Claudia Winkleman (4) – Beyond the Fringe

Claudia Winkleman is a cunt,

this fucker gets on my nerves, due to those stupid adds she does, her silly voices, the knowledge that loads of people she works with took a pay cut so she could have a pay raise, but mostly because of her fucking stupid hair.

If there was ever anyone who needs a down to the wood hair cunt, its this cunt, fuck off Claudia and take that stupid mop with you, don’t you own a mirror?…

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Nominated by: Fuglyucker

61 thoughts on “Claudia Winkleman (4) – Beyond the Fringe

    • They’re Fenton.
      Agree her fucking fringe , voice, fact that the beeb think 🤔 she is worth loads of dough is irritating beyond measure. Useless talentless Cunt.

    • Chamber of Cunts would be better! You know, I think Madame Tussaud’s could benefit from having said chamber. “Moving along, we now bring you to the most notorious of all our chambers. From this point, only adults may enter……The CHAMBER of CUNTS! Guests are asked kindly to not punch our waxy cunts in the face”.

      • They’d have to build something the size of Wembley stadium to house such an exhibition.

      • If your famous because of your fringe its a pretty poor showing isnt it?

        She reminds me of the Ramones with the hair,
        The missing Ramone DumDum.

        Hey ho get fucked!

    • Good Morning Geordie,

      I would do it in a heartbeat, like a tramp on chips. You must have high standards.

  1. I reckon her make up artist is the dreadful Peter “Mandy” Mandelson – it is slapped on thick with a builders trowel, just like he used to do Blair, and now Starmer (only with an extra layer of greasy slime).

    All of them look as if they came out of a Hammer Horror film. Winky looks like the campest vampire ever,.

    • Starmer looks like he puts crisp ‘n’ dry on his face each morning. Why is he so shiny?

  2. If you can summon up the courage to look at other pictures of her , I swear her eyes are actually upside down.

  3. Fucking hell, looks like she has been gang banged by the premier League and had a bukkake session with the whole of the British army, wouldn’t touch that with a bargepole

  4. Wannabe Cousin It.
    Not of this world.
    Send her back to Middle Earth.
    Talentless Troll.
    Good morning.

    (Imagine waking up one morning and finding that lying next to you in bed. You’d have PTSD for the rest of your life! – Day Admin)

    • Come on DA, and the rest of you, we have all done worse than Claudia. Anyway on her BBC salary she could afford to take you out to Prets for breakfast in the morning that would be a special treat. 🙂

  5. And to think that this revolting specimen was deemed worthy as the replacement for dear old Brucie. It can’t sing, dance or tell a crap joke or anything for that matter. She sees her hair as a trademark, along with the smudged black eye liner that makes her look like she’s been in a deep throat orgy. Like Fat Reg, she’s got a mop of hair but doesn’t have a fucking clue what to do with it and looks a right mess. A talent free zone who will end up forever on the bbc and no doubt ‘earn’ a fucking dame hood.

  6. Chrisse Hynde lookalike , yah Liked the pretenders but never liked the look of the fringe cut level with the eyelashes. Fucking pretentious and irritating to look at for an extended period.
    That cunt Noel Fielding had the same cuntish hairdo look another irritating cunt face

    • Noel Fielding has a kind face…the kind you want to punch

      (You wait till the 11am nomination, and then you’ll be punching/kicking the TV! – Day Admin)

    • Chrissy Hynde is still pretty tidy for her age,
      and at least she has some charisma.

      Winklemann has no charisma whatsoever, but she does have ‘Brass In Pocket’, thanks to our beloved Auntie.

  7. Don’t say her name in front of a mirror three times or she’ll jump out and take your soul. Banshee!

    (Anyone got the early-morning horn yet? – Day Admin)

    • No morn horn da, in fact it has just disappeared into my lungs

    • Alice Nutter had more style.
      She (the singer from Chumbawamba, not the Pendle witch, is now a full on champagne socialist-kids at public school, house in exclusive London postcode, etc, etc, etc. Full on cunt!”

      Morning Jack 👍

      • Morning, General 👍
        Going to get wet today.
        And not in a good way.

    • Jack, If Winkleman walked through Burnley in 2022, I doubt she would get out the other end of town unscathed. She might make it through Rose Grove, and that would be all.

  8. Daughter of Eve Pollard (Pollak), granddaughter of an Austrian & Hungarian Jews, who fled the Nazi’s.
    Although she now wears the “Birkenhau look”🤔

    • One of the feature writers at the mirror used to come into our local village boozer his father in law lived in the village. Eve Pollard was his Editor he said she was the dirtiest cunt, would fuck anyone to get up the ladder. This was just before Captain Bob nicked all their pensions. Maxwell he said really was a monster.

  9. Overpaid like most of these presenters, they barely deserve minimum wage.

  10. She looks filthy.

    Needs a good scrub in a bath, with a gallon of carbolic in it.

    What is underneath the fringe though, there must be something. A 3rd eyelid, a micropenis, of a tattoo of broadcasting house?

    Talentless tripe. Only the beeb would have her.

    And what were Head and Shoulders thinking, when they put this creepy old mare on their ads?
    Her hair looks as if it has a quarter of beef dripping combed though it each morning. The dripping then runs out in the heat and then congeals around those devilish eyes.

  11. She’s another one of these puffed up sub-z list celebs who will lend her annoying comman face to anything…shampoo, spatulas or butt plugs…you name it, Claudia will shove it for money.

    I find her annoying, tacky and obvious like that other wrinkly old tart who used to do Countdown and ended up flogging illegal loans on TV.

    Both of them are strictly in the dog shit catagory for me.

  12. After filming of ‘Strictly’ concludes, she aggressively lezzes up with Tess Daly as the spirit of Brucie looks on, ghosturbating furiously and spunks up a large gobbet of ectoplasm onto their eager faces.

    • As Brucie unloads, he says, “yes, you were right to go lower dear”

      Fuck me Thomas, what a disturbing image to have painted of a morning.

      I think that Claudia looks more the type to
      lick out the flanges of the deceased.

  13. Looks like Toland man in a wig.
    Truly a face for radio, unfortunately she has a voice for a haunted seance, so just fuck off love.

  14. I’m quite partial to a nice Jewish bird. But i draw the line with her 🤮

    • She’s got that classic 4 by 2 nose.

      Thick bridged and disproportionate.

      Looks like it came out of a Christmas cracker or a joke shop.

  15. Hmm – was “Winkle Man” discovered in ancient peat? Surrounded by ledgers, chits of money owed and tailoring equipment?
    “Annoying personality vacuum – ooh, that one’s probably from my Husband!” – no Claudia, it’s from an entire Nation wondering how the fuck someone with no discernible skill apart from having hair and looking like she lives under a bridge waiting to eat goats gets so much of licence payers money.
    I am SO glad I do not pay for this fucking tripe.

  16. .Dick i was thing shit plastic surgery done by some Slovenian pipe bender, but actually when you say 4 by 2, i think i could improve on that by whacking the demented slapper with a length of B&Q,s finest fence post, im sure it couldnt do any harm, and if she makes that fucking dolphin squeaky voice sound, just keep on going with the post….then all her cunt work mates will get their wages put back to before she had to have her raise…..

  17. The fucking hair and make up remind me of a bird walking down Bethnal Green Road in 1965. Not now obviously, fucking burka time now round there which wouldn’t be a bad look for Claudia to be honest.

  18. I like a good fringe. It can hide an ugly forehead.

    • Or in her case a 5head,i but she, s got a fore head live a drive in movie screen….

  19. She belongs on porn hub as a desperate if all else fails milf

    She’s the type of bird you’d only find attractive after 12 pints of Stella in the local boozer of some dodgy high street on a Saturday night 😫

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