Patrick Stuebing and Susan Karolewski

Loving couple Patrick and Susan are Germans and trying to change the law.

They have two children together, both severely disabled.

Susan herself is medically simple.
They want to change the law to make incest legal in Germany.

You see Patrick ànd Susan are brother and sister. 😧😧

Patrick has served two prison sentences for shagging his div sister and just cant accept its wrong.
There’s reasons why you shouldn’t fuck your family,
Ethically, morally, and practically.
Look at your kids Patrick.

Anyway I think these two motherfuckers are out of order.
What does ISAC think?
Maybe some of you are close to your siblings?

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Nominated by: Miserable Northern cunt

96 thoughts on “Patrick Stuebing and Susan Karolewski

  1. This sick cunt should have his bonce lopped off, and it should be kicked around Munich’s Olympic Stadium.

  2. I’m not sure about this one.

    It’s rare I sit on the fence.

    It’s better than bummîng I suppose?

    I grew up in the middle of nowhere, and there was fuck all to do when I was a teenager. When I was about 14 and 15, I used to go round and fuck my cousin when my aunt and uncle had gone out on Friday nights.

    I never used any dobbers and abortions were still illegal ,so it was a risky business. Little did I know back then.

    I didn’t even pull out. I don’t think either of us knew what the consequences would be. How she never got up the duff I will never know,- perhaps I was still firing blanks?

    I don’t even know where you would get dobbers from back then, probably the family planning clinic or the chemists, I never saw any for sale? You wouldn’t even consider asking for them, it wasn’t the done thing, and I was too young to understand the whole concept of sex and its consequences.

    Sex out of wedlock was taboo full stop. I knew that much.

    Jonnies had definitely appeared in barbers shops by the 60’s. “Anything for the weekend sir?”

    What a horrendous confession.

    Fucking your dippy sister though? That’s a bit close to the bone,- if you pardon the pun.

    Feel free to lynch me on this confession, as I’m still not sure if it was the right or wrong thing to be doing.

    The plod might be reading this and set up ‘operation fossil’, as it pre dates ‘operation yew tree’, as far as historical sex crimes are concerned.

    • That’s quite the confession Dick.

      For what it’s worth – you’re a legend in the Muslim community.

      • I think I’ll start fasting next year.

        Do you think they’ll have me in?

      • Has anyone got Prince Andrew’s number? I’m sure he would appreciate me as a close friend.

      • Evening Dick👍

        Do you still see your cousin?
        And how does he feel about it?


      • Evening MNC, he’s still very raw about it all.

        You will understand. Being localish.

        Buxton and the surrounding area is full of mutant species, and incest carries on until this day.

        In Glossop it is actually an offence to shag someone that your not related to.

    • Good for you….all my relatives were too fucking ugly to pork.

    • Thats a tame tale Dick.
      Have a drive around Cumbria (or Dumbria as we Northern folk call it) . From Barrow (the longest cul de sac in England) to the delights of Workington, Whitehaven, Cockermouth, Wigton and Shap. Rolling your own was almost compulsory on those cold dark nights when the sheep had been herded and no telly.

      • I live not too far from Sellafield and I did wonder why some of the locals had 12 fingers and looked like that banjo kid from Deliverance!

        At first I thought it was the nuclear reactor but perhaps they also roll their own being so isolated from the big towns.

      • I’ve driven the A595 too many times.

        That road was enough to drive you to murder let alone incest.

        It was always a relief to get turn north near that garage by Millom, the road improved from then on.

        And what the fuck was the pile shite stretch of road between Grizebeck and Barrow all about? Single track and went between houses. It’s probably improved by now, but it used to be dreadful.

        I like the area, it’s backward, but in a good way.

        I like the depressing town of Millom.
        It has got a swimming baths that resembles a air raid shelter.

        That bottom end used to be in Lancashire, when there was no Cumbria. Was the upper 2/3rd’s of Cumbria know as Cumberland?
        Fuck knows, it’s too long ago to remember.

      • I’ve noticed that a large proportion of Cunters live in bango-plucking, one horse hick-towns or backwaters.

        There is certainly a trend.

        Do we have anyone from Brighton?

        Cumbria ✔️
        Pembrokeshire ✔️
        New Mills ✔️

        All bilbous-backwaters.

        I’m not sure where Fiddler’s estate is,- but it cannot to too salubrious if they sell Fray Bentos’ nearby.

      • My vast land-holdings are certainly in no backwater….I live in rural Northumberland…a County well-known as a home for Sophisticates and The Elegant Beautiful People….I am.of course,at the very centre of Northumbrian high society.

      • I like Northumberland.

        I’m betting the estate is on par, or surpasses that castle estate with the white beast.

        I walked down this hidden river valley at the back of Wooler once.
        Then back over a hill looking down on it, past the site of a medieval village. Never saw a sole.

        The county is England’s best kept secret. Except for Seahouses, Bamburgh and Alnwick. They get too busy for me.

    • If I’d had a sister, and if she were as gorgeous as I was dishy, then of course I’d have fucked her. That would have been a given when I was fourteen. In 1967 I tried to fuck Paul Read’s sister Caroline (she was like a sister to me) but she was unaccountably resistant.

  3. Let’s not forget neither one of these two imbeciles possess an awful lot of brain cells and no matter where in the world you look: The more primitive the people the more likely normal rules of society do not apply.

  4. oh and let’s look at the practical side:

    Incest is a game that all the family can play….😂

    • I can honestly say I’ve never wanted to shag my sister. I wouldn’t even speak to her if we lived in the same country.

  5. Never write off ze Germans… during football tournaments or doing something fucking warped.

  6. I have to stick my hands up and admit that the first pair of tits I got my grubby paws on were my step-sisters. I think I was 14 at the time and it was her that was experienced, not me. She’s a year older and developed very quickly. Fucking awesome they were too! I always wonder if I’d been more forward just how far we would have gone!

  7. Even the peacefuls think shagging brother/sister bad, to have sex with a women you are forbidden to marry by peaceful law means death.

  8. Does this couple like the idea of birth defects?

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