Jedward (4)

How come have Jedward not been cunted yet?

Last time I heard of these cunts was several years ago. When they were a very crappy Irish novelty act with shit hair. Nothings and nobodies…

But now they have resurfaced. And are spouting disrespectful shit about the late Queen. One ‘gem’ included them blaming Elizabeth II for what previous English Monarchs had done to the Irish in past centuries. Well, if they want to play that game, we could blame Jedward for all the IRA’s atrocities and murders.

The joke is those two plastic Fenian cream puffs have probably never even been near Ulster, never mind lived or served there. And they still won’t let up, as they thrive on another fifteen minutes of fame and ‘controversy’. These two semtex bummers are now calling for the monarchy to be abolished. For a start, what the fuck have British affairs got to do with two talentless spudfuckers? And the cunts are also sickeningly pro Markle. Well, that tells us all we need to know.

I thought some Irish media gobshite would put their retarded head over the parapet after Her Majesty’s demise. My bets were on Sinead O’ Cuntor, Cuntlin Moran, Bob Geldaft, Gerry Adams and Morrissey. But Jedward?!🤣🤣 Utter clowns, but I do hope that both get the hatred and retribution they deserve. The cunts.

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Nominated by: Norman

68 thoughts on “Jedward (4)

    • Broom stale up the arse, and then head first down the shitter.
      A toilet brush is all they are fit for….mouthy tallentless shit-faced wankers. Fuck roight aafff you finian cunts.

  1. Credit where it’s due, at least they have the same father.
    This brings up a serious question, I am sure that they have (and probably continue to do so) experimented sexually with each other. As a responsible upright person of high moral standing I feel I should inform the relevant authorities of their crimes. Or is incest only illegal with your sister? So much for fucking equality.

    Completely off topic but was up early and caught some kiddies cartoons on the propoganda box. The only way to describe Pegga pig is an indescribably awful waste of bacon. That might be an oxymoron or something, I didn’t pay attention at school. Compared to Paws Patrol however it is the pre school equivalent of Shakespear at his finest. The credits last longer than a Star Wars film, 5 executive producers! This is what happens when you shut a load of gay Canadians in a room, together with a lot of sodomy and fellatio. Wasn’t easy but back on topic!

  2. What an annoying pair of losers, they are so irrelevant they have lowered themselves to slag off our monarchy in an attempt to gain some publicity for their flagging career, a novelty act at their peak, now resorting to opening Mr Patel’s all night multimart for a six pack of Stella.! They are an excellent example of the stereotypical pissed up toothless simpleton that we all associate with the Paddy gypo.!

  3. I’d completely forgotten that these two retarded little cockroaches existed to be honest. How easy it was for me to forget them.

    I was hoping they had found their way into Unkle Terry’s oven on gas Mk10, never to be seen or heard of again…….

    Seems my hopes have been dashed…….

    May an agent of the late and great HM Queen Elizabeth 2nd find these two insects and exterminate them. They’ll be doing the world (and their parents) a great service.

  4. This pair of pair of rems just need a fucking good kicking, it’s well overdue and they have been asking fot it for years.
    I’m your man for this unless anyone disagrees, let me know….

  5. Was late for work today not by much just a bit of a rush and miserable it was with the piss wet soft drizzle.
    Eventually read the nom tonight.
    Agree with everyone about the two spudastics that they are.
    No one understands them and that includes the little ones.
    MNC, Biden cunt fuck has nothing to do with co Limerick and fishing.
    We only have the finest thorough bred horse studs in the world, it’s the soil that contains the lime and not the limey😉
    Fuck it ,we will all shake hands eventually.

  6. And of course these two retarded bogtrotting fairies won’t mention how Potatoland helped the Nazi cunts during the war. Allowing U-Boats to dock in Irish ports, welcoming the Krauts with open arms, and refusing to back us up when Hitler was ransacking Europe. Fucking cunts, to be sure, to be sure….

    • Yes there was a bit of this an that Norman, but we had spud fuckall in our pockets, and being neutral there was always going to be a
      Private Walker lurking about for a few shillings

      • And there were the Irish lads who joined up to help fight Hitler. Only recently has the Irish government recognised them as heroes. Not before time.

  7. Norman, they went away for a living, not knowingly but innocently.
    I have relations as many have also, my heart is inside theirs, no matter what.
    The Sea turned blood red when the sharks ate the Aussies on that escape.
    My Grandfather who i never met because of death was on that ship that had to leave because of overloading.
    It was an old man from the parish that told me the story and the truth when younger.

  8. can’t get my head around sinead o’conner becoming a muslim, i thought music is banned under islamic law same as smoking and drinking, yet sinead is dressed up as fat penis cosplay with a foreskin wrapped round her head belting out song after song, muslims don’t sing

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