John Scriven

For all you Welshist cunts on this site heres some fucker to give you reason to pause:-

”Gun-toting Welsh nationalist councillor has a message for the English”

Yes you cunts, coming here to steal our water, we have a champion. And he’s packing a rifle.

Jon Scriven, a Plaid Cymru representative on Caerphilly Council, posted the picture on Facebook showing him holding what appeared to be a rifle at Ogmore-by-Sea in the Vale of Glamorgan.

“Ogmore-by-Sea tonight for a quick swim and make sure there wasn’t any English people trying to cross the channel.”

And guess what? No English cunts dared risk it.

Mr Scriven (grand old Welsh name) is available to patrol Dover as you cunts cant manage it.

Iechy da

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87 thoughts on “John Scriven

    • Chinese made and about 35 quid from your local car boot sale or Sunday market.
      What a cunt 😂😂😂

    • Might be a vintage B.S.A.? Daft cunt could have at least put a decent telescopic sight on it, make it look a bit more “Like the Part.” Then with any luck a local might have called out the armed responce, and got the cunt arrested.

  1. What a silly chap.

    It’s very likely he’ll wave his rifle at the wrong person and end up with it shoved up his arse.

    Try swimming then you deluded cunt.

  2. I hate racism.
    Known for my intolerance of xenophobia I am.

    Who does this fuckin spitting taff think he is ?!!

    Threatening law abiding Englishmen going about their business,
    Innocently visiting Scouse relatives, second homes,
    And caravans.

    He threatens me with a air rifle the sheep Shagging cunt I’ll knock his fuckin teeth out.

    I’ve got friends in worcestershire.
    Be warned.

    • Shit! Friends in Worcestershire you say, Mis.

      I’m so sorry for taking the piss out of your country cream themed gates.

      I take it all back.

      • Afternoon Odin👍
        Yes, he’s a loose cannon though,
        A force of nature.

        Like having a atom bomb on speed dial!

        You become more aware of the ramifications of using it, the body count and sheer devastation.

        A atom bomb in a stained vest maybe but a atom bomb none the less.😉

      • Is he currently in your garage pounding a slab of meat listening to Eye of the Tiger, Mis?

  3. It’s still legal to shoot a Welshman with a bow in Chester,
    Lure him there!!
    Well sew him to the ground with English finely fletched arrows.


  4. Always comes as a shock when some Welsh or Scottish cunt uses racism against me.
    I like the Scots and Welsh but I feel like Rosa fuckin Parks when I visit.

    Have they never listened to Paul McCartney’s brilliant indictment of racism ‘ebony and ivory’?

    I’m not keen on my own medicine,
    Racism should be used by all whities in unity against the brown people of the earth.

    These taffs are giving racism a bad name.

    Shame on them🙄

  5. I bet this redneck gruffud is the pub bore. “Yis, I rrrrec-KON you ‘ave to shoot your own dinner, boyo. I’m off to bag some squrrr-ELS rite now, look you. Did I tell you about the tai-IM I bagged a raa-BIT.”

    Purple-welsh bumpkin.

  6. This mouthy fantasist should be given a real rifle and set loose on Dungeness. He can pick off the random dinghy raiders that Border Farce haven’t managed to escort to their 4 star hotel.


  7. They can be funny buggers your Taff, I’m of Welsh extraction on me mothers side and as a child used to go and stay at relatives in Ffestiniog north Wales, even though we were family they would still yatter in Welsh when we first hove to into their shop until they realised who we were, even though they were talking English when we walked in.

  8. Wales is a nice place. The Nationalist does not represent much more that a minority of cunts, and those who remember fondly Mr Pastry.
    Don’t want the English ? Your economy would crash in the first few weeks of our absence.

  9. He’ll show that rifle to the wrong person and they’ll shove it so far up his arse it’ll take the fire brigade and a proctologist to sort it out, the dopy cunt. If he thinks he’s that fucking hatd, there’s a bloke, hanging around the bike sheds, somewhere in Worcestershire that’ll let him know otherwise.

    If the Welsh cunt turns up.

  10. Silly cunt waffle, its Ogmore-by-Sea not a turf war in South Central LA.

    Who does he think he is, Boyo’s n the Hood?

  11. I went on holiday by mistake to Friog.
    In Wales.
    Little cottage, timber beams, stream outside,
    But every morning a farmer would come past on a quad bike,
    First morning I said a hearty “Morning!!”
    Next day I said it again
    Cunt just glared at me!!

    I’d thought maybe he was deaf, or bit simple,
    But no.
    He was blanking me because I am English.
    I carried on wishing the weird cunt good morning with gusto.😁

    He was unhappy I was adding to the local economy, appreciated the local landscape,
    Buying local produce.

    I hope he has a liver transplant from a English donor the petty little inbred cunt.

    • He wasnt blanking you because you are English.
      It was because of your lah di dah, bay windowed Cheshire ways.

      • Sniff, he splashed my new brogues with mud☹️
        I’ll never darken their door again.
        I couldn’t get a decent soy-latte anywhere.

  12. Up in Scotland we just have guys in bobbly 2006 Celtic tops standing outside flat-roofed pubs yelling, “YOU! AYE, YOU WI’ THE LEATHER SHOES! GET TAE FUCK, YE ENGLISH CUNT!”

    And it’s a guy from Edinburgh they are usually shouting this at.

    • I’m no snob but leather shoes isn’t that grand is it?
      They all in fuckin wellies?

      • If you come rocking up Bath Street in Glasgow heading for the Brazen Head and you have a nanometer of blue fabric on you, well… nice knowing you, pal.

      • What even Jeans?
        I thought you shortbread fuckers painted your faces blue?

        That’s what Melanie Gibson led me to believe?

  13. My old man was a taff and I have a very Welsh name. When I book a hotel room in Wales on line they are all expecting a Welsh fucker. When I turn up you can tell they all think I’m a cunt. Well I am actually, so fair play.

    What’s with all the signs translated into Welsh that no bastard understands? Even the fucking cash points. If you can’t speak English then fuck off. That applies to a lot more than the Welsh obviously.

  14. I think it’s one of James Mitchell’s Callan novels where the eponymous grumpy bastard secret agent says if you shoot someone with .22 you’d better get them between the eyes. Otherwise they’re going to be very annoyed and take your gun off you and do you some serious damage with it. Food for thought for our taffy friend, along with his soda bread and welsh cakes, the cunt.

  15. Duw Duw, what a cunt, like every other PC representative if truth be told, and Scriven sounds like a “SAES” surname to me!

  16. The Conservatives elect their third female Prime Minister, while Labour still struggle to define what a woman is.

      • One would like to think so.
        Bet Liz would have got a similar one, had Priti Useless been a successful candidate.
        Something along the lines of
        ‘ Hey balding beeatch, buy a wig with your redundancy pay’
        Do ex Cabinet Ministers get redundancy pay when they’re sacked?

    • This just in from the fat useless tart.

      “I am proud of our work to back the police, reform our immigration system and protect our country”

      Is she taking the piss?

      • All she’s done in the job is fill her fuckin face!

        There’s still unopened cards and a gift box covered in dust on her desk .

        Truly useless.

      • Freddie’s Pearl Necklace coming her way now she’s got more time on her hands.
        I’d fuck her fat arse in to next week.

      • I wonder if the Kurdish and Albanian people smugglers clubbed together and got her a gold watch?

  17. Oh dear, oh dear! Not very bright is he?
    I wouldn’t mind so much if he was waving a gun around on the Kent coast. That might deter some of the dinghy riders.
    Another anti English cunt who forgets his piss pot ‘country’ would be a fucking waste land if it wasn’t for English tax payers.
    I hope he blows his brains out with his shooter. Wanker!

  18. Daft fucking boyo.

    Should stick to hanging out the rear of sheep and singa longa Max (Boyce).

    There’s a cunt for you.

      • A bloke near me was arrested for lamb porn on his computer.
        Apparently it was a network that covered most of Wales,
        Shepherd PIE.

      • Evening lads, those Welsh are lucky cunts aren’t they? They get to eat their sexual companions no questions asked with roast potatoes and mint sauce. If we tried that, they call us Sawney Bean or something.
        Hope Cuntstable remembers to to scoop out his spunk before his bird goes in the roasting tin!

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