Dead Pool [255]

Congratulations to Paul Maskinback who has correctly predicted the sad demise of the legendary singer actress songwriter and activist Olivia Newton John who has died today aged 73 following a long battle with metastatic breast cancer.She will of course be best remembered for her role as Sandy in Grease alongside John Travolta’s Danny.

On to Deadpool 255

The rules:

1)Pick 5 famous cunts who you think will die next.It is first come first serve.No duplicates.You can always be a cunt and steal other peoples nominations from previous pools.

2)Anyone who nominates the worlds oldest man or woman is a cunt who we will ignore.

3)It must be a famous cunt we have heard of.

4)No swapping names mid pool unless your nomination(s) have already been nabbed.

5)Winners are declared based on which death was reported first not necessarily reflecting time of death.

59 thoughts on “Dead Pool [255]

  1. Eddie Stobart
    Barry Fry
    David Hockney
    Alan Greenspan
    Annette Crosbie.

    Nice work Paul.

  2. Ah Jaazus, she was my first horn when she came out with that tight pants on in Grease, and saw it when on release. God rest her

  3. Glynis John
    Jimmy Carter
    Eleanor Roselynn Carter
    Gudrun Ure
    Leslie Phillips.
    RIP Olivia. You were a stunner back in the day.

  4. Nigel Starmer-Smith
    Norman Fowler (former Tory MP)
    Norman Foster (architect)
    Norman Jewison (film director)
    Norman Burtenshaw (football referee)*

    * Refereed Cup final 1971 Arsenal v Liverpool. Famous also for having the sh!t kicked out of him by Milwall fans in 1967 following defeat by Aston Villa at The Den.

  5. Mohammed Bin Al Salman
    Tony Blair
    David Cameron
    Vlad Putin
    Angela Merkal

  6. Group Captain John Hemingway DFC
    Willie Nelson
    Jerry Lee Lewis
    Pope Benedict
    Billy Connelly

  7. Henry Kissinger (is this cunt immortal?)
    David Gold
    Bobby Charlton
    Barbara Walters
    Lord Hezzelslime

  8. The queen
    Clint eastwood
    Beast of bolsover
    Eric clapton
    Katie price

  9. Bill treacher (Arthur Fowler)
    Josef fritzl
    Mikhail Gorbachev
    Michael Fish
    Ozzy Osborne

  10. Richard O’Sullivsn
    Liza Minelli
    Tessa Wyatt
    Paula Wilcox
    Sally Thomsett

    Arrows, PM.

  11. Congrats Paul.

    Capt James Hewitt (By his own hand)
    Roman Polanski (In a Satanic ritual gone wrong)
    Heather Locklear (Drug and alcohol related domestic violence)
    Sophia Loren (Shagged to death by a much younger male gigilo)
    Oprah Winfrey (Acute over eating)

  12. What a pisser. Loved her as a young lad. A major crush on the lady. Absolutely stunning in her prime. RIP Livvy.☹❤

    Jean Luc Godard
    Tony Barber
    Patsy King
    Wilf McGuinness
    Klaus Voormann

  13. Yoko fucking Ono
    Danglebert Pimpledick
    Alan Price
    Eric Burdon
    Georgie Fame.

    RIP Olivia.

    • Fucking Ono is 90 next year, Cuntstable.
      She can’t last much longer, surely?
      I reckon Macca is hanging on, just to see her go.😉

  14. The Dalai Lama
    Rupert Murdoch
    Alex Ferguson
    Eve Marie Saint
    Gary Glitter

    Well struck, Maskie.

    For a Convict, she was a noice-lookin’ sheila, moite!

  15. Jimmy cricket
    Phil cool
    Arthur ( Eastenders)
    Michael Parkinson
    Timmy mallet

  16. Mel Brooks
    Bob Barker
    Gina Lolabrigida
    Gene Hackman
    Jackie Stewart

    Good darts Paul

  17. William Shatner.
    Bill Wyman.
    June Lockhart.
    Patricia Krenwinkel.
    Gerald Harper.

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