Gareth Southgate (4) – Clueless Loser

(My fans clearly love me!)

Gareth Southgate and his team of limp-wrested cunts. (This is probably in reference to England’s heaviest home defeat – 4:0 – in fuck knows how long! Day Admin)

What a collection of useless spastics, a pathetic crew for the good ship wank. Don’t even try to earn your money is their motto. No physical effort is required, just ponce about, falling over and feigning injury.

Just to show how clueless he is, he suggests some progress in his latest failure and expresses future hopes for the World Cup. What a cunt !

As for the vastly overrated Harry “can’t talk English properly “ Kane, he should be ashamed to take his money.

What a crock of shit.

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96 thoughts on “Gareth Southgate (4) – Clueless Loser

  1. What’s an football? I enjoy cricket. England win quite often and the players don’t take the knee.

    • And colonial golliwogs and simpering Budbuddingdings play it wishing they were English gentlemen. The kind of foreign wallahs I like as they make a lovely cup of tea and do what they are told (as it should be).

      I don’t mind them when they obey the natural order of things.

  2. Well I,for one,am grateful to Gareth and his team of social justice Warriors for educating me…honestly,where would we be without the likes of footballers,singers,actors and Royals prepared to lend their great intellect to the cause of instructing the ignorant masses on how to be better people ?

    You racists should give yer head a wobble and get educated…innit.


  3. Will he be training the team to take penalties in the World Cup

    Pizza 🍕 anyone

  4. I wonder if Qatar (host of the forthcoming World Cup circus) is currently recognising Pride Month?
    I somewhat doubt it. Perhaps Gareth Wokegate could have words and educate them!

    I wonder if Qatar offers equal rights to wimminz?
    I somewhat doubt it. Perhaps Gareth Wokegate could have words and educate them!

    I wonder if Qatar recognises modern day slavery?
    I somewhat doubt it. Perhaps Gareth Wokegate could have words and educate them!

    I wonder if Qatar embraces open borders, inclusion and diversity?
    I somewhat doubt it. Perhaps Gareth Wokegate could have words and educate them!

    But we all know he wont rock boats when it comes to foreign cultures and customs. Instead he prefers to STFU and only slag off thick cunt England fans/subscribers who pay good money to watch the utter shite he churns out nearly every game!

    He can also bang on about fixture congestions; too many games, players are so so tired etc. But that’s all bollocks as well. If he had any balls he would tell his paymasters, the FA, and the EPL to do something about so many fixtures and pointless tournaments such the UEFA Nations League crap.

    He also has an entire squad of England players to choose from, thus giving his tired regular players a rest by dropping them. But no, he doesn’t do that. Instead he plays the same tired old players and their complete disinterest in playing exciting football. England get thrashed, and Southgate goes into hiding. But still gets a nice payday.

    I hope the cunt gets food poisoning via a dodgy pizza. Or better still ends up in a Qatari prison cell with 6 hairy Turkish trans wrestlers!

    • If Gareth starts trying to “educate” them on poofery he will probably end up in an orange jump suit with his severed head halfway down his back.

      • WCB@ – Morning WC – then could I suggest cuntgate starts shouting his brand of “education” from the rooftops every second he is in Qatar?

  5. It’s reassuring that a bunch of multimillionaires whose only qualification is that they can kick a football in a vaguely straight line, can take the knee to a dead American thug and lecture us little people on societal racism, which every Whitey is guilty of.

    When I saw the result (I wouldn’t waste my time and watch the fucking shower) I was only disappointed it wasn’t double figures and it wasn’t the World Cunt proper.

    I hope Wokegate, the ringleader of these bunch of spineless, ret@rded wankstains, is given a 20 year contract, just for the comedy, the hairy cunt.

  6. I used to like football and have never forgiven this cunt for missing the target back in Euro96. A few short weeks later the cunt was cashing in on his infamy by taking the money from a pizza chain via the TV adverts. Cretin.

    All these years later he’s still a cunt, football is run by money grabbing freaks and played by the biggest bunch of pooves gathered in one place since Quinton Crisp threw a party.

    They can fuck off and I hope the ‘authorities’ in Qatar or where’ve it is lock all of the knee taking rainbow warriors up and loose the keys.

    I’ll stick to cricket and cider. Fuck football and all who sail in her.

    • Football could be wonderful if it was combined with medieval jousting.

      • I watched a sci-fi film called “Rollerball” back in the 70s. Starred James Caan and set in the not too distant future. And Rollerball was THE sport to watch, and involved putting a steel ball into the opposition’s “net”. But the opposition would try any legal tactic to prevent that happening.

        Trouble was it became boring, so the authorities changed the rules to become a free-for-all, with loads of cheating, violence and even death. And the fans loved it!

        Oh to see the England team playing Rollerball and getting slaughtered – literally! And Southgate ending up with a 120mph steel ball shoved up his hoop!

  7. It’ll be interesting to see if the pricks carry on with their preposterous kneeling and wearing rainbow laces during the opening match of the pointless world cup.
    Actually, it won’t be interesting; it’ll be as dull as their football.
    Most cunters will be cheering on whatever team opposes them.

    • I was down the local boozer when England played Hungry. And most of the regulars watching the game not only booed the knee bending bollocks, but also gave Cuntgate and the England team lots of abuse , especially when the cunt was interviewed post-match.

      The reality is that the majority of traditional England fans loath how politics and money has corrupted the game. But these very same fans are being marginalised by cunts like the FA and Southgate for not appreciating diversity etc.

      The fans that go to the games are either woke soy boys, chinless Hooray Henrys, or snowflake millennials/zoomers, who are too scared to think or say anything that goes against this tiresome narrative.

      • Indeed, TC…I’d quite enjoy football if it were pure, but greed, like being a leftie, corrupts every it touches…F1’s the same.
        At least motorbike racing’s mostly free of this sort of bollocks.

      • Thats the difference between football and motorcycle racing.
        Football only requires one ball…

      • Technoa@ Morning Techno/all – well I certainly enjoyed being arrested on Thursday night, held in the cells for 5 hours, assaulted by the police and having my hand fractured as a result and having my business and personal mobile phone seized by these BASTARDS – I got home after 1AM.
        My “crime”?
        Emailing the FA and telling Gareth Southgate and his c**nball “team” exactly what I, and the English people thought of him and them (legally I hasten to add – I am keenly aware of the laws on libel, defamation, threatening behaviour etc) – apparently Mummys boy cuntgate was “offended” 😢😢🤡🤡 by this so I was arrested. I, and my solicitor asked what the charge was – “no charge but we will pass the Defendants details to the CPS to see if they can come up with something the Magistrates will convict on” (direct quote from the Duty Sergeant).
        I am not sure if I should disclose the evidence I have of Southgate choosing players “of a certain hue” for taking penalties instead of competent ones and the storming argument he had with Jack Grealish where Southgate threatened to bar Grealish from future selection for daring to angrily question cuntgates tactics and obvious racism or wait until the Court date to do it? 😀👍👍
        I wonder if North Yorkshire “police” will be driving past my place at 3MPH filming and staring through the windows today like they have been for the last year or so?
        “Great Britain” is now officially 1930’s Germany.
        My consent for the police to serve me is hereby officially withdrawn, and I REALLY hope the pig who sneaked up on me from behind, hit me in the back twice and then kicked me into a cell fracturing my hand and damaging both wrist tendons as I landed arms first on the floor will take up my challenge of a bare knuckle boxing match for a thousand Pounds – because I would love to turn this bully, coward bastards face into shattered bleeding pulp.

      • Fucking hell-I’d what you say is even 50% true, you should demand copies of the police body worn camera footage and the security footage from the cells.
        Police officer=gone, pension lost
        Mr Fox=Well compensated

        Lawrence Fox
        Nigel Farage
        Katie Price
        Richard Tice
        Your MP

        Put a copy of your email to Lancaster Gate, (personal info redacted) online, everywhere you can👍

    • Cuntfinder General is bang on, Vern. I would also add the papers to that list. There should also be questions in the house about such fascist intimidation.

      • Norman@ – Well, if my fat drunken bastard of an MP had bothered to once respond to me in the last 7 years maybe Nigel “the sweating slug” Adams could have asked the question.
        I doubt it though – fat Nige probably “has his hands full”..

  8. Rod Liddle writing in The Sun (I read all the best papers) got it right when he said Wokegate’s true vocation is to be a County Council Diversity Manager.
    He’s too thick to see the irony in a bunch of thick-as-mince footballers ‘educating’ the rest of us. If I want the opinion of someone who chases a ball all day I’ll ask my dog.

  9. Nowt a fatal dose of heatstroke won’t cure in that desert the limp cunts are jetting off to.

    That’s if the mad Arabs can’t be bothered beheading any of them.

  10. Pity football managers can’t stick to managing football teams and not trying to lecture everyone.
    This arse has spewed out everything the Fa tells him to. Now the knee is apparently not for the BLM scam artists. Except it clearly was when they started it.
    Klopp was waxing lyrical about his two muslim stars and giving them two minutes during the warm up to go and do some ritual 2 minute wash.
    I think an Englishman should be allowed to have a pint on the pitch whenever he wants.

    • Scruffy Cunt Klopp letting his peaceful stars have a 2 minute wash…
      Fucking hell, 2 minutes? I thought they only washed for two seconds (when they do it at all, that is).🤔

  11. I won’t give football the time of day! The mincing Marmite Badgers disgust me to enth degree with their posturing antics. Nought but a bunch cunts, the lot of them, and anyone who is a fan is also a great big sphincter Squirrel! There, I’ve said it!

  12. Didn’t the cunt take the knee? Any white person who’s done that is and always will be spineless, treacherous scum as far as I’m concerned.

    I don’t care if they cure cancer in 30 years. Once they’ve done that, they are filth.

  13. The moron fans still pay to watch this fucking woke crap so don’t expect anything to change.
    Rugby league for me…..🏉

  14. Wokegate actually managed, for a short while, to bring back some feel good factor and patriotism for the England team. Then the cretin decided to erode all of that by turning every interview into a lecture on diversity and gay rights. All aimed at England supporters he has derided as ‘embarrassing’. Way to go Gareth.
    Add to the mix a euro final where he was ultra cautious when Italy should have been three down by half time, and then threw victory away by picking jittery dark keys to take penalties. He’s been a dead man walking ever since, but all he seems worried about is educating us and the Qatar government.

  15. Beaten by Hungary, fucking Hungary!, twice in the space of a week. One goal, a fucking penalty, in 4 games. But as long as we get our virtue signalling right, wear the right stuff, grovel on our knees and educate the masses then everything is rosy.
    No it doesn’t work like that you big nosed wanker. Of course the media have their tongues firmly up his wokie arse but that won’t save him as one fuck up follows another. I thought the likes of Ericksonn, Capello, Hodgson were shit but at least they didn’t try and “educate” me. I can’t wait to see the back of this fake SJW cunt.

    • Erickson’s record as England manager was actually quite good-he didn’t lose many competitive games.

      • Indeed. I just felt Erickson could never change things when the opposition were more stubborn. No plan beyond his first selection. But then I suppose most managers are like that.

  16. Always interesting how Cuntgate never slags off opposition teams for not taking the knee, or observing pride month or whatever virtue signalling bollocks is the order of the day!

    I never heat him say “That Brazilian team didn’t take the knee and don’t even know who the BLM are! Clearly they’re uneducated and need to learn!”

    Gutless cunt on and off the pitch

    • I wonder if Southgate would change his mind about poofery if a few of his gay players got him in the locker room and said to him “Gary, dear, we really fancy you, and we are going to get your clothes off you and make you take it like a man”.An hour of bumfuckery might change his mind. Or he might enjoy it and become Sir Kweer’s power bottom.

    • Techno@ – Apologies, couldn’t post on your earlier post – everything I stated was dry, accurate legal summation of exactly what happened to me, and my solicitor has got the CCTV footage of the assault on me – the “Officer” who committed the assault had his body camera turned off, and I was refused medical assistance 16 times over the course of nearly five hours despite the fact my hand was clearly and obviously broken.
      I have made formal complaint through my brief of wrongful arrest, false imprisonment, assault and unlawful seizure of my property.
      I am going to eat these motherfuckers alive.

      • Having your bodycam turned off should make the cunt automatically guilty, in the same way that refusing a breath test automatically makes you guilty of drink driving, regardless of the circumstances.

  17. I saw his interview (and mong Kane’s) in which they were both very quick to be all defensive with the ‘world cup semis and euro final/ best record in over half a century’ shite.

    Let’s look at Wokegate’s opponents in those competitions.

    Tunisia – lucky 2-1 stoppage time goal win.

    Panama – 6-1 vs bunch of amateurs.

    Belgium – lost 0-1 and dominated by Belgium throughout.

    Colombia 1-1 – won on penalties (did any dark keys take a pen?)

    Sweden 2-0 – admittedly they played well that night

    Croatia – 1-2 AET lost – ultra negative tactics cost them when 1-0 up.

    Belgium – lost 0-2 – dominated again by the better team

    Croatia 1-0 win at Wembley – nice win but it was three years after the world cup and that Croatian team was already an ageing one back then.

    Scotland 0-0 at Wembley

    Czech Republic 1-0 win at Wembley

    Germany 2-0 win at Wembley

    Ukraine 4-0 win played well

    Denmark 2-1 in extra time at Wembley – very lucky and controversial

    Italy 1-1 lost on penalties due to Wokegate’s fantasies.

    I make that (in 90 minutes)

    P14 W7 D5 L2

    7 wins in 14.

    3 of them at Wembley.

    Panama, Tunisia and Sweden in WC18.

    Croatia, Germany, Czech and Ukraine at Euro 20 (three at Wembley)

    Compare to a cunt they never mention, Ron Greenwood, and his opponents in a euro and world cup. None at Wembley, of course.

    Italy (hosts euro 80)
    France (Platini, Girresse et Al)
    Kuwait (ok shite)
    Spain (hosts WC82)
    West Germany (when they were good)

    He lost just one game (1-0 to Italy in Rome). And he’s never mentioned in the same breath as Saint Wokegate as a good England manager of course.

    Wokegate and his mongoloid captain can get fucked bigging themselves up.

    They’ve hardly beat any cunt of note in 90 minutes away from Wembley.

    • Cuntybollocks: I had virtually the same conversation on Wednesday, with an old mate who is a lifelong Arsenal fan and very knowledgable about football in general.
      He has been watching England at Wembley, since he was a young lad, when his Father would take him.
      He thinks, like I do, this is THE most overhyped group of England players, ever.

      They played a decent team 3x (Belgium twice/ Croatia) and showed a lack of heart and ability.

      When you advance to a major final through the luck of the drawer, keep your fucking mouths shut.

  18. It seems all famous overpaid cunts these days want to lecture us about race, social justice, poofery etc……….actors, singers, footballers, royalty. No, you cunts that’s what politicians are for and we can vote them out of office.
    Just do your jobs, take the money and shut the fuck up.

    • All the rich cunts (politicians, unelected wobble-heads, slebs, film, tv and theatre actors, singers, sportspeople and the well-connected liberal elite) telling us thick, bigoted, unclean riff-raff to embrace change.

      And yet I’d like to bet most of these smug cunts would be up in arms if their local councils announced a 42 storey apartment block to be built on their doorstep and to house only migrants, druggies, pissheads and nutters!

      They wouldn’t be quite so embracing then, the two-face cunts!

    • I wonder how many of them would be willing to live in an era full of the other lot? Let their kids go to one of those schools that have muslim prayer rooms and are full of the hairy little cunts? Feel completely safe allowing their kids to go and play outside in Hackney, Brixton, Toxteth etc? I wonder if they would be willing to pay towards the building of mosques or funding “nonces in frocks” drop in centres?

      Nah, they leave all that to the rest of us to get on with while they live in their Cheshire mansions.

  19. I hope Wokegate ‘educates’ the Muslims in the middle East during the World Cup this year.

    I’m hoping for the team to be led out by a ‘Pride’ parade, complete with trannies dancing suggestively. Perhaps one of them can give an arab Prince a lap dance?

    Wokegate can then ‘do a Blatter’ and drag out an unsuspecting four be two and an Arab bigwig, and force them to shake hands as he declares, ‘Only football, or should I say, me, bring about friendship between the Jew and Arab. You have now been educated. A-thank you!’

    Finally, Wokgate can get all the honky players to kneel down and then allow the dark key players to kick them all in their heads, as a gesture for ‘honky man penance’. All goals scored by honkies to be disallowed and any that hit the woodwork by dark keys allowed as goals. Honky goalkeepers must wear blindfolds. All things Wokegate may suggest.

    Got to say, I hate how the woke media give this chancer a free pass because he’s woke.

    Remember the shit Bobby Robson, Graham Taylor and others had to put up with?

    If Taylor had married Carlton Palmer, he’d have still been the manager for years. All Bobby Robson had to do to get the media off his back was to join the black panthers and demand the national anthem be changed to a Bronksi Beat song.

    Fuck off.

    • Wokegate won’t say a word in Qatar, the cowardly hypocritical double standards faux-woke cunt.

      Just like that other smear of woke slime Lineker, Wokegate will turn a blind eye and lap up all the perks and freebies. The slippery two faced cunts that they are.

      This World Cup is going to be shit anyway, and I bet all the women referees are mingers.

  20. And what these ‘best record for 50 years’ cunts don’t realise is this.

    Only 14 teams qualified for World Cup 74 and 78 (hosts and holders took a spot each). Only a few European teams.

    You had to win your qualifying group. None of this qualifying finishing third or fourth via play offs to get in.

    We lost one game in 74 qualification (Poland away – that great Poland team went on to almost win WC74).

    One game in 78 qualification (Italy away).

    And we were out. Now you’d be in.

    So they can fuck off with that shite. You’ve got to be utter dogshite not to qualify for these modern, bloated competitions.

    Even Wales qualify now. Fucking Wales!
    (my apologies CC!)

    • This reminds me of the (temporarily) abandoned Euro Super League, that was pushed by UEFA last year, but was dumped after massive criticism,

      Basically the League would consist of Europe’s richest (but not necessarily the best) playing in a super league where no one is relegated.

      I say the “richest” because I believe Spurs were informally invited, and they’ve run fuck all of notes in decades.

      So to with the World Cup – don’t be surprised if the BIG (read, richest) national teams, such as England, Germany and the Frogs, become automatic qualifiers based not on merit but more like who they are!

      • World Cup has been shite since about 98.

        Every team plays the same way now (more or less) due to sports science cunts.

        Teams used to have an identity. England were mostly honky and played quick, aggressive footy. The Eye ties and Manuels were skillful, but dirty cheating cunts. The Germans were a sports science machine back in the 70s and every cunt copied them circa late 90s. The Africans were powerful, but defensively naive dirty bastards.

        Now, teams are diverse (well European ones or Anglospheric ones!) and play the same boring athletic pressing shite. Most goals now seem to come with a team losing a ‘press’ and getting caught.


    • But fucking Scotland still can’t get in! No problem, Krankie will claim that they will get automatic qualification when they join the EU. That should get the bitch a few votes.

      • Apparently Krankie sees nothing wrong in chicks with dicks taking part in women’s sport. So I expect the Scottish men’s team will all identify as chromosonally XX and play in the Women’s World Cup.
        Mind you, they probably still wouldn’t qualify.

  21. I was arrested, assaulted by the “police” and now have a broken hand after Gareth CUNTGATE made an official complaint he was “offended” by the completely legal email I sent to the FA.
    I will enjoy presenting my evidence in Court and will further enjoy calling the witnesses who must legally attend – Gareth Southgate, Jack Grealish and Mucus Rashford.
    My reptile of a solicitor has offered to represent me free if he can handle the subsequent compensation claim I will be making on a “no win no fee” basis.
    Let battle commence.

    • Give ’em Hell Vern.

      So, not only is Wokegate a complete cunt, he is also a snivelling grass and a coppers nark. Worse and worse…

      • Norman@ – Afternoon Squire – I fucking well intend to – and I will LOVE seeing the witnesses my brief will be summoning to appear – Gareth Southgate, Jack Grealish and Mucus Rashford on the stand being eviscerated by my Barrister.
        I also have some interesting evidence of a “chat” between Grealish and Southgate at the Euro Final just before the penalties which will prove my innocence and clear me. (North Yorkshire Police told me unless I gave them the unlock code on my mobile with my evidence on that they would “lose” (I know how the cunts work so I have my evidence stored in a few places) they would remand me until I did – my brief told them to fuck off😀👍 ).
        THEN I get to work on Southgate and the FA.
        They have made the mistake of fucking with the worlds most vengeful Man.
        Time to “educate” them.

      • I can imagine the exchange with Grealish:

        JG ‘Let me take one, gaffer.I won’t let you down’.

        GS ‘Fuck off, Jack! You’re not taking one! You’re white!’

        JG ‘Meaning?’

        GS ‘ Meaning I want this Euro Final to be the ‘blackest’ day in English football history, and the woke media will adore me for it.’

        JG ‘You cunt!’

        All imagined, of course.😉

  22. Anyone else see Wokegate’s fairy boys ‘recuperating from injury’ that time on that BBC (where else?) news thing? Grown men and supposedly professional footballers representing England in a swimming pool with toy inflatable unicorns. Seriously, inflatable My Little Pony style unicorns! And these cunts were happy for the world to see them do this?! Bummers, the lot of them.

    As for Wokegate? He should have been sacked immediately after his sabotage of the Euro 2021 Final, and his precious ‘Three Degrees’ fucked up one penalty after the other. Someone should tell the servile woke cunt that just because a player is black, it doesn’t make them better. Players should be chosen for ability, not skin colour. Also, this knee taking shite… Regardless of what chipmunk features Wokegate says it’s about, what will it ever actually achieve? Fuck all, simple as that. Everyone else has long forgotten about that piece of criminal jailbird scum, Chicken Floyd George and that BLM dog dirt. But Wokegate is like a dog with a bone. Doesn’t he realise how pathetic and servile he and his low IQ fairies look? No, and I don’t think he cares either. The shameless virtue signaling cunt.

    • Norman@ – Careful Norman – you can get arrested and assaulted for that kind of talk!
      From my recent experience..
      I look forward to cross examining Gareth Southgate in Court.

    • I remember that large inflatable rainbow unicorns in the England team’s swimming pool.

      Definitely not gay.

      Of course, only a ghastly racist would say they were put there so the darker players would not drown.

      And to think, in the days of Gazza, they were pinning each other down into dentist chairs in sleazy Hong Kong strip clubs, while having pints poured into their gullets.

      I could fucking weep.

      • And Jamie Redknapp went up in my estimations a little when he recently spoke about the ‘night of the dentist chair’. Players in ripped togas half blind from the drink. He tellingly said that Southgate was ‘a goody two shoes, even back then’ and was one of the few squad members who refused to go on the debauched night out.

        Boring big nosed cunt.

      • Wokegate was also a snide cunt in the 1995 FA Cup Semi Final. Roy Keane should have knocked his head off.

        I also wonder how Wokegate would react if there was a dentists chair type scandal involving his current England team?
        Not likely though, is it? Taking the knee and rainbow unicorns? I fucking ask you?🤢

  23. Off topic for a moment: Apparently Mick Jagger now has Covid.
    Don’t tell me Keef is going to outlive them all and be the last Stone standing?🤔

    • Afternoon,Norman. Hope your treatment is going OK… I see Pogba was insulted by a £300 k offer of a new contract….the arrogant fucker has a high opinion of himself….shame he so rarely demonstrated his abilities…..never mind, you might be able to buy yourself one of those 2 team scarves when Newcastle play your lot. 🙂 .

      • Cheers pal. Off to the clinic in about two hours, Dickie. I’ve got used to it.

        Good riddance to that waste of space Pogba. His ego and hubris know no bounds. The most arrogant and also the laziest cunt I ever saw play at Old Trafford. I hope the Magpies put the wind up the Gorton Globetrotters (aka Manchester Citeh) soon enough. The Berties at the Etihad need bringing down a peg or two hundred.😉

    • I wouldn’t like to catch the Keith Richard’s variant. If that gets him, we’re all fucked.

  24. Cuntgate was chosen not for his tactical acumen (he has none), not for his “skill” in football management – Middlesbrough “manager”, sacked for incompetence as Middlesbrough headed toward relegation under him, England U21 “manager” where he did fuck all except whine, grass and put the poison in to get rid of people who disagreed with his pathetic racist wokery and replaced Sam Allardyce as the FA has already decided to replace whitey with wokey and did all they could to undermine Allardyce and throw him to the wolves.
    Southgate is a useless, sly, snide “telling tales to teacher” POS cunt, and an enemy of the people.

    • Afternoon,Vern
      I think Allardyce was completely the author of his own misfortune.

      • DF-F@ – Agreed wholeheartedly – his bullish arrogance did not help him and he was caught bang to rights. (But the FA briefing against him and allegedly leaking details to the media didn’t exactly help his case – I wonder which tale telling little big nose cunt who desperately wanted a job he wasn’t good enough for was behind that?
        Terry Venables was – in my opinion – the dirtiest and shiftiest England Manager, but he knew the right people.

    • Cuntybollocks@ Kane is so stupid he probably thinks “Satan” bwings him cwistmas pwezzies.
      His nasty, accusational, spoilt little child arrogance in the interview after “England” were arseholed 4-0 and played off the pitch by Hungary did not exactly earn him any friends.
      Still signing for Barcelona Harry? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤡🤪🦄

    • Nah, that’s just wear and tear from his head banging against his knee as he takes it.

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