Eniola Aluko

To be fair to her, this cunting is aimed at many in the media who have been whining about the England women’s ‘football’ team not being ‘diverse’ enough. However, this lady has been particularly critical and it made for a shorter cunting title than, ‘Complaints about England women’s football team and its lack of diversity.’

First up, women’s football is a joke anyway. It’s fucking shite. That’s not ‘sexist hate’ by the way, Wokegate and ‘Hendo’. It’s just an honest opinion.

The cunting is due to the fact that the chippy moaning cunts whining about there not being enough blacks in the team, never demand more honkies in our athletics teams, particularly in the sprint and long distance events. Or how an England under 17 boys’ team recently was entirely non white apart from the keeper. Or how the entire studio panel and presenter for the World Athletics is entirely black on the ‘British’ Broadcasting Corporation.

That’s all tickety fucking boo.

It’s sport and you choose the best for the job. Fine if we’re not doing that anymore then, let’s see an all honky 100 metres, you fucking double standards cunts.

No, I didn’t think so either.

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83 thoughts on “Eniola Aluko

  1. I hate, yes hate, demanding cunts
    Like cunts who ask for a completion date because they are going on holidays but feel the need to pressure one into a time schedule for their “Im above you, you mere labourer” Far from it might i add
    “So wait until you comeback so, you stupid cunt” is my silent in mind response.
    These are the cunts you end up having to deal with at some point, as recommendations from other satisfied customers becomes word, because you do your work with care and attention to detail.
    I wouldn’t last 5 hours in politics or council or teaching and preaching or an office with ethnic cunts because i know that it only takes one cunt to race the card and i would have to be dug out of em.
    Cunts like these are the reason for the raising of the temperature Globally.

  2. You dont get a lot of our dusky brethren in the equine sports, all midget paddies and strapping wenches and your smattering of the poofter tendency.

    • Royston French, was probablyand is, the only black jock that rode professionally in the UK. He used to ride a lot for the Mark Johnson stable awhile back but had to go to Arab land Dubai to eek a living out as a journey man jockey. He came back occasionally but could only get shite for rides but he was only average anyway and was never going to mount a blue blood.
      The Toffs, they do love their diversity.

  3. This Aluko cunt is going to be both omnipresent and insufferable during the TV coverage of this World Cup in Qatar. The whinging chippy fuck going on about how she has played in a World Cup and at the highest level (wrong on both counts, you daft cow!). And the hung up little dark personage is resentful that the current bunch of ‘Lionesses’ beat the ladykrauts without her and also no aspiring architects in the team. You’d think she’d be pleased for her fellow wimmin footballers. But, no. Altogether. To the tune of the Bob and Marcia soul ditty…

    ‘Young Bitter and Black! (because you’re crap!)’🤣

  4. I think it’s time for a GB great reset , back to the 1950,s before “windrush” before Any of the great colonisations of our once great country We should have said NO to all the asins from Uganda we should have said no to the windrush invasion. we should be saying NO to the camel shaggers paddling across the channel.

    But we can’t say NO.

    We were never asked if this is what you want.

    The fucking politicians decided. It’s WHAT THEY WANTED..and to fuck with what made this GB, great. Us .

    The indigenous WHITE Anglo Saxon race…..

    A curse be upon their house…..🔥


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