Opinion polls and the MSM (16)

Before I start I apologise for including a link to a lefty, wokey, virtue signalling, politically correct electronic bog roll. I trust you all have strong stomachs.

Opinion polls. Pretty much confirm whatever their sponsor has asked for.

Mainstream Media. Relentlessly pushing their agenda to appease the globalist elite in a politically correct bubble so far divorced that they couldn’t recognise reality if it kicked them in the face with a size nine hobnailed boot.

Here’s the threatened link:

Guardian Poll

Do I really need to say more here? Probably not, but I’d be delighted to elucidate if anybody would relish a 5,000 word rant!

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60 thoughts on “Opinion polls and the MSM (16)

  1. One great example was the German poll about coal – mostly they have brown coal – and a majority supported Mother Earth by choosing not to build any more power stations. But the contractors were locked in to build several more over 20 years, whatever, and insisted on payment as per the (very substantial) contract. “Oh that’s OK,” the gov’t said. “You can build them in India.” Same with nuclear. Polls revealed that the majority didn’t want nuclear electricity either. So the gov’t just imports it from France.

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