Sir Keir Starmer (17) and Beergate

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“A man with very high standards!” and one who has not relented in his Party Gate flack, directed at Johnson and Sunak. “Well I really think it’s time to give that one a rest. But I guess as a former D.P.P. you might think it gives you some reason, and I guess your timing has been impeccable.

But really if you think about it, the collateral damage done should have been a lot worse. Doesn’t that tell you something about yourself? Well sir! The Durham police are reopening their case on Beer Gate, so I suggest you shut the fuck up forthwith.and with any luck, you and your beer drinking buddies, will all get punished as well.

I will then have 6 of what you had, as I expect you have high standards with beer.

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Nominated by: Lord Scunthorpe

And here’s another one, this time from Fuglyucker

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Kier Starmer is a cunt, the liar, liar pants on fire calling cunt who loves nothing more than criticizing Boris the idiot for the slightest little thing has now been caught out doing virtually the same thing and is pulling the same bollocks excuses about technically not breaking the law…

What a wanker, this is supposed to be the guy who will do a better job than the bag man of running the country.

Normally with these fuckers at least one of the cunts is better than the other, but i dont know in this case, they are both full of shit, both trying to fuck each other over, the only reason Boris the buffoon got in, is because he was slightly less of a cunt than that wizened oil fuck, Comrade Corbin.

Last time i voted for Nigel Forage and as did lots of others and as soon as he was looking strong the prick bottled it, so this time i voted by not voting, they are all elevens on the cunt scale, especially Starmer, fuck em all.

The house of cretins is a steaming pile of pig shit populated by useless, lying, porn watching, rule breaking cunts…..

And here’s another, this time from Sick of it

A fuck of cunting for Sir Kweer.

The cunt has now gone on record that he will step down if he gets a fixed penalty fine over Beergate, it also appears that because the press have outed Angie (she wasn’t there but she was) she will fuck off if she gets a fine.

On the face of it seems that this shows his integrity but does it, there are two things to think about, firstly, has he had legal advice that rules weren’t broken and that there is very little chance he will be fined so he is on safe ground.

Secondly, by making this public statement he had put pressure on Durham police, they may claim that they will be fair and impartial but there is the nagging issue that should they give him a fine for what is in effect a very minor breach of the law it will end his career.

Kweer is a cunt, all the calls for Boris to resign has bit his arse but his cuntishness has reached new highs with his latest statement.

My guess is that he will not get a fine, but I hope he does (and scumbag Angie)

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110 thoughts on “Sir Keir Starmer (17) and Beergate

  1. We know Boris is a lying cunt. Kweer also seems to be a slippery lying cunt. Worra pair of cunts.

    • Could lie straight in bed, pair of fucking gobshites.
      No clue who to vote for these days, like choosing which bollock to be kicked in

  2. They’re both the same. Wanted lockdown and obviously didn’t think it was as bad as they’d said, else they wouldn’t have both been socialising would they.
    Hope he gets a fine and resigns

  3. All having fun at the start of the pandemic wasnt they?

    While we got harassment for sitting on a park bench
    These cunts carried on as normal!!

    Can kill your granny!
    All the while political pigs are living the champagne supernova lifestyle.

    That kier, hes meant to be smart, lawyer,
    But a thick cunt off a council estate like me could of told him,

    “Dont criticise or point the finger if you’ve done the same”

    Basic commonsense.

    Well hes fucked now,
    Angie should of kept shtum,
    Let him resign,
    Say he bullied her to attend curry night.
    Cried on camera,

    ….maybe a view between her legs!!👅💪

    • I annoyed a feminist acquaintance a few days ago by saying something like, ‘We’ve had Partygate for both of ’em and now that Growlergate shite.’

      Yes, I do it on purpose to wind her up 🙂

  4. Don’t worry, he’s already been tipped off that there’s no fine coming otherwise he wouldn’t have made that statement in the first place. Obviously Angie has been busy among the Durham police but that’s what she’s there for.

    • That he knows the outcome is exactly what I thought when I first heard it.
      Cunts, the lot of them.

      • I suspect being a former DPP might have been advantageous when I came to having foreknowledge of the outcome.

    • By “busy” you mean offering her “services” to the Durham constabulary.

      Her motto has always been “Fill one hole, get two more holes free!”

    • Yes, I agree Freddie. Sadly Durham has a strong Labour stranglehold, & if “Growler Gate” Angie, has already done her rounds, I guess we all know what’s coming next.

    • Amazing that Durham plod only said they were investigating the cunts the day after the local elections.

  5. Let’s see if Sir Keir Rodney Starmer KCB QC, Ex DPP and head of CPS gets a fine shall we. My guess is we’ll be waiting a long time, especially as the filth are more left wing than the Liebour party.

  6. Well at least Kweer’s mob were stereotypically working class with beer and curry rather than Harrod’s birthday cake and some p*ncy wine from Waitrose. Kebab and chips would have been better but I doubt if Sir Kweer has ever seen a kebab. Remember Presuming Ed and his bacon sarnie?

    • I am sure the beer was a stunt – I can imagine the grimace when he realised it didn’t taste like Chablis – a prop just like dear old Harold Wilson’s pipe – in private he preferred a nice big cigar.

    • That was so funny a 40 years old bloke who didn’t know how to consume a bacon buttey.

  7. I hope they all resign.Twats twats twats.Never voted last week as they are shite as each other.Oink oink oink.Oven him Unkle T.

    • I never voted either, the current crop of ‘politicians’ are a shower of shite.

      • We need Guy Fawkes to return to blow the Westminster cesspool to smithereens

      • It’s modern entertainment. Self authorisation of pay rises coming out of taxpayers pockets. Say one thing vote for the other. How about we nip it in the bud and actually have votes where you just rip off a slip and have a government website where you vote is counted and it’s private to you unless you want to show it and then you’ll see what happens when these fuckers want to chat absolute arsehole.

      • We had a great independent for Mayor of God’s own County.
        I voted for him, and his Councillor Co-hort.
        The Yorkshire Party will get my vote, everyone.
        Sadly, they weren’t successful, but did well in the voting.
        South Yorkshire, as usual, voted Labour/Lib Dem in, again.
        Who was it said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, while expecting a different outcome?

  8. This gate, that gate fucking on and on it goes. It’s all Westminster court tittle tattle, gossip, intrigue wankery. Meanwhile the cunts are incapable of stopping an invasion unsurpassed in 2000 years. Cunts all of them.

  9. Amazes me how cunts will always defend Keir’s actions, no matter how suspect, but will slag off Boris for the slightest of things.

    “Keir Starmer murders 500 people” shouts the headline.
    “Yeah, but it wasn’t really his fault. Mental health, innit!”

    “Boris Johnson accidentally steps on and kills an ant!” shouts another headline. “Fucking typical”, shout the Mob. “He is a mass murderer of animals. He needs to be up for the courts for war crimes. He should resign, murdering bastard. blah blah blah!”

    • Pedant hat on: Quoted to him by Harry Day his C.O. according to Paul Brickhill in Reach For The Sky.

      I use to use it whenever I was up before the magistrates for speeding, it works a dream if you can put a remorseful face on as well. I had a likely 6 month ban reduced to 1 month. My speeding days are now long behind me.

    • Well that Verstappen cunt rewrote them last year and Verhoppen and the rest of the absolute tossers who think they are always right.

    • It’s the sheer hypocrisy that I find unacceptable.

      Do as we tell you to do by law – not as we do. The law does not apply to us, the lawmakers.

  10. I think the bigger problem for BlowJo here is if Dame Starmer does get fined and resign:

    A. we can expect to see Kweer, in a local bingo hall, in drag, calling out numbers
    B. Boris will also have to resign so I suspect he will shut this down or insist his right hon. member of the opposition continue to stand opposite him in the despatch box talking like he has an unregulated EU cucumber shoved up his ass

  11. They should have a gift to the death live on TV.

    That’s the best way to sort this out.

    Pair of cunts. I’d chuck a lion in for good measure.

  12. Keir Starmer is wriggling like a maggot on a hook and its entirely of his own making. He is about as useful as a cock ring on a eunuch, as not cunt knows what he stands for apart from crying about Brexit. Maybe he will be sacrificed and told to resign so they can get Granny Rayner in.

    • Bet angies growler looks like Ed Sheeran yawning?

      Got to say itd distract me.

    • Apparently he will only resign if Grannyslapper goes with him. He wouldn’t want her in charge of the Labour Party, although it would provide a bit of comic relief for the rest of the country.

      • Evening Wanksock 👍

        I for one welcome a strippers pole in the house of commons..

  13. He was head of the CPS and the local rozzers are in a labour stronghold.

    He could eat a live baby in the local police station and get off with it.

      • Even the towelhead who delivered this fucking curry now denies even being there. The boss of the curry house has been pictured with local MP Mary Foy and the itemized order has mysteriously been wiped from the system. This whole thing stinks like a post biriyani Fabbott dump.

    • He’d still have that strange gormless and surprised look about him.

      I think he may have something large permanently implanted into his rectum.

  14. How can anyone be fined for not breaking the law?
    Time to have rid of these “politicians” or to stop bitching about what WE allow.

    • You need to ‘adjust your thinking’ Vern, you will obey, you will obey 😂

      If the leader of the Labour Party can’t actually define a woman how the fuck could he ever be trusted to run the country.

      • SOI@ – No, no, no – the rest of the world needs to do as I order them (Saturdays off for good behaviour) and everything will be fine!
        Then again, given the bolshy buggers on this site I doubt they would listen to any of my Great Overlord orders and would probably accuse me of being a “psychotic dictator” and possibly punch me and nick my fkin bike!
        An unmitigated rabble I say! 😀

  15. I watched Camilla Tominey on the lunchtime politics show and she said that ‘sources’, reported by both the left and right wing press, claimed that by saying he would resign if fined was a way to put pressure of the Durham police.

    The cunt isn’t going to be fined, mind you I bet he is hoping hot legs Angie will get fined so he can be shot if her.

    PS, Camilla Tominey gives me the horn 😉

    • It’s all to do with the BBC that’s why it’s not gone. It’s modern robin hood using the laws in their favour, until they get caught.

  16. All a load of arse.

    The ventriloquists dummy, Dame Sir Kweer Charmer, he of the permanently surprised, gormless expression has already been tipped the wink. He wouldn’t have come out with ‘I’ll quit if fined’.

    Don’t forget, the dame was DPP and a lawyer, therefore lower morals than a snakes belly.

    All politicians are cunts. End of.

      • Fuck that, not at today’s prices. Baseball bat, it’s cheap and renewable.

      • @ Moggie. Be patriotic and use a cricket bat as your mates can join in with the wickets and then drive them through their undead hearts.

  17. The country would run far better without these fuckers in the “Honourable House”.
    Anyone know why we need ideological Political Parties ? No. Me neither.

    • Honorable?
      Very few know the meaning of the word, let alone uphold it.
      Liars, charletans and villians.
      And that’s just the Cabinet/Shadow Cabinet.
      I doubt the majority of the backbenchers can get their snouts out of the trough long enough to notice what’s going on.

  18. I have even gone of Lisa Nandy now, despite hert big tits. On Sunday the gushing tart told a TV interviewer “Keir is Mr. Rules”

    Mr Rules – Mr. Grovelling Arsehole ,more like it – he looks and sounds like an elderly dress designer, who wears twinset and pearls himself.

    He is EVEN MORE holier-than-thou than Blair. I though Blair was repulsive biut this oleaginous little turd is ten times worse.

    Lisa’s tits have blown up in my face.

    • Don’t need to listen to her just get a chomp on and let her lisp do the talking whilst you do the business all over them titties.

  19. Dame kweer believes that if he did have to jump, Boris would have no option but to do likewise. But that is to seriously underestimate the sheer arrogance of the PM, and indeed most modern day politicians. Boris would cling on for dear life regardless. That doesn’t mean that Starmer occupies any moral high ground, far from it. He already knows that, barring a disaster, no action will be taken against him. Don’t vote for any of these cunts at the next election. It only encourages them.

  20. We all know he’s daring the police to fine him, if he resigns Tory rule will last infinitum!, he knows this so do the pigs, and there’s enough problems in this country without a far-left power struggle to add to the mix, he really is a QC, a queen cunt!!!

  21. What a tantalizing prospect? A new Labour leader. Who could it be? The quality of individuals in the Shadow Cabinet will make it so difficult to choose.

    • Freddie’s top 3 tips…..

      Andy Thunderbirds Burnham

      Suckdick Son of a Busdriver Khan

      Angie Open for Business Rayner

    • I hope its papa doc David Lammy!

      PMQs would be much livelier with Lammy throwing tantrums!

      “David get down from there!”

      • Mnc@ – “The right honourable member is in the rafters throwing faeces”..
        “UNGOWA” generally controls them!

      • Foxy@

        The shadow minister had to be lured down with fresh fruit today….

      • “ORDER! ORDER! Will the honourable gentleman stop flinging his shit about!”

      • Hey Vern, we must have had the same disturbing yet hilarious mental image of Lammy chimping out in the Commons.

      • Wasn’t that the splendid film “Zulus”.
        Where Michael Caine utters those immortal words:
        ” Don’t chuck fucking spears at me”?

      • Lammy would be great at PMQ’s.

        🎵 “I’m the king of the swingers,
        jungle vip, I’ve reached the top.. 🎵

        “Order, order. Will the honourable gentleman please put his shirt back on please?”

  22. All shite in the same cesspit.

    Behind closed doors every last one of them piss themselves laughing at the gullibility of the electorate.


  23. Breaking News…

    Angela Raynor has just received a fixed penalty notice for crimes to womanhood, and has also had an ASBO slapped on her stinking minge.

  24. Angela has also had her fanny and its ‘surrounding area’ rated by her local authority.

    It has scored zero stars, and states ‘drastic improvements are required’

    Offences found include, cheese stored at an unsuitably high temperature, unidentifiable fluids leaking from a worn seal, premises entrance door hanging off, an overgrown back garden strewn with debris, and an infestation of lice.

    She has also scored one star on JustEat.

    Yuk, It was like peeling two pieces of pizza apart.
    Avoid, avoid, avoid at all costs, said one sickened customer.

    • That made me cum that hard it was pretty much a epileptic seizure.

      Evening Dick👍

      • Evening Mis.

        I’ve been listening to ‘Angie Baby’ by Helen Reddy.

        Instead of that peeping tom getting sucked into Angie’s radio, I think he was actually sucked into her flange.
        “Never to be found”.

    • Splendid. I would imagine the same. Imagine the rest of the cunts in government like Marx drayford or our
      Queen Nicola

  25. My congratulations to Admin, once again, for a great photo and caption. Fucking quality.

  26. I wonder what The Jellyfish and Starmzy did with their empty bottles and cans after their booze ups? I hope they recycled them responsibly like any green citizen. We wouldn’t want them shown up as lying, hypocritical cunts once again would we?
    Oh no.

    • No way Starmzy would be drinking beer out of them bottles, it had to be champagne. Man of the people… he’s having a fuckin’ giraffe!

  27. It’s staggering that Boris and Biden are still leaders of UK and USA. Staggering. It would like a football manager who lost all matches in a season, was found to take a bunch illegal bungs, was hated by all the fans, but someone wasn’t sacked by the owner of the club – who was found out to be rapist, but wasn’t arrested.

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