Feral Girls Attack

Two articles, same story.

The first is about a load of young girls from the caravan club kicking off inside and out of (surprise, surprise McDonalds) Assaulting people by throwing bottles of drink, abusive, aggressive- general breach of the peace type stuff. They were subsequently ejected by security for the protection of other diners, staff and the premises. Meanwhile, whilst this was going on my wife happened to having lunch in a nearby Thai restaurant with my mates wife, and apparently the male contingent were causing a ruckus in there by generally taking over the place, and some of the associated ‘girls’ who had managed to obtain food from McDonalds before being thrown out were being let in to the Thai restaurant by the charver lads so they could eat thier happy meals in the Thai restaurant- naturally it then started kicking off in there as the owners weren’t too chuffed about it.

Here’s the link to this story:

Kent Online Story #1.

A few days pass, and then we get this story:

Kent Online Story #2.

I really don’t have anything else to add, other than is it any wonder we are becoming a lawless society? Where’s the deterrent to people who cause this and throwing a drink over a pregnant woman is now not an offence?

Back in my day, if you were pulled into a police station for doing things like in the first story you would leave with a few more scuff and bruises than you had before you arrived, after mysteriously ‘falling down the stairs’ at the station whilst in custody.

Nominated by: Chuff Chugger

76 thoughts on “Feral Girls Attack

  1. Kent sounds a right shithole!
    Are these young ladies gyppos?
    Or just chav scum?

    It’s disgusting.
    I wouldn’t be seen dead eating Thai food.

    What is it roast grasshoppers and spicy rice with cobra venom?

  2. The little slags should be sent for a fortnight education with the Iran police.
    Soon calm that attitude.
    Or bathtime at Gary Glitters.

      • Norfolk’s great, esp North Norfolk, a little slice of England stuck back in time (in a good way). Except Gt Yarmouth, that’s a shithole, for the usual reasons.

      • Yarmouth is a shithole, I agree, but even nice places need somewhere to offload their shit to and I am quite happy letting them gather there.

  3. A local chavette who witnessed this anti-social behaviour gave the following statement to police.

    “No, but, yeah, but, no , but, yeah, I didn’t see anyfink coz I wuz being fingered by Brooklyn Dobbs from year 10 behind the Maccy D’s dumpster”.

  4. Undoubtedly Caravan Utilising Nomadic Travellers. I was at Luton Airport on Thursday evening and a bunch of them were there kicking off because they didn’t want to use the long queue (about 20 minutes) for passport control and thought the exit for airline crew would be OK. Very few of us indigenous types in the queue and being directed by members of the religion of peace.

  5. Definitely Oirish Pikey tarts. Kent is full of them. Dregs of humanity, right up there with the Roma and Somalians.
    Diversity!…….dontcha love it!

  6. Send them up to Rochdale or Rotherham and introduce them to Abdul’s taxis, after several hundred lengths of P*ki cock they may learn how to behave 😂

    Too soft at home, too soft at school and too soft policing, the internet has to take some blame, they see clips of yobs doing this shit and see they get away with it.

  7. Ignorant, loud, abusive gypos breeding like rabbits, because everything is free for these cunts.
    the dole or social welfare for these cunts should food vouchers for lildl and no money until they learn to have manners and behave.
    A special school set up and the prize is money and being allowed into town when they pass their deportment exams.
    If failing then just more food vouchers for aldi until passed.
    “Good afternoon chavette”
    “oh and a good afternoon to you also Sir”
    “Oh my, haven’t they done a wonderful job with you”
    Yes indeed Sir and im very grateful for receiving my free money again”

  8. This lot get away with it because people allow it.
    A crowbar applied to the gob a few times is guaranteed to bring their lawless behaviour to a stop.

  9. It does my heart good to know that, when I am huddled in blankets, attempting to warm myself in front of a single lit candle, whilst trying to heat some water with it in order to make a hot drink, these immoral tarts will be stuffing their selves with fast food whilst wearing snide designer gear, and all because of the taxes which I am still paying, as are many other pensioners.
    Proud to be British? No, not really.

  10. Most of em will be ” great with mixed race bastard ” in a couple of years , they are dirty uncouth little slappers who have no self respect so are unlikely to respect anyone or anything else. Their whole world revolves around impressing their equally stupid mates, fucking scum of the first water, feral cunts to a ????

  11. Whatever they have done, may I just be alllowed to say that the girl on the right of the photo has them most beautful, large, pneumatic jugs?. Just look at the titties on that child. .If it would help, I would be more than willing to put her across my knee and gve her a good spanking. Chastisement is what she needs.

    • For a Big Mac and Fries she would probably let you spaff all over them 👍

      Then you could spank her for being a dirty, dirty, dirty little girl 😉

    • I think ‘sexual humiliation by filthy old bastard’ is a punishment that might resonate.

      Better you than me, though.

      • Send them to Andrew Porchester-Windsor.
        They need disinfecting with Cl2 in an enclosed space.

  12. Plenty more where this came from.

    The police always turn up after the event,have a half hearted look round then usually drive off.

    There is nothing to stop feral shite running amok.

    An elite squad of transientgender officers should be formed to bum them into order.

    • They should be drowned in vats of excrement. They seem to like excrement, they really fucked up that brewery in Blackburn.

  13. Who’s worse? The gyppo vermin filth or the utterly useless Kent constabulary?

    I’d say the shitty, woke, pussy brigade known as the Kent constabulary is the worse one out of the two.
    Utterly useless fuckers who couldn’t run a bath let alone actually stop or solve a fucking crime.

    Those cockroach gyppo bastards only respect one thing………….

    Round them all up, confiscate their Caravans, shoot their dogs and get them in chains breaking rocks in the Falkland Islands. Fucking utter SCUM!

    • This country is beginning to resemble that depicted in a dystopian novel by Anthony Burgess more every day. Hopefully not long till Dim and Billy boy wade in with the truncheons.

  14. One of the good things about the lockdown: McDonald’s was closed, and that meant loads of chav hives were put out of action….

  15. The do as you likeys must have been spending their illgotten gains from re💵selling floral 💐tributes left in the Royal Parks for the late Queen…

  16. Dirty pikey chavs.

    Should be bent over a bench and caned until they beg for forgiveness.

    I’d make them pick the food up they three and eat it.

    • ‘Should be bent over a bench and caned until they beg for forgiveness.’

      Looks like W.C. Boggs has a willing assistant.

      • They have a good career in pet food ahead of them. After being tenderised with a tohiti cane, the scum can be CANNED.

  17. Untermensch chavo two bit whores.
    Why so upset ? They had a happy meal….

  18. I think watercannons would have been best. Can you imagine?
    My hairs ruined!
    My designer rip offs have shrunk!
    Where’s my makeup /fake tan gone?
    My hair extensions fell out!
    My quarter pounders all soggy and cold!
    Yes, we noticed the last, but how was your burger, Ms. Lincoln?

  19. Why people think chavs are a thing of the past mystifies me. Britain is as chavved-up as ever, and counties such as Kent are full of the overflow.

  20. I blame Katie Price, she started this chavvy behaviour.
    She should be buried, waist deep, and be stoned until her fake tits explode.
    And then stoned some more.

    • If you have seen that video of her and the now fat cunt from the band….blue I think, you will also note she is a very shit fuck.

      Which is surprising considering all the sausages thrown up her.

      Would rather have a wank.

  21. Probably on benefits or their parents will be. Entitled little Cunts who don’t live in fear of a pasting for shooting off their mouths and abusing innocent bystanders.

  22. They’d get one from someone, for sure, although he’d have to bring his portable bike shed, on the flatbed wagon, with him.
    Will they turn up, though?

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