Two Dogs: One Mouth

What a fucking rancid old Bag….serves her right that her “fur-baby” showed his true opinion of her and crapped in her gaping maw…calling ambulances and a 3 day stay in hospital indeed….I bet she wouldn’t have been so keen if she had to pick up the bill.

What really gets me is the bit where she says she ran to the bathroom to wash the shit out but her son was having a shower so she had time to take a fucking selfie!!..

Dear God, I’m not squeamish but if I had a mouthful of watery shite,Iย  don’t think that updating my Facebook status would really be my first thought when I couldn’t get in the bathroom.

I’m glad the horrible ratty little dog crapped on her….I’d happily join it for a repeat performance.

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55 thoughts on “Two Dogs: One Mouth

  1. My original title of “Shitting in a Tart’s Mouth” seems to have been replaced….it’s a fucking disgrace…I was looking forward to seeing what Admin used as a header photo.

    (We thought long and hard about using the original title (just under 40 seconds probably) and decided that such a title and any associated imagery in the header-pic would not have been very appropriate during breakfast for other cunters of a slightly more delicate constitution. – Day Admin

  2. I read this with glee and still consider it one of the greatest stories ever told.

    It’s simply perfect for modern Britain.

    A literal shit “selfie”.

    The filthy media wore pig.


  3. Serves her right for owning a chihuahua. Nasty little fuckers good for nothing but pelican snacks.

    • They are lovely little dogs – very brave for their sizr – it is not their fault that silly tarts dress them up in skirts and tiaras.

      • I concur.My nieces long-haired chihuahua is a delightful quadruped to behold,full of character and intelligence.Low maintenance and very affectionate pets albeit a bit delicate for my own outdoor caperings.Need a Russell for that. Andy McNab”s of the canine world that they are.

  4. A sleeping Eddie Izzard with his gob open, a German Shepherd dog needing a shit,mistakes the Pantomime Dames false teeth as a crapper. That I would love to see……… or Sir Kweer if Widow Twankey wasn’t available.

  5. Dozy fucking trollop wouldn’t have been gracing the back of my truck. Fucking 111, sending an ambulance. Fair play to the crew who ‘Prescribed’ pain killers and discharged on-scene – we don’t prescribe, either, Daily Fail, you cunts, we advise them to take their own or administer ours.

  6. Talking of excrement, I can certainly smell bullshit.
    This story has bigger holes than the gaping chasm on her face.
    If she wanted media attention, she could have come up with something more convincing.
    Probably poisoned by Greggs rather than the dog.

    • Yeah I agree. Ms Dimmo is yet another overgrown attention seeker desperate for victimhood and likes on soshul meeja. I feel sorry for the poor innocent dog.

  7. What sort of dog shits in its owners mouth?
    Shaking little bugeyed Mexican motherfucker.

    I’d of bitten it’s fuckin head off and I’m on the board for the RSPCA.

      • You can’t let them take the piss.
        Mexican wildlife is known for it.

        Speedy Gonzales?
        I rest my case.

    • You’ve touched on the problem,Mis….it’s a fucking immigrant breed of dog….no way that some Winston Churchill-faced British Bulldog would have committed such a sly act…. I mean,it’s more the act of yer typical French Poodle isn’t it?…I dread to think what a Somalian Schnauzer or Pakistani Pointer would be liable to do.

      Send the filthy buggers back,that’s what I say.

      • In Bristol no less,
        Which is full of immigrant curs and race mutts.
        This goggle eyed little sly cunt was probably behind the statue topplings.

        In our house we have a strict rule,
        No pets from socialist countries.

        Only from military dictatorships or places that was imperialistic and aggressive.

        My dogs a jap.
        It’d never surrender unlike some french poodle.
        It’d still be holding out after any war refusing to believe it’d lost.

  8. The filthy cow was probably involved in some bizarre and perverted “sex game” with the unfortunate beast. Like the bloke who ended up in A&E with a bottle of brown sauce wedged up his poo-chute.

  9. Just the reason why Tim Berners-Lee invented the Web for..
    Brain dead cunts sharing with the world that a dog has shit in her mouth..
    The earth is doomed..

  10. My alpha dog, would put that chihuahua in a roll and fucking eat it.

    What is the point in having a dog if it can’t kill house intruders.

  11. UK “influencer” Char Borley aka Charlene Hart has had both shit and dogs in her mouth ON PURPOSE the filthy slag.
    Nowadays she parades as a celebrity when her dog fuck and shit eating porno is but a click away.
    Please do not remind her on Twitter or Instagram though cos she is mates with Jodie Marsh and she is gangsta!

  12. Always shaking,
    Little fuckers.
    Shaking like a junkie.
    Shitting and pissing everywhere.
    Eyes like Bez from the Happy Mondays,
    Yapping constantly.

    Shitting in someone’s mouth while they sleep is a sacred act strictly between a married couple.

    This little Mexican hombre has overstepped the line.

  13. Donโ€™t the Germans pay extra for this sort of shit in the picturesque parts of Hamburg??

  14. When my chu squats for a dump, his arse is about half an inch above the ground, so I really don’t see how this is possible.

  15. Holy dogshit!
    A quick Google search and there is indeed a selfie of her stupid ugly cuntface covered in liquid dogshit.
    What a fuckin filthy cunt!
    troll her to a fuck!!

  16. Sure I’ve seen this Gommo woman on Motherless?

    Why’s she telling everyone?!

    No shame, bets she’s on benefits.
    She’s from Bristol.
    Says it all really.

    Probably common practice in Bristol,
    Dogshit for mouthwash
    Statue toppling
    Black nudger
    And sounds like Wurzel Gummidge.

  17. I bet this twat has had allsorts in her mouth and I don’t mean the Bertie Basset variety either, she looks like she could suck a golf ball through 30 feet of garden hose….

  18. That’s what happens when you have a face like a lavatory pan.
    Thank you chaps, I’ve been chuckling over this for half an hour.
    ” I had time to take a quick snap”
    And the name:Gommo! LOL.
    Fucking comedy gold.

  19. The doctors had never seen a case of a gastrointestinal infection due to someone ingesting dog shit. Really? Clearly they’ve never treated Angela Rayner’s latest clinch, as sitting on his face and curling one down his gob while bashing the bishop is Ange’s favourite trick.

  20. Thought I’d seen all the Marx Brothers films, unless it was a scene cut from “At the Circus”. Also didn’t know Groucho, Chico and Harpo had a sister. It could be Gummo in drag. Would like to get to the bottom of this story, pardon the pun. Unless Gommo is lying and it was a chocolate eating and piss drinking party with Sarah Miles, gone wrong.

  21. She should be on Britain’s got talent, with all the other fame hungry skunks

  22. Just so we know where we stand, all dogs are cunts! Apart from the ones that actually earn a living, that is. For the rest I would quite happily batter the living fuck out the worthless 4 legged filth. If that fucking vermin had shit anywhere, let alone in my mouth, I would make itโ€™s life a living hell for as long as possible. No torture or pain would be considered too much! Anyway, I see that Truss is in the shit again!

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