Fitzwilliam College and Christian Values

”Christian group blocked from holding conference at Cambridge college”

because its values were “not compatible with the values of the college”,

A college, founded on Christian beliefs and culture now finds those beliefs wrong because the Christian group believes that marriage should be between opposite sexes, amongst other things. Perfectly compatible with the bible, if not Welby, as far as I’m concerned.

But my point is:-

Would these anti Christian woke morons have blocked an Islamic conference?
And how far back do these college ‘values’ go? Who decides what they should be? Where do they come from?

This week. They may change next week, depending on who is vilified on twatter.

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Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble

43 thoughts on “Fitzwilliam College and Christian Values

  1. Many universities and colleges have Christian origins.
    What they are now is the opposite.
    Pretty soon all professed Christians may be wearing yellow crosses and being loaded on to train cars.

  2. This country was built on Christian foundations.
    God, country, family.

    All things the woke Left despise.

    I respect Christians, but I’m not one.

    That turn the other cheek bollocks I find appalling.

    • That’s the end goal Miserable. Tear down all the traditional values and social norms like the traditional family unit, pride in your country and religion, and then promise a utopia of diversity, inclusion, equality etc that just doesn’t exit. No wonder so many young cunts are miserable rootless wankers.

      • Karl Marx. Who would ever have thought that a fat, weirdy-beardy, boozebag, lazy, smelly, parental-responsibility-dodging, obnoxious cunt would inspire… fat, weirdy-beardy, boozebag, lazy, smelly, parental-responsibility-dodging, obnoxious cunts in the 21st century?

      • karl manky, another Ron Hubbard who started a fucking cult to get rich, needs a massive dog shit glued to his statue in highgate cemetery

      • not one single cunt on earth wants diversity except slimy cunts who are looking for votes

    • Not just this country, the whole world was built on Christian values. Some survive to this day.
      The rich man in his castle, the poor man at his gate, God made them, high or lowly, and ordered their estate.
      The socialists have tried to undermine this happy state of affairs but are always doomed to failure in the end.
      Why? Because they’re fucking with the will of God and God’s having none of it, no siree!

    • Bit of the bible I like something along the lines of “If you do not have a sword sell you cloak to buy one” Never thought much about turning the other cheek but always liked the bits about putting to the sword and all that stuff. From my reading God loves everyone ain’t true why should he?

      • God created blacks, homos, immigrants and trannies to make it easy for us to identify the bad guys. We ignore the clues He has provided at our peril.

      • didn’t he create all these perverts in his own image, so we’re looking for a black white and yellow gay trannie with his own dinghy

  3. Great cunting Cunstable.
    It highlights two things. The stupidity that wokeness causes on a daily basis, and for some reason, Twitter has become the go to platform for information. (After any “far right” comments have been redacted).
    The Free Speech Union has just had its accounts closed without explanation by PayPal for violating some none disclosed policy of theirs.
    As for Fitzwilliam College, try pulling the same stunt regarding Islam in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia and see what happens. You might start to appreciate the Christian values that the West is built upon then.

  4. I believe this is called Cancel Culture..all rather Orwellian.

    It’s spread like a disease throughout our country and elsewhere.

    If you don’t conform to “Our Values” you simply ignored and prevented from accessing “things”.

    Banned from a campus?
    Banned from a meeting?
    Banned from YouTube?
    Banned from PayPal?

    It’s a weapon of the left,the woke and it sets very dangerous precedents.

    Just ask the Canadian truckers or the Free Speech Union amongst others.

    We are dealing with a greasy nest of right cunts.

    • got banned from youtube years ago for objecting to a sheboon that was calling for the murder of all white babies…seriously, a few months later i went to read something posted to twitter and found i was banned on there even though i’d never posted on it…so guess youtube ban means a twitter ban automatically…prefer best gore nothing funnier than watching a bunch of ali snackbars on fire

  5. We can see where this is going, can’t we? Next they’ll axe the Service of 9 Lessons and Carols from King’s College, Cambridge, broadcast on Christmas Eve each year. Coz it’s divisive and offensive to other religions and so is incompatible with the values of the College. Init.

    • coronation will be a hoot, all that anointing with oil under a cloth in secret is totally a christian thing and yet old charlie chuckles reckons he’s king of all religions…its not going to end well i’ll give him a year

  6. See the college’s point….I told the Jehovah’s Witnesses to Fuck Off and they weren’t even looking to hold a conference in my vast library.

      • Many thanks for that link FF. I would implore you all to go read that subtitled speech, it seems to address all the things being pushed in society that I cannot get on with. If that is the BBC’s definition of far right then I am far right.

    • It’s quite funny to see the corporate media trying to brain hard enough to why Sweden and Italy have elected nationalist, conservative governments after the shit-show of the last ten years. Yeah, BBC twat, go live on Lampedusa, a teeny-weeny Italian island, a once-quiet bastion of serenity, now overflowing with disgruntled gimmegrants. That should be task 1 of the new Italian government: send that lot back home.

  7. The lslamic cunts must be pissing their loin clothes. The left are destroying Christianity, and welcoming the mosquitos with open arms. ONLY TO END UP GETTING THEIR THROATS CUT.

  8. I remember as a kid that only the clever kids went to University, and christ ! They had to be clever. My cousin at the time applied and was turned down because of his 4 A Levels 2 were below B

    The best thing that can happen in this country is to close these fuckers down, save 2 and revert to the old ways.

    • I’d have more respect for Christianity if it stood up to the competition.

      Rather than pander to it.

      That crusader spirit.

      Robust Christianity!!

      Burn em!
      Bayonet em!

      Tolerance is a illness best treated with burnt at the stake.

      Come on godbotherers,
      She’d the sandals
      Put some Doc Martens on,
      And crack some skulls for Jesus!!

      • Not much chance of that mis, with that sock puppet Justin in charge.
        Wouldn’t even get a strongly worded letter to the guardian out of that twat..

      • I agree: sandals belong in the shed.

        I disagree: Doc Martens are for bulldykés not Billy Graham’s audience!

      • That’s the problem with modern religion. I did mention to a CofE vicar a few years back that Christianity is weak and needs to be strong and traditional. He just smiled and said it would never work.

        Fucking useless cunts.

        Ian Paisley was a good un.

        ‘Save Ulster from Sodomy’ was one of his campaigns lol.

        Imagine trying that now? He didn’t give a fuck. He’d be great for quotes with all this tranny shit.

        That Fred Phelps went a bit far mind you.

        The mad old cunt.

      • To right, the condescending twaddle spouted by the church leaders is bloody disgraceful. According to various parts of the bible Jesus was not afraid of showing anger and God does not necessarily love everyone,.
        Time for a more muscular Christianity.

  9. The irony is that the trash they are importing to replace us are the most fundamentalist religious nutjobs in the world. We all know about the Peacefuls and their little games but I’ve never met an Africunt who isn’t a superstitious God fearing Christian.
    Some historian, some time in the future, is going to have a right old time figuring this shit out.

    • Even my middle class professional in laws from West Africa believe in God and organise their lives around the dim indoctrinated cunts.

      My mother in law told me she believes the Ark story in a literal sense.

      There is no helping people like this

      • my nan was a methodist she believed the whole noah’s ark fairytale when i asked her how noah got all the american and australian animals she said he sailed round the world and picked them up because they was floating !!!

  10. I might start up the Church of Cunt.

    We will have the old Testicle and the new one, Xmas will become Cuntmas day and there will be free beer for everyone.

      • more believeable than scientology that tells the retarded if they hand over all their money then one day if they are very lucky they can meet the tiny aliens that live in a volcano, but you have to reach the top level of commitment first and monkey cunt tom cruise hasn’t reached it yet so him and john travolta need to pay more money

  11. Indeed, let’s go back to the old days, pubs shut at 10.30, closed all day Sunday.
    Get rid of all the Internet porn, for the sake of morality, and family values.
    Can you imagine the protests by all the committed wankers if porn hub or x hamster were shut down.
    I suppose there’s always the football….

    • that scientology wanker cunt hubbard or whatever the ginger cunt was called, said only way to get rich is to start a religion, any shit will do…thinking of maybe starting one for normal people, radical idea

  12. Surely this is illegal discrimination, I mean we all know what the peaceful contingent think of alphabet people and their practices, as you state, would peacefuls be banned for the conflicts of belief twixt college and peacefuls.
    Total bunch of cunts should be Sjamboked for being treasonous cunts. This is after all a Christian state (not sure anymore). Fucking end times on the way.

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