Jedward (4)

How come have Jedward not been cunted yet?

Last time I heard of these cunts was several years ago. When they were a very crappy Irish novelty act with shit hair. Nothings and nobodies…

But now they have resurfaced. And are spouting disrespectful shit about the late Queen. One ‘gem’ included them blaming Elizabeth II for what previous English Monarchs had done to the Irish in past centuries. Well, if they want to play that game, we could blame Jedward for all the IRA’s atrocities and murders.

The joke is those two plastic Fenian cream puffs have probably never even been near Ulster, never mind lived or served there. And they still won’t let up, as they thrive on another fifteen minutes of fame and ‘controversy’. These two semtex bummers are now calling for the monarchy to be abolished. For a start, what the fuck have British affairs got to do with two talentless spudfuckers? And the cunts are also sickeningly pro Markle. Well, that tells us all we need to know.

I thought some Irish media gobshite would put their retarded head over the parapet after Her Majesty’s demise. My bets were on Sinead O’ Cuntor, Cuntlin Moran, Bob Geldaft, Gerry Adams and Morrissey. But Jedward?!🤣🤣 Utter clowns, but I do hope that both get the hatred and retribution they deserve. The cunts.

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  1. tell the dumb cunts they are going to do a show in catterick, but don’t mention in an army base, so the thick vile cunts get a good hiding from cattericks finest battle hardened soldiers

  2. Time for the “overwhelming response” they were promised in 1922 if the arced up again. Those twats also look like rent boys that will take it for a point of meth.

  3. Not a great reflection on the public that these cunts were ever mildly popular.

    No idea what they do apart from fellate one another.

    We can do without such shite.


  4. No doubt that Jedward are Cunts but their comments were at least a distraction from the tsunami of gushing sentimentality and nauseating arse-licking that swamped the media….Fuck me…who knew that such a brilliant, witty, charitable,sympathetic Mother to The Nation actually actually lived amongst us disguised,remarkably convincingly,as a rather entitled old Biddy who spent her time protecting her “wrong ‘uns” family,jealously guarding her wealth,eating fucking cucumber sandwiches,flitting between castles and going to the races ?

    I’d suggest making her a Saint but apparently I’ve been beaten to the punch and it has already been mooted…For Fucks Sake.

    Jedward are Irish..not British…and can say what the fuck they like ( or their publicist tells them to say) in the same way that I’m sure that many of the outraged on here will have slagged off that other Saviour of Mankind…Nelson Mandela.

    • I’m outraged that Deadwood can spout such vile stuff about our dear departed monarch!

      Would they say such things about jumble sale attendee and jailbird Nelson Mandela?
      No, they darent slag that old scarecrow off but attack Elizabeth The Great a nigh on Saint,
      Who was like a grandmother to us all .

      Bleeding little bumboys!
      The Irish should be ashamed of them.

      Their a bigger atrocity than Riverdance with terrorist Michael Flatley.

  5. I thought I’d seen the last globules of talent-free arseholery dribble from the mouths of these two overgelled buffoons.

    Woodchipper, feet first on Britain’s Got (no fucking) Talent and then Oven at Regulo 9. Cool the remains and sprinkle in the Blue Peter Garden.


  6. The Irish are fucking hypocrites. Because it was Ireland (then called Hibernians and Scoti) who were the FIRST invaders and colonisers of Briton between 600 and 800ad. The Scoti formed the kingdom of Dalriada (where Cumbria and Strathclyde are now) by killing all the native Picts and totally destroying their culture.
    Irrelevant history?
    No, because the bog trotters waste no time in bleating and whining about English colonists in the 17th century. So, is that irrelevant also?
    Of course not shrill those whose ancestors couldnt grow potatoes! They shriek that English colonisation was wicked and evil.
    So if English colonisation in 17th century was wrong, what is the point between 800ad and 1649 when colonisation changed from being ok to being evil?
    Irish people – including Jedward -learn history, learn humility, then shut the fuck up.

    • I demand that Jedward debate with David Starkey at Wembley this Halloween! Jedward done up as leprechauns and Starkey done up as Henry VIII, banjoed on wine, naturally!

  7. A tad off topic ,the BBC News Website had some drivel entitled ‘could the Queen have done more to help Australia’s native people?’ late last week.
    It doesn’t appear to be on the site any more- I wonder why.

  8. Dirty bog trotting retarded little fuckwits , funny how these cunts all come over to Blighty to make ” it big” .
    Why dont they stay in that centre of culture and sophistication and world repute Ireland. The amount of patriotic leprechauns over here that slag the English off is unreal, specially when they’ve had a skin full.
    Talentless pair of wankers years ago unlikely to have improved.

    • spot on , my nephew who was born in Ireland refuses to donate to the Poppy fund, the ungrateful little bastard was trained by the NHS as an occupational therapist and the NHS paid for his degree and training, I told the little shit what I thought of him,

  9. I assumed this pair of talentless fake emerald green cunts had bummed themselves to death years ago. You might as well take advice on constitutional matters from Lenny Henry, as listen to these fuck-nuggets.

  10. I remember when the IRA bombed Manchester.
    Shambles square reduced to rubble.

    I always suspected Aemonn Holmes and Jimmy Cricket.

    Both have never given a account of where they were at the time.

    We are meant to just forget it now because Tony Blair was dating Gerry Adams.

    • does Tony Blair use crushed glass in the KY while Gerry Adams is giving him a length?

  11. I can think of fewer pleasurable things than going to town on these two pathetic specimens, with a pick shaft.

    The queen has been buried.

    Jedward should be too.

    Preferably alive.

    Get To Fuck.

  12. Ireland has been riding the British coat tail for 800 years, they’re like Britain’s spaztik child that wants to live on its own but still brings the laundry around to wash and have they’re 3 square meals for free, they ceased to be relevant to us on 6th December 1922, and Jedward are probably revenge for the potato famine (which in a sweet irony was made worse by wealthy Catholics exporting food), so much for “Oyrash solidahratty” eh, CUNTS!!!

  13. Another pair of creepy cunts like ant and dic that seem to spend every waking moment together.

    • Nobody is more Irish than Joe Biden.

      He turns up on Defcon one wearing a big green leprechaun hat with a shamrock on it,
      His face painted green,

      “Top of the morning to ye guys!”

      Observes the old customs.
      He’ll tell anyone who’ll listen he’s a proud Irishman, from Tayto, county Limerick.
      And how’s he like a drop of poteen?

      “Gee, that’d be neat”.

      • it’s like all those cunts on at Patrick’s Day, all claim to be Irish, especially in America, and have you ever heard of umtebe o Murphy or Mohamed o Reilly? oven them all

      • Biden: “I’m as Irish as they come! Growing up in Scranton, Pennsylvania, we’d sing all the Irish songs: “Donald Where Are Your Trousers?”, uh… “Green Green Grass Of Home” and my favourite when crowded round the radiogram cheering on Glasgow Rangers Athletic FC, “The Famine is Over, Why Don’t You Go Home?” – hey, let’s sing it now! Come on, man! Why you all so silent?”

      • If Sleepy Joe is Irish, how is it he’s got a German surname? Follow his family tree back far enough I’m sure we’d find a few relatives that were members of the Bund.

  14. Is it possible to be the first joining together of this nuisance pair ? It would be interestingly amusing to which parts of the body will be chosen. I fancy it being from the arseholes, due to the way they are acting.

  15. Personally, I would parachute these two mincing cunts over the holiest of holy Muslim lands and watch as the ragheads pick them to pieces little by little, like hyenas circling dead meat.

  16. What do you call an Irish woman with two cunts? Jedward’s mum!
    It must hurt John and Edward’s shared brain cell to know that they’re both named after English Kings. They were more than happy to take English pounds though.
    Apparently they released a song called Soul Crushing. That’s probably the most appropriate title for any song ever. Their “singing” reminds me of a goose farting in the fog.

  17. I hope they were repeatedly molested by their local priest, the annoying talent free spud monkeys.
    Children of the corn with added downs.

  18. I’m glad to have never heard of them. I’ve brushed the likes from my shoes over the years. Plus the likes of never seeing Star Wars, or watch a certain coloured chap flog a million yards of elastic with a stick for no apparent reason.

  19. Were they in MacDonalds or in a Thai Restaurant in Kent recently? I think we should be told…

  20. Even the Irish must be sick to the back teeth with them. Why don’t they play one of their loveable sports of separating the pair, bound and gagged and left somewhere remote.

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