Nicola Rollock – Professor of Race Policy

Some horseshit for your consideration.

”Black students frustrated at lack of action on university racism, MPs told”

This was told by — Nicola Rollock, a professor of social policy and race at King’s College London.

Yes, a professor of race. She is apparently passionate about ‘race equality in education’. So that’s colour above merit as usual then.

Attached is the article from the good old Guardian. For those of you that can be bothered to read it, not one single piece of evidence or incident is reported. Just the opinions of cunts whose job is to stir this shit up and destroy race relations in this country.

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90 thoughts on “Nicola Rollock – Professor of Race Policy

    • Well, it is predominantly white and tends to obscure the natural dark hues of a cup of tea, so it probably is oppressive.

      Or some shit like that.

  1. When is this shit going to stop, all this pandering towards the darkies as made me embrace my white heritage and detest their’s, a few yrs ago I paid no heed towards Blacks, (I’ve always detested Stanley’s) but now I find myself, I suppose a Racist and it’s down to their demands and their complete disregard to our way of life.!

    • I’ve always got on with the black people I’ve known, like the Sikh Indians or the Rastas. But this lot now… They want segregation, they want exclusion, they want (and get) special treatment, and they refuse to integrate or adapt. Those African types are the most ill mannered, entitled, selfish and obnoxious cunts going. That’s what pisses me off. Decent, honest and hard working British people (young and old) playing second fiddle to no use to anyone Third World trash. They openly show contempt for us and there are people in power pandering to their every whim. I fucking hate ’em.

    • Same same, but I detest Somali’s and Bangladeshits for some reason. There’s just something about their faces that makes me want to park a Tank on them! The whole herd of them are thieving vermin and n.once’s!

  2. The effnicks are being used by people they think are on their side. They create racial divisions which didn’t exist before and attempt to stir as much trouble as they can. Division ( or diversity as they call it) has an end purpose and you can bet people like us, black or white, ain’t gonna be the beneficiaries.
    It’s about class, fuck all to do with skin colour.

  3. Scientifically speaking, race is a mute term when describing Homo sapiens. I’m not trying to be a clever cunt, I just have a passing layman’s interest in the origins of humanity. You can colloquially describe the whole of humanity as the human race, but you can’t break it down into further sub-sections and call those races.

    What then is a professor doing in a prestigious university studying a field that doesn’t technically exist?

    Firsts they change history, now they hijack science. What next, a doctorate in with doctory?

    • Its like marking your own homework, they will twist and distort the discourse to suit their agenda of everything being a racist conspiracy.

      • So very true, LL.
        But if she doesn’t find “racism” in every little thing, how can she justify her position, and her no doubt handsome renumeration?
        And what about those tissues, how can any self respecting dark skinned ligger bare to honk into one of the oppressors snow white snot catchers?
        Black tissues for the darker, excuse me, Sir Alan, I’ve got a winner!

    • Yeah and most people who argue are normal. They don’t blindley accuse people of stuff. They might have a new vocabulary now but I ain’t falling for it.

  4. How do I get this job?
    Sounds a breeze.
    Although I’d probably be honest, say there are few problems, and then be out of a job…

  5. Putting a serious head on for one moment, I wonder if all this is being engineered by the rich and powerful super-elite to provoke a spontaneous, vicious race war where the logical of society suddenly rise up and finish these n*gnog, sexual deviants, gender bender and any other fashionable minority once and for all, in a short but devastating purge? If so, count me in!

  6. As Alf Garnett would say, “She’s an upper class coon”. Her hairstyle is smarter than Her Majesty The Queen. She’s not going to mug, burgle or run-over her neighbour unlike many of her ilk in London.

    Professor of Social Policy and Race. What does that mean? Open an Africa Centre for Aswad in London but don’t integrate them with da white kids so they know how to respect each other. They’ve had 50 years to fix this with real change meanwhile they bring in people from Syria, Afghanistan and assorted Eurotrash to add to the melting pot.

    I felt inverted racism at college when an Indian girl that my pal went to Primary school with – who was originally named Pinky – changed her name to something else. He found it funny but when she was drunk she “called me all the names under the sun”. I never found out exactly what she said. At that time I was shy, polite and respectful so what was that about? Nowadays I don’t give a shit.

    Black birds aren’t even a good shag.

  7. Most of the “ethnic’s are disadvantaged” brigade are the white mid to late 20’s, most probably ex university, Labour/Liberal climate net zero bollocks, extinction rebellion or other anti society brigade who’ve never had a proper meaningful job, duly supported by black activists who’s only contribution to society is gang murder or drugs related. Tick any ethnicity box other than “white english/british on the exam paper and guess what you automatically get 90% marks, well done you’ve passed the exam, no need to answer any other questions. And when these cunts eventuaĺly go into the real world they are fucked, unless they go into politics where they will be a success.

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