Feral Girls Attack

Two articles, same story.

The first is about a load of young girls from the caravan club kicking off inside and out of (surprise, surprise McDonalds) Assaulting people by throwing bottles of drink, abusive, aggressive- general breach of the peace type stuff. They were subsequently ejected by security for the protection of other diners, staff and the premises. Meanwhile, whilst this was going on my wife happened to having lunch in a nearby Thai restaurant with my mates wife, and apparently the male contingent were causing a ruckus in there by generally taking over the place, and some of the associated ‘girls’ who had managed to obtain food from McDonalds before being thrown out were being let in to the Thai restaurant by the charver lads so they could eat thier happy meals in the Thai restaurant- naturally it then started kicking off in there as the owners weren’t too chuffed about it.

Here’s the link to this story:

Kent Online Story #1.

A few days pass, and then we get this story:

Kent Online Story #2.

I really don’t have anything else to add, other than is it any wonder we are becoming a lawless society? Where’s the deterrent to people who cause this and throwing a drink over a pregnant woman is now not an offence?

Back in my day, if you were pulled into a police station for doing things like in the first story you would leave with a few more scuff and bruises than you had before you arrived, after mysteriously ‘falling down the stairs’ at the station whilst in custody.

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76 thoughts on “Feral Girls Attack

  1. I’ll tell you ought for nought though.
    That security bloke is going to be charged with bugger all.
    Because none of those chavvy sewer rats are going to turn up in court to testify, as they’ll probably be arrested on outstanding warrents.

    • and this just in regarding the d’in’du’s


      our aim is to create a safe woke space with soy and carbon saving (oxymoron if ever i’ve heard one).

      one where rationality and normality is demonised and we have commandeered the rainbow as our own and modified it into our new swastika of unholy virtue. we call this yahoo owned by the independent editor and no one can leave hurty wurty comments in a ratio of 999-1 because the normies still wont buy our bias narrative.


      • ‘Hacked to death in Brixton’ is now as normal as ‘old people seen in bakery, Winchester’.

        Fuck London. Hope it sinks.

  2. Apologies if someone has already said this but Muhammad Usman was arrested.
    Please explain where the problem is here?

  3. McDonald’s gives me a psychotic reaction also. The grandkids love it, I prefer to eat dogshit.

    • The last one I had tasted of nothing apart from salt and sugar and the fries in their weird oil. The bap had more flavour than the meat. They could be selling plant-based burgers and you’d never taste the difference.

  4. little slags were all half breeds so the police can’t touch them, protected species of ape

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