David Smith and Media Omission

This piece of work was a Tory councillor, who resigned from his post after he was charged with diddling little boys. He’s now been found guilty and will be sentenced next month. He would spend cash on them, get them high on drugs and then molest them when they slept, by all accounts. A real fucking piece of shit.

I’m am also cunting the media here, who all seem to be covering the story of the conviction, but not another fact they will all be aware of.

He campaigned for transgender bathrooms.

Obviously completely irrelevant to the story of his conviction. Nothing to see here.

Get to fuck.

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74 thoughts on “David Smith and Media Omission

  1. Fat round moon-face, straggly hair, wispy neck beard and big glasses, creepy cunt written into every pore on his useless skin.
    Irrespective of his political party, how the fuck did this moon-faced fat fuck even get selected to stand for public office, let alone get elected.
    Wouldn’t have got through the front door had he turned up when I was on our local Tory selection panel.
    Just from his mugshot, not surprised he was into the “gender neutral” toilet crap. Always question the motives of anyone with an unhealthy interest in the contents of children’s underwear and children’s toilets.
    Anyone, ANYONE. pushing for “gender neutral” khazis and ramming the “trans” and gender shit down innocent children’s throats despite their not even being able to wipe their own noses is, in my eyes, deeply suspect and shouldn’t be allowed with a light-year of a school or children for that matter
    Saw the creepy cunts bollocks off with a blunt rusty serrated bread knife dipped in chilli oil

  2. I bet he collects Star wars “figurines” and is an avid fan of Eurovision. Croc fodder.

  3. Fuck me – I would not let this man near my kids, that picture freaks me out.

  4. Revolting pile of blubber, I hope that they check his property as he looks the kind to store dead bodies of children he lured into his house, he needs kicking to Death.!

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