Dead Pool [246]

Congratulations to Jeezum Priest who correctly predicted that Minder, The Sweeney and New Tricks star Dennis Waterman would be the next dead dude.Waterman was 74 and died today in Spain meaning he has written and sung his last theme tune.

On to Deadpool 246

The rules.

1)Pick 5 famous cunts you think will die next. It is first come first serve. You can always be a cunt and steal someone else’s nominations from previous pools.

2)Anyone who nominates the worlds oldest man or woman is a cunt and will be ignored.

3)It must be a famous cunt we have heard of.

4)No switching names mid pool unless they have already been taken.

5)Please check your names haven’t already been nabbed as we cant be arsed to check.

########## New clarification. Pool victories will be awarded in order of death announcements being made. Otherwise it becomes too complicated as there are time differences in different countries and if a death is announced a week later that is potentially 3 or 4 pools that get cancelled out and I personally cant be arse to deal with all that .Any massive objections let me know in the comments.(Shaun)

65 thoughts on “Dead Pool [246]

  1. I would still LOVE that Escort in the opening credits of Minder….

    Minder from the 1980s is still a legend in my mind so RIP and thanks for the ace show all those years ago.

    • Do you mean the Escort Harrier in the background?

      you’d need fucking deep pockets for that these days!

      • Is it a Harrier though? they came out in 1980 but I think that Minder car is a 79 reg 🙂 I always thought it was an Xpack?

        Sorry, I’ll get my coat.

  2. Congratulations Jeezum Priest – RiP Dennis & sympathy to your family.
    Have a pint with John Thaw & George Cole in heavens pub geezer
    Cleo Laine
    Richard Chamberlain
    Bernard Cribbins
    Virginnia Mckenna
    Robert Blake (actor acquitted of murder)

  3. Benjamin Ferencz
    David Hockney
    Eddie Stobart
    Annette Crosbie
    Alan Greenspan.

    Nice work JP.

  4. Yoko fucking Ono
    Danglebert Pimpledick
    Shane McGowan.

    Shame about Dennis while many cunts are still around.

  5. In there Jeezum, and RIP Dennis. He was top in The Sweeney and MInder. When straight white blokes were allowed to be heroes on TV and there was no woke shite.

    Jean Luc Godard
    Patsy King
    Tony Barber
    Ann Blyth
    Henry Woolf

    • 100% agree Norman. Along with Rising Damp the best programmes ITV ever made.

  6. Joss Ackland
    John Savident
    Sidney Cooke
    Tony Hack
    John Nettleton

    Tidy darts JP

  7. Back of the net Jeezuum.

    Barbara Knox
    Julie Goodyear
    Stan Bowles
    Don King
    Ratko Mladic

  8. RIP Dennis. Minder and The Sweeney were fucking classics.
    Jimmy Carter
    Eleanor Roselynn Carter
    Glynis John
    Gudrun Ure
    Leslie Phillips.

  9. The Dalai Lama
    Rupert Murdoch
    Alex Ferguson
    Eve Marie Saint
    Gary Glitter

    Well struck, Jeez.

  10. Clint Eastwood
    Eric Clapton
    Marky Ramone
    Johnny Depp
    Alexi navalny

  11. RIP DW – i remember him starring as Just William on the BBC in the 60s (long before they went woke). Makes me feel old. Here’s my list:

    Ken Clarke
    Dennis Skinner
    Bernie Eccleston
    Melvyn Hayes
    Lewis Hamilton (narrowing the odds – due to a “bling incident” whilst being lapped by the rest of the field 🤞)

  12. David Berkowitz
    Rose West
    David Irving
    Vladimir Putin
    David Icke

    RIP Dennis, another good one gone.

  13. Stanley Baxter
    John Astin
    Bill Ward
    Dickie Davies
    Ray Reardon
    Bang on, JP.

  14. Barbara Walters
    David Gold
    Bobby Charlton
    Henry Kissinger
    Lord Fatguts Prescott

  15. David Bailey
    Valerie Perrine
    John Boorman
    James Caan
    Erich Von Daniken

  16. Tina Turner
    Davis Jason
    Russell Grant
    Phil daniels
    Rolf Harris

  17. Terence Stamp
    Judith Durham (Singer from the Seekers)
    John Alderton
    Pauline Collins
    Tom Courtnay

  18. John Carpenter
    Al Leong
    Michael Berryman
    Derren Nesbitt
    John “Bergerac” Nettles

  19. Sammy Gravano
    Eddie Richardson
    Freddie Foreman
    John Gotti Junior
    Paul Sorvino

  20. Sad about Dennis, he was a proper bloke, I used to see him now and again in Clapham in the late 70s when I lived there he ,said hello a few times , rip Dennis,

  21. Dennis Waterman the modern age does not make blokes like you anymore. Thanks for The Sweeny & Minder. RIP mate

  22. New Tricks was brilliant, as was DW. RIP.

    Joannaaah Plastic – Bumley
    Jilly Cooper
    Camillaaah Parkyer – Bowels
    Daniel Barenboim
    Ton Koopman

  23. Damn, RIP, great actor.

    Richard O’Sullivan
    Sally Thomsett
    Paula Wilcox
    Tessa Wyatt
    Lisa Minelli

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