John Scriven

For all you Welshist cunts on this site heres some fucker to give you reason to pause:-

”Gun-toting Welsh nationalist councillor has a message for the English”

Yes you cunts, coming here to steal our water, we have a champion. And he’s packing a rifle.

Jon Scriven, a Plaid Cymru representative on Caerphilly Council, posted the picture on Facebook showing him holding what appeared to be a rifle at Ogmore-by-Sea in the Vale of Glamorgan.

“Ogmore-by-Sea tonight for a quick swim and make sure there wasn’t any English people trying to cross the channel.”

And guess what? No English cunts dared risk it.

Mr Scriven (grand old Welsh name) is available to patrol Dover as you cunts cant manage it.

Iechy da

MSN Link.

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87 thoughts on “John Scriven

  1. I’ve had a spirited debate with the Gradly lass.
    Is a transgender woman a female?
    Aye, says I, until her/ she/ they developes prostate cancer, says I.
    I think you might find that ” Shirley” may identifies as a man, right quick.

  2. That silly cunt wouldn’t know one end of that old rifle from the barrel to the stock, let alone how to load it.

    Leak eating cunt can go and GET FUCKED with the sheep he calls his boyfriend/wife/sister/mother/roadkill fuck partner and shove that gay-boy fàggot pop gun up his fucking homosexuàul Welsh Arsehole.

    Looks like he’s got A I.D.s anyway.
    Get fucked you utter CUNT🖕

  3. Oh dear, another dirty nazi Welsh racist English hater, and a fuckin councillor.

    Oven please Unkle, and when done throw his cremated arse off the Severn Bridge, to be lost forever in the muddy waters of the Severn Estuary. An emulation of that cross dressing makeup wearing poovey Welshman from the Manic Street Preachers. Richie Edwards. Allegedly.

    That’s all.

  4. Evening Ruff👍

    Enjoying our new PM?
    She’s got her work cut out hasn’t she?
    She’s apparently going to solve
    Illegal immigration
    Energy crisis
    High taxes
    War in Ukraine
    Cost of living crisis
    Amongst others.

    I remain skeptical.

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