Human (Mixed) Races

I kept seeing mixed-race people yesterday. Two ‘picaninny’ persons in the bus station. Two more walking past the cinema. A few more singly in town..

And I suddenly thought-that’s the way Racism will finally vanish from the country. When we all have all a bit of black in us. I mean you can’t really call someone a ‘black c*nt’ if you’ve already got some black in you.

Then we will be just be judged by ‘the content of our character’ as it should be.

Trouble is what will ISAC have to talk about then?

Nominated by: Miles Plastic

119 thoughts on “Human (Mixed) Races

  1. Picaninny, utterly genius nomenclature that I haven’t heard since my dear old nan passed away – amusing website. She was quite keen on using the descriptive phrase niger brown too, bless her.

    My kids are actually mixed race so I’m putting this theory into practice for real innit. But they are not dirty looters their mum is Nepalese, their Great Grandad killed Japs for shits and giggles in the Far East and their Grandad served in the Falklands and is mortified to this very day that he never got to kill a plastic Spaniard so I’ll give myself a pass.

  2. You think that black people don’t call other black people ‘black cunts’ when they feel they should?

    You think that all non whites are a happy, clappy alliance?

    • The comedian Dominic Frisby did say that he heard somebody in his local use the term ‘black cunt’ when Andy Cole was onscreen during a football match.

      He turned out to be a black Arsenal supporter.

      Your move, social justice wankers.

      • I recall once I was with Mrs Norman in Morrisons. And a full of himself young black lad shouted to a black security guard, ‘I’m over here! I’m too fast for you, yer black cunt!’ And when he was finally collared by the black guard, the kid kept shouting, ‘Get off me, you fucking black cunt!’

        Wonder what Joe Snowflake and Araminta Woke would think of that? Would the SJWs let him off because he was black? Very probably….🤔

  3. As a part Jap, apart from my sexual perversions one has an overwhelming desire to shove cunts that annoy me into a hotbox. My predominant Jockness makes me want to do it on the cheap.

  4. Has anyone noticed as a way of compensating for the black father “avin it on his toes”, the mothers of these Caramacs always think their spawn are somehow special. “My little Gucci might only be 4, but I know he’s gonna be a premiere league footballer innit” or, “Chanel might only be three weeks olds and dat, but me know say she’s gonna be a model”.

    No. I’m seeing the words “crack dealer, hand bag theft, taking fanny without the owner’s consent, on the game and HMP Wandsworth”.

  5. As long as there are cunts on this planet, racism will thrive – it’s just human nature unfortunately.

    • I think it’s only natural to be suspicious of people that aren’t in your tribe. After all, you don’t want strangers stealing your coconuts (or hand bag).

      • ‘I think it’s only natural to be suspicious ‘

        Aint that the truth. It is ‘natural’ to be suspicious.

        The cunts who came up with multiculturalism never took that into cinsuderation in their plans.

        If there was a plan.

      • You see Miles, the suspicion of which we talk is hardly unwarranted.

        The umbongo is a lazy, unenterprising and rather stupid fellow. Hard work and forward planning are not in his nature, so if one was foolish enough to leave something shiny in his gaze, it should come as no surprise if the light fingered simian pockets it. After all, monkey see, monkey teef.

        Just remember: around blacks, never relax and you won’t go far wrong.

        (The same reasoning can be applied to rag heads, but for different reasons; they want us dead).

  6. If reparations came into effect, would caramacs be entitled to any and if so, surely they’d only deserve 50%.

    • Fuck a duck! If they start shelling out historical compo I’m getting the boot polish out. At the same time I can claim I lived in Grenfell and get double bubble.
      Fucking marvellous!

      • If they get a payment from us, I’m demanding compensation from Italy. The Roman Empire colonised Britain and took slaves.

        As a person of colour (pinkish white), I can still feel the pain of my ancestors to this day.

        Not really. I couldn’t give a fuck.


    That nomination title was passive aggressive even by my standards!

  8. Both my lads have been warned that if they are ever tempted to bring home some ethnic girlfreind it will not be allowed through the door.
    Furthermore should they voice any intent to marry the faecal coloured creature then THEY themselves will not be allowed to cross my threshold ever again. No argument will be entered into, no ifs, buts or coconuts!

    • HA! My best mate is married to a Russian lass. We had a chat a few weeks ago about this topic. He said they’d be “devastated” if any of their future kids bring a s007tie home! 😂

      My parents also told me the same thing as you did to yours.

  9. You don’t fight racism by having mixed babies… WTF What stupid bitch cunt came up with that?!

    With that weird thinking? Do you fight robot racism if you let Daleks brainwash you and kill you

    • By the same Dr Who logic does having a women impregnated by Zygons be a good thing for humanity if it fought reptilian humunoid racism?!

      If it doomed the world to a apocalyptic hellish scenario sure thats fine and dandy as long reptilian humunoid racism is no more then thats a good thing

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