Night all, the Priest is sleepy.

  2. I believe an American president, dont know which one, said better to have your enemies inside tent pissing out than outside pissing in.
    This has been the various governments strategy for years. Unfortunately it’s been taken to extremes and the tent now resembles a fucking swimming pool , also the bastards have now started shitting in the fecking tent as is the natural tendency of many from the 3rd world dumps, no decorum most of em.

  3. Utterly stupid cunts protesting outside useless embassies. Reminds me of US university students having sit down protests against the Vietnam War in their canteens. Utterly pointless.

    The brave ones are the ones in Iran protesting, where it’s actually dangerous to do so.

  4. I was in a Sam Smith’s pub the other day; on the way out, I said they’d nead another “polite notice” in case Andrew visits….
    “No SweaTing.”

  5. Always a good idea to protest about a hurty country in a nice safe woke ruled one.
    Fucking dildos the lot of them.

  6. That Malala cunt is hilarious. The freeloading gobshite spouts that British women are ‘objectified’ because of pop stars and birds wearing bikinis in adverts, and that all this is caused by men.

    Says the cunt who wears a headscarf becuse her religion – run and ruled by muslim men – tells her to. Fucking incompentent inconsistent inept cunt. Pure comedy.🤣

    • And,of course, her fan club will say, ‘But…. But… She was shot!’ As if a bullet gives her carte blanche to live in clover for free, slong with the rest of her leeching relatives, and it also gives her the green light to talk loads of shit and bite the hand that feeds her and her freeloading family.

      Oh wait. That’s exactly what she does.🤔

      • One way ticket back to Kabul for that Malala cunt. Let’s see how the Taliban welcomes her and her family off the the plane.

      • One way ticket back to Kabul for that Malala cunt. Let’s see how the Taliban welcomes her and her family off the the plane.

  7. Fine, then I wish to protest on behalf of Nazi Germany! I feel that the allied forces cheated on many occasions and that the officials turned a blind eye and allowed the invasion to take place in Normandy and not Calais, as previously agreed. It’s a fucking disgrace that the good people of Germany have had to live with this ignominy for the last 70 years. Although Uncle Adolf got the trains running time it still wasn’t cheap to move the players and spectators all that way, only to find they’d been fucked over a barrel. I demand a recount, and the field reset to how it was, prior to 6th June 1944! I also want a BMW, a Lederhosen and a big bag of Schnitzel by way of compensation! Seig Hiel, innit!

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