Eniola Aluko

To be fair to her, this cunting is aimed at many in the media who have been whining about the England women’s ‘football’ team not being ‘diverse’ enough. However, this lady has been particularly critical and it made for a shorter cunting title than, ‘Complaints about England women’s football team and its lack of diversity.’

First up, women’s football is a joke anyway. It’s fucking shite. That’s not ‘sexist hate’ by the way, Wokegate and ‘Hendo’. It’s just an honest opinion.

The cunting is due to the fact that the chippy moaning cunts whining about there not being enough blacks in the team, never demand more honkies in our athletics teams, particularly in the sprint and long distance events. Or how an England under 17 boys’ team recently was entirely non white apart from the keeper. Or how the entire studio panel and presenter for the World Athletics is entirely black on the ‘British’ Broadcasting Corporation.

That’s all tickety fucking boo.

It’s sport and you choose the best for the job. Fine if we’re not doing that anymore then, let’s see an all honky 100 metres, you fucking double standards cunts.

No, I didn’t think so either.

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83 thoughts on “Eniola Aluko

  1. I suppose if the England teams (both men and women – although to be honest the men do play like the women) were 100% black and ended up constantly defeated and never qualified for the WC or EC, cunts like Ebola Abona would blame good old whitey for not doing enough for the team.

    Classic clutching at straws of course and I can’t wait for the Transformers to move into the wimminz game exclaiming that there’s not enough transwomen playing for England

    Then what the fuck does the manager do?

    • Whats she fuckin moaning about?

      Starvin marvins?
      Police oppression?
      Stop n search?
      Knife crime?

      Never stop fuckin moaning.
      If it upsets you so much become a backing singer for Diana Ross.

      • i is black innit, so my shoulder has enormous boulder that needs to be stonemasoned off.

        look at it this way ENG men need yt to take penalties, as dark keys can’t. Therefore penalties are racist.

        How many chînks play for ivory coast, or jews for iran?

        Fuk lefties and their double standards.

  2. Yet another one of these wimminz ‘England internationals’ with squillions of caps. Which is roughly the equivalent of me renaming my boys under 12s ‘England under 12s’ and making them wear England kits.
    Anyway, I digress. She may have a point though. The more dark key wimminz doing sport means less calfing out aspiring architects and rappers to drug dealing absent fathers I suppose.
    I hear, also, that our beloved bbc were torn between her anti white comments and their unfettered desire to milk ‘Englands’ victory to the max and quietly pushed her into the shadows.
    Get fucked you race baiting knuckle dragger!

    • I notice there’s still no mention of the lack of black swimmers from any of the wokies. I wonder why?

      • There bones are too dense. They also can’t ride horses (all the gorillas ridung horses in planet of the apes were white men in costume). There was a uk black dressage rider, but he was like a sack of shit on a horse and it was all a gimmick.

  3. Could it be that women of colour just aren’t interested in playing football, or not good enough to play at ‘International’ level.
    After all, it’s probably pretty hard to run the length of a pitch with a rugrat strapped to your back, and two clinging to your legs, grizzling for chiggun.

    • It’s the same with the moaning about the lack of players from the Asian subcontinent. Park keys simply aren’t interested or good enough. Cricket, bomb making, driving badly and being social lepers is more to their liking.

  4. You do, of course, realise that having an honest opinion is deemed as racist now. Oh, unless you’re BAME in which case it’s the word of God.

      • If you want to play that game, I’m a Nordic God.

        We’re rarer than rocking horse shit these days.
        Particularly since those Bible bashing cunts hit Europe from the middle East.

        Now, all bow down and listen to my pissed up ranting and take it as the word of… er, God.

      • Local news item – p@ki sentenced for attacking rabbi with brick in an “anti semitic attack”. Where is bbc and rest of the media? Is it not a racist attack. Or do the rights of mozzers trump those of jews – seems that way.

      • Mi’Lord.
        Jew bashing is normal.
        We shrug it off.
        But Jew bashing with a brick, my word, no.
        That’s just beyond the pale.

  5. The bullshit never ends, the England team is majority white, well we are a majority white country.
    This Enola Gay cunt cried racism when she was dropped, probably got sick of her constantly whinging about not enough black players.

    Played for England, first of all she ain’t fucking English, she is a Nigerian who happens to have a British passport, she could have played for Nigeria, all black team, she would have been right at home.

    Fuck off back the Africa you cunt!

    • If she wasn’t even good enough for the England team why would the Nigerians want her?

      • It’s Meritocracy in action, Sickie. The best people are placed into the best positions. As soon as they start diluting the talent, the team won’t be as good. Crowbar in a few token darkîes and they’ll begin losing.

  6. Not enough blacks in the team..
    Probably because they all have jobs on TV now..shoehorned into shows and every fucking advert..

    • They did and well done to them. I didn’t watch it myself as I prefer proper football but still, credit where it’s due.

  7. The England women’s football team manager (whoever she is) needs to learn from St Gareth that you don’t pick the best players to win a match, you pick the most ethnically diverse to burnish your woke credentials.

    • She is Dutch, probably has far right politics, only stuck a couple of half soots into the squad to keep the woke quiet.
      Didn’t play any in the starting line ups and brought the odd one on when it was all sewn up.

      Southgate – take note, keep it white, right 😂

  8. Sickening levels of double standards on display from these race grifting cunts at the Beeb or any other media outlet for that matter who has raised this as an “issue” that needs tackling.

    Say for instance that the “Lionesses” starting XI had been entirely black, then I would happily and confidently bet my house that the “lack of diversity” wouldn’t have been mentioned. At any point – ever.

    The contempt I feel towards these race baiting bastards in the media is beyond words.

  9. Despite wimminz football being shit they still have to win games and sport is a meritocracy – the best should always be picked regardless of anything else.

    Anything to say on the 70% of black players represented in the NBA and NFL leagues? Thought not. Shit stirring race grifter.

  10. Well, England’s all-white team won the EUROS (finally) – therefore order is restored (or something like that). Nothing else matters.

  11. Funny how Wokegate and the media preached that “diversity is a strength” with the all singing all dancing Kumbaya rainbow warriors last year….until they flunked the penalty shootout and then it wasn’t.

  12. Isn’t it hilarious how everything is a conspiracy against Dark Keys?


    The lot..

    The biggest mistake the western world ever made was letting this rubbish out of their flyblown mud huts.

    • I’d love to go back in time and show slave owners how much their desire for cheap labour ended up fucking their own countries. Ffs – leave the cottin in the field, just don’t bring the cunts in from africa. However good the deal seemed. Same also for uk fabric mills and london transport bus drivers.

  13. I still cant make her face out in that header pic.

    Its like them ‘3d magic picture’ things were you have to stare at it for 2 hours before it pops out at you.

    Could be fuckin anyone.
    You seen this woman?

  14. Fucking arseholes like this trollop are turning race relations back decades, and they’re either too fucking arrogant or too stupid to see it. Minorities that have integrated and got on with their lives must hold their head in their hands when cunts like this pipe up.

  15. Effectively, when a Dark One whines and whinges , it is Racism !

    Of course, it is overlooked for what it is, a criminal offence. In law , anything ( that is ANYTHING) that a Dark one is upset about, is a crime.

    Well I am constantly upset by all these Darkie moans and groans which are a continuous and insidious assault upon whitey.

    Ban all Dark Ones from stealing oxygen.

  16. And these whining spawn of fucking Satan harp on about inequality, have they actually SEEN the media? For a predominantly white country, there’s certainly an over-representation of fucking minorities there, in every fucking advert, continuity announcers, magazine ads and just about everything fucking else.

    No fucking whining about that, though.

    • Their definition of equality is to be more equal than others. More representation is never enough. They want a society, like the bubble they live in, where everything is by blacks, for blacks.

    • Just watching Midsomer murders from the start we are on season 5 from 2003 there hasn’t been a single sootie in any episode from season 1. The last 21 I think is crammed with the cunts.

  17. I wish I’d have been born between the wars or in the reign of the old Queen and Empress of india.
    Being working class I would probably have had rickets and scurvy and lived in a slum or workhouse, life would have been hard and desperate, but you wouldn’t have to put up with all this modern fecking lunacy , chippy ethnics at every turn, trans – fuckwits,the rainbow homes and the BBC and the fucking cock wanky shit cunt social tedia.
    Scurvy and rickets seems like heaven compared to the self important fucking snot gobblers infesting every aspect of modern life.
    Roll on the happy release of death and the embrace of the cold damp grave.

  18. Sadly this never beens argument is fundamentally flawed.

    According to the 2011 Census 6.92% of the UK was Asian British and 3.1% Black.

    So if there was only 1 black player representing the England Wimmimz team that’s around 9% and by my maths so totally representative of the population.

    And if 30% of the EPL is made up of Black players so it follows they are massively over represented.

    Given that apparently football is now racist I’m struggling to find the racism and lack of opportunity for the so called minorities in that.

  19. If this cunt wants to watch black footballers…



  20. I just saw a dark key on a bicycle on some sport relief related shite on the telly. He didn’t win, but he didn’t fall off.
    Now that’s inclusion for you.

  21. Blacks make up about 3% of the UK population, so at most 0.33% of the team should be black.

    A further 11% of the population is made up of other ethnicities, thus entitling them to have approximately 1.21% representation in a team of 11 players.

    Which means that any more than 1.54% effniks in a team would constitute said effniks being over-represented.

    Ergo, the all white women’s team got it about right in its racial representation.

    At best, one token black or other effnik in the team is all that would be required to make the team perfectly diverse in line with the population at large, but why would you bother other than to signal some warped idea of virtue?

    Places in the team should be earned on merit, not because of skin colour or foreign cultural difference.

    Eniola Aluko and her woke white enabler useful idiots can get fucked.

    • There was supposed to be a muslım woman in the starting 11 last weekend, RTC.
      Alas, she made the mistake of smiling at a white man the night before the match and her father and brothers sliced her to ribbons for disgracing the family’s “honour”.
      She ended up going on a voyage….to the bottom of the Thames in a halal leather suitcase.

  22. I love the UFC, genuine hard men and women fighting each other in a cage. Here’s the top 10 moments non-pro men challened UFC WOMEN and got fucked up…

    (8-minute video)

    Hahaha! Most men are pussies and don’t know how to fight. A pro woman fighter can fuck up the average dude easily. Men are ridiculous these days, they are all talk, no walk.

    • “Men are ridiculous these days, they are all talk, no walk.”

      You’re not from Worcestershire, by chance? Like bike sheds?


      • It’s true. Men are ridiculous now. Men cower from danger now. Women empowered themselves and men just want to play video games until they die now. Another woman PM on the way. It’s over.

      • Men in Britain and America haven’t had real hardship in the past fifty years, so women have never seen what a man is really capable of in a crisis, in an age of chaos, but those days are coming back again. Men will have to relocate their courage in the coming years.

  23. I’m a lover not a fighter if I can help it but I have to say I wouldn’t be interested in either contact with some of these pro fighting bitches, they are all fuck ugly and look like they have been given a scorching dose of clap by some pipe layer and want to get even, also I’m sure some a butcher than me.
    If that’s you thing Lecunt, good luck enjoy I’m sure there can’t be much contest for an ugly staffie with an axe to grind as for blick wiminz in football why the fuck not, while the world pretends it worth a watch. We. Should even have Mr Bobby as that wouldn’t make it anymore watchable, unless they play in the raw, in a hot tub withhhh lovehunnies finest toys.
    So you see it can be made interesting.
    While we are about it women in F1, or the TT, wait that’s been done and hats off the to girls, now all they need is to be able to keep up and we have a race until then mines a. lager cheers……

    • Well, sport is sport, it isn’t really a great reflection of what women can do that men can do. Full-contact, martial arts, that’s different, As I said above, the women in UFC could fuck up the average man in a fair fight.

      16,740 women in the UK Regular Forces, that’s 11% of the personnel. Most men under 40 I know would crap their pants if they got conscripted into the military. No more sofa, no more video games, no more grooming their hipster beard and no more walking their fur baby.

  24. Anyone got Olivia Newton-John in the Dead Pool? Death from breast cancer, aged 73.

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