Kwasi Kwarteng

(Kwarteng, Still Universally Challenged now as he was back in the day – Day Admin)

With his traditional British name, this stupid immigrant has been the Chancellor of the Exchequer for five minutes, and has driven the pound down to an all time low.

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Adopting Corbyn’s magic money tree policies, we’ve now borrowed that much money that we’re being crippled faster than the Russian economy. Putin must be pissing himself laughing at how we allow foreigners to cripple the country.

At a time when we want immigrants throwing out of the country, Liz Truss is suggesting we hire more to improve output. Since when did the Tory party become New Labour?

Stop fucking around with our money, and piss of back to Ghana where you belong you cunt.

Nominated by: Duke of Cuntshire

(UPDATE: Seems that Kwarteng has been overruled by Truss with today’s announcement that the 45p tax rate for high earners will stay. A case of Left Hand:Right Hand perhaps! – Day Admin)

110 thoughts on “Kwasi Kwarteng

  1. I suspect the Woke Left must be in an awkward position with regards Kwarteng. If they dare criticise him it could be construed as racism, or at least it would be if a more right-wing institution did the same with someone like Abbott or Butler.

    However, the Left have been rather muted with their criticism, diverting their annoyance at Truss and the party as a whole for the complete balls up over the mini-Budget rather than KK himself.

    That said I do recall Rupa Huq, a Labour MP of some description, took a pot shot at KK suggesting that he was only “superficially” black if you head him on the radio.

    She later apologised after the whip was removed and she was bollocked from,up on high. But clearly she implied he wasn’t black enough to be called black, which in itself a racist comment.

    As for KK himself. This U-turn is an embarrassment for him and doesn’t bode well for his future as Chancellor. But then again what does Truss do? Give him a second chance and be seen as a bit soft so early into her premiership; or should she give him the choice of resigning before being booted. But that shows further instability within the Party and the Left would most definitely suggest it was racially motivated blah blah.

  2. A fucking Lenny Henry impression of a politician.
    With a name that’s a gift to the quick witted.
    In the past we would sit and watch Spitting Image hilariously parody our venerable (or is that venereal) statesmen.
    Now the cunts do it themselves, with some great script writing it has to be said.
    Watch any broadcast from the House (Hood) of commons.

  3. Cunt reminds me of Garth Crooks. Smug know all looks down on people dark personage. And I fucking hate Crooks. So, if we’ve got a Garth Crooks clone as Chancellor, then we are in the shit…..

    • Another dud from elite Eton.

      After cunt Cameron and buffoon Boris we have Khazi Kwarteng. Known as the cleverest chap at public school then Cambridge.

      How thick must the other cunts have been?

  4. Even after the humiliation of yesterday, I see the Rashford fan club is out in force on social media. And the thing is, they are all blokes. What is it with these cunts? The world and his dog knows he is fucking useless, Are all these cunts gay or what?

    • Absolutely! Anything remotely connected to football can be deemed the realm of the homosexualist! Anyone who plays football, watches football or talks about football has, in my opinion, been infected with the gayness!

  5. I thought his idea of abolishing the upper rate was a good idea. How else are we going to stimulate the economy? Probably still a cunt though.

  6. I just knew this bell-end would be nominated on isac sooner or later.

    Long overdue aswell.

    This cunt could recite the two times table let alone control the nation’s purse strings.
    5 fucking minutes in charge and the UK economy is fucked and the £ is at an all time low!
    How the fuck did this happen?

    I’ll tell you why, A fucking grade ‘A’ clown with no economic training and shit for brains.
    A text book fuckwit who could not organise a shag in a brothel let alone execute a financial budget.

    Stupid cunt.

  7. The pound has rallied though innit.

    Today’s U turn is a complete embarrassment.

    Truss and Kwarteng should’ve increased the Income Tax threshold to at least 20k, abolished stamp duty and inheritance tax, lowered VAT and gotten rid of it on energy – it’s no different to a Tampax and they got rid of VAT on that.

    Their plan for growth is a pile of cack.

  8. He may be black but he’s another Public Schoolboy toff who has no idea about the real world. I wouldn’t employ the cunt to empty the dustbins.

  9. Poor old Khazi. It’s not his fault! He’s just the fall guy for his advisors innit. Any fool would know that their taxation policy was going to cause waves. I don’t see how reducing tax for the top tax payers would tank the pound.

    They should have left the taxes alone, reduced VAT to 15%, abolished VAT on fuel and reserve £1.2bn to replace 400,000 Gas boilers with new A-rated boilers (including new flu, pipework remodelling, magnetic filters, timer/thermostat and making good) for those with standard efficiency and older boilers in England, Scotland, Wales and NI. That would reduce gas consumption and lower fuel bills even more.

  10. I know what a ‘quasi’ is but not a ‘quarteng’.

    Other than that, let’s not fall for the Labour/ BBC scaremongering narrative all at once, shall we?

  11. Putting a Ch!mp in charge of anything other than enjoying its own shit will result in instant fuck up as seen here, when will we wake and see that Nog N!gs were made to pick cotton and nothing else.!

  12. We’ve watched these semi-sentient primates fuck their own countries up from time immemorial, so this doesn’t really come as a surprise. What does surprise me is that A; he was allowed the job in the first place and B; none of us were given any say (i.e. a vote in a so called democracy) in the matter.

    This baboon was given the job purely because he’s black and the government want to appear diverse (as if that were a good thing) and tick all the right boxes.

    It’s bad enough James Bond, Doctor Who etc etc have to be black, but putting one in charge of our economy? Insanity.

    Let’s hurry up and get WW3 over and done with so we can start cleaning up the shop. We will all have other things to worry about than the hurty feelings of sexual deviants, rag heads and primitives (plus we will have the added bonus of hordes of freeloaders heading in the opposite direction across the channel when the call ups begin).

  13. KK is nothing more than a first grade maths student, my fucking 5 year old can add up better than this thick fucking twat. But he’s Black so ffs we all have to give him consideration and a chance to have a stupid plan time to take effect

    It doesn’t seem to matter the IMF said back track it won’t work, it’s doesn’t matter that the FTSE 100 had lost fucking Billions every hour it’s trading but this stupid Cunt still doesn’t have the intelligence and integrating to say “i fucked up”.

    The only way out of this complete shit show is for big tits to grow some fucking balls and sack the immigrant cunt and replace him with some other stupid wanker who actually does understand economics before the complete country ends up like Greece. Ffs KK is a the biggest stupidest cunt I’ve ever seen and to be honest big tits must be sucking his fucking cock to not Sack the unless bellend

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