Claudia Winkleman (4) – Beyond the Fringe

Claudia Winkleman is a cunt,

this fucker gets on my nerves, due to those stupid adds she does, her silly voices, the knowledge that loads of people she works with took a pay cut so she could have a pay raise, but mostly because of her fucking stupid hair.

If there was ever anyone who needs a down to the wood hair cunt, its this cunt, fuck off Claudia and take that stupid mop with you, don’t you own a mirror?…

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Nominated by: Fuglyucker

61 thoughts on “Claudia Winkleman (4) – Beyond the Fringe

  1. The question is not after how many pints, but after how many gallons.

    My God, she is UGLY.

  2. I quite like it, for a one off. She could play with my winkle man…..

    Then I’d watch with a smirk as she washed my man fat out of her fringe.

    Just sayin,

  3. This bitch is the only one from Game of Thrones that never got changed back into her own clobber.What an evil looking and i bet smelly cunt it is/.

  4. The problem with the hideous bitch’s fringe is that it’s too short. Needs to grow another 6 inches to cover the whole of her ugly face,
    Bet the cretin has a stinking hairy trench between her bum cheeks.🤮

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