Gareth Southgate (4) – Clueless Loser

(My fans clearly love me!)

Gareth Southgate and his team of limp-wrested cunts. (This is probably in reference to England’s heaviest home defeat – 4:0 – in fuck knows how long! Day Admin)

What a collection of useless spastics, a pathetic crew for the good ship wank. Don’t even try to earn your money is their motto. No physical effort is required, just ponce about, falling over and feigning injury.

Just to show how clueless he is, he suggests some progress in his latest failure and expresses future hopes for the World Cup. What a cunt !

As for the vastly overrated Harry “can’t talk English properly “ Kane, he should be ashamed to take his money.

What a crock of shit.

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96 thoughts on “Gareth Southgate (4) – Clueless Loser

  1. The Sun had it right when they said Wokegate would be better as a council diversity officer.
    And now the Super Soaraway Sun is gunning for Wokegate, let’s hope it’s the beginning of the end for him. I hope the other papers follow suit.

    Seriously though, how many tournaments and opportunities can he be allowed fuck up? That Euro 2020 trophy was there for the taking. Then there was Croatia in 2018 before that. And – needless to say – he will fuck up in Qatar as well. Apart from his blatantly woke selection process (the infamous penalties), he is also the most negative England manager ever. He makes Dave Sexton look like Big Ron when it comes to defensiveness. When England go out in Qatar – because they will – will the MSM and the FA let him off again? Hopefully not, but I dare say that they will….

  2. I don’t give a toss about sport so I don’t know Are there any whites in the England team?

    • Moggie63@ – Afternoon Moggie – yep – sat on the bench.
      Southgate reminds me of Johnson – zero talent, 100% hubristic arrogance.

  3. Five million quid a year Wokegate gets paid. Think about that…..five fucking million for being a useless cunt.

    • FtF@ – EVERY England manager should be on performance rated pay – NMW plus a bonus for a win.
      Watch how fucking fast the rainbow knee taking stops then.

    • Wow, even more than 3 Line-cunts…

      He should get his McDonald’s brown paper bag on again a la Euro 96… Still maintain I could’ve taken a penalty while on fire, pelted with dog shit and with Jake Daniels riding on me.

    • Wow, even more than 3 Line-cunts…

      He should get his McDonald’s brown paper bag on again a la Euro 96… Still maintain I could’ve taken a better penalty while on fire, pelted with dog shit and with Jake Daniels riding on me.

  4. Some people think that he’s just parroting what the FA wants. No, he cant wait to get onto the subject. He’s the one pushing it.

    Yes an FA member interviewed What did you think? Sick as a parrot. What the poor defence England showed? No fucking Wokegate parroting anti-racist bullshit all the time.

  5. As much of a wokie arrogant virtue signalling cunt Southgate is, you also have to look at the FA. Wokegate achieved very little as a club manager and was an OK player at best. Hardly a leader amongst men nor has he any claim to say he’s been there, done it and got the t-shirt. He’s one of football’s ‘making up the numbers’ types. Nothing more.

    In effect, he had no valid qualifications to take on the England job.


    The FA had previously appointed Sam Allardyce. Tactics? Hoof it up the pitch and see what happens. European experience? None. Big club experience? None. European competition experience? None. Managing big players experience? None. THAT’S how low the bar was set.

    Football, like many things these days, is in a dark place. A big nose, gay waistcoat, goofy teeth and a woke attitude does not a top class football manager make.

    The FA is more interested in image, diversity, inclusivity, making a statement and being virtue signalling cunts than they are winning tournaments. Wokegate is perfect in that climate. I relish the day when he’s eventually sacked. Who’s going to sack the FA though?

    • What is it with that waistcoat? It’s football, Gareth, not snooker. He looks like a total bellend in it.

      • Le Cunt@ – Wankgate keeps a spare pair of bloomers in it in case he achieves his dream of “Team England” being 100% black and he wets himself with joy.

      • Maybe he has a stage magician delusion, not a snooker player delusion? And instead of pulling out a rabbit, he’ll pull out some goals in Qatar?

  6. I can’t wait for the World Cup in November. I reckon many European teams will shit the bed, more than usual, lots up upsets. The heat, the fish-out-of-water vibes, the fact that African, Mid East, Asian sides have improved greatly.

    England v Wales will be epic. Tuesday 29 November, 7pm, mark that date and don’t be late, ooh yeah!

    • Le Cunt@ – I look forward to the BBC playing just the Welsh National Anthem then castigating the Taffs for not having enough black, bumlord or muslim players.
      Everything woke turns to shit.

  7. Wokegate must surely know that the FA are going to shit on him one day, give him the boot, and appoint a BAME England manager? It’s only a matter of time. But, knowing him, he will probably be crawling to and arselicking his successor and still singing about the joys of diversity as his own arse is kicked out of Lancy Gate.🤔

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