Patrick Stuebing and Susan Karolewski

Loving couple Patrick and Susan are Germans and trying to change the law.

They have two children together, both severely disabled.

Susan herself is medically simple.
They want to change the law to make incest legal in Germany.

You see Patrick ànd Susan are brother and sister. 😧😧

Patrick has served two prison sentences for shagging his div sister and just cant accept its wrong.
There’s reasons why you shouldn’t fuck your family,
Ethically, morally, and practically.
Look at your kids Patrick.

Anyway I think these two motherfuckers are out of order.
What does ISAC think?
Maybe some of you are close to your siblings?

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Nominated by: Miserable Northern cunt

96 thoughts on “Patrick Stuebing and Susan Karolewski

  1. Looking at the birth defects, disabilities and constant health issues (funded by MY fucking taxes) of muslims who commit incest it is pretty obvious why this is, on so many levels, wrong.
    Huns? From fucking Europe to fucking your Sister – what went wrong Adolf?

    • And not forgetting the imported health issues these cunts have, must be costing ‘the tax payer’ a fucking fortune.

      • Recent case of a nigerian bringing monkey pox into the uk. You won’t find it on bbc I don’t think.

      • I don’t think fucking a monkey counts as incest, maybe in Nigeria?

  2. They should move to Pembrokeshire, its almost compulsory to marry your next of kin, need a strong a genepool see, dirty cunts these pair, they need sjamboking!!!

  3. Christ on his benighted cross.

    It’s an open secret that a community that is about 3% of the UK population accounts for 30%+ of birth defects due to a tradition of first cousin marriage. But pointing this out is probably a hate crime.

  4. The Left have attempted to normalise practically every other sexual deviancy so this one shouldn’t be too far behind once its been rebranded to something like ‘inter family relations’ or some shite and then taught in schools as something that is completely normal.

  5. I mean, come on, what’s the man thinking? This is so wrong and unforgivable because his sister isn’t even hot.

    • By that reasoning Thomas, it should be absolutely fine for the Hadid sisters to get it on in a scorching lesbo action video made widely available on xhamster?

      • Pretty lesbian sisters are an exception, Odin!
        Actually saw an English porn once with identical twins, the dirtier of the two was holding the hand of the more reserved one as a gentleman ploughed her unenthusiastic botty but that was as far as it went.
        You’ve inspired me now to find some identical twin porn. I’m going to start with this pair of stunners:

      • Jesus tap dancing christ Thomas!

        I was stupid enough to click on the link.

        What the fuck is wrong with you?! 😂

      • Is there any conjoined twin porn? Asking for Thomas. Good nom mis.

  6. Hardly part of the Master Race this pair of clods are they?
    Instead they are at the bottom of the gene pool creating severely disabled offspring.
    Just like your average goat shagger.

    Well done you cunts.

    Castrate then oven.

  7. In the pakıs’ defence, their inbreeding simply comes from their hairy women having to wear a bin bag over their faces at all times, so it’s easy to pick a relative to shag.
    Even if their hideous faces were uncovered, they’d still have möng children with their families because carpet riders are all inter-related.
    There’s no way out of the quicksand that is their gene pool unless they rape an underaged white gir…oh, wait….

  8. I wonder what kids Charlie and Camilla would produce. The mind boggles 🥴🤮

  9. Animal husbandry has been practised for around fifteen thousand years. It was observed very early on that close breeding resulted in poor quality stock and sometimes catastrophic genetic defects. Despite this being common knowledge some cultural groups still procreate with close relatives to this day, I know not why. In most American states you cannot marry your first cousin whereas you can in the UK. I suspect it is that way in the UK because otherwise we would have a problem with our stanley population, not to mention the monarchy.

  10. I This is beyond the pale, it’s bad enough that Prime marketeer Scomo has promised $53 mil for IVF for people with cancer or whom will develop genetic diseases later in life. FFS, I chose not to breed because my brother was crippled and I’m colourblind which severely constrained my career choices. I didn’t want munted kids that a burden to me the people around them and the taxpayer. This is evolution in reverse, our species is fucked. I suspect cats or lizard people. Dog save us.

  11. Incest & Peter Filiar to be “normalised” by the woke diversity crowd.
    Whatever next? Bestiality? Necrophilia? Coprophilia?

    • Well, funny you should mention that but my pastime is bondage, necrophilia and beastiality, though sometimes I feel I’m flogging a dead Horse!

  12. Incest is already de facto legal. Muslims men have been marrying their brothers daughters with impunity for decades. Thats why 4% of the population makes up 35% of cognitive birth defects
    Incest and sex with children are just around the corner and the people with the power to do anything about it are going to do fuck all, just like the rape gangs.

    • “Incest and sex with children are just around the corner”
      Wow! Where do you live, Smugcunt?

  13. Imagine a typical family in the near future

    Sam (30) – was a bloke, but became a woman, then went neutral
    Jaz (24)- was a woman became a bloke, and has a relationship with Sam

    Tan (12) – Daughter of Sam/Jaz, now identifies as a hamster, but is in a relationship with Jaz.

    Tim (4) – Son of Sam/Jaz, but is gay and is in a relationship with Oscar (34), who is the brother of Sam.

    Pippa (1) is the daughter of Tan and Jaz, but is non-binary and is close to Jim (74) who is a white-supremacist, working class racist who voted to leave the EU, and is now demonised by the “normal” family for being odd and mentally deficient!

    This will be a future storyline for Eastenders, I shit you not!

  14. Meanwhile, the same week that the taliban make wearing the burka compulsory, Republican states in America ban abortion, and in some cases, want to ban forms of contraception. And those parts of the world cousin and occasionally sister fucking is perfectly normal. Also, these backwards cunts are usually Bible Belt freaks, as there in much incest in that fucking book of lies.
    In fact, the Christian Faith is based on incest, as Adam fucked a woman of his own flesh and blood to kick start the human race. Lot, whose family was deemed to be the only ones worth saving from Gomorrah ended up fucking both his daughters. He says he was drunk, but that excuse doesn’t even wash with fugly birds you bang after a night out on the sauce, let alone both your kids, who happen to be the only females around. The bible tried to make it the girls fault, as it doesn’t have a lot of time for the female of the species, but he managed to get it up twice, while supposedly drunk.
    Mentalists, the fucking lot of them.

    • Taliban, almost but not quite ISIS.

      Very little on MSM about this story but I am sure it was to be expected after 20 years in the wilderness. 😂

      • There’s a Taliban in my house because the weather’s nice and there’s never anything on worth watching.

      • Evening HJ. If only that were true. All the radicals, the fundamentalists, the orthodox crazies, are all just following their particular version of the same fairy story to the letter. The ‘moderates’ are those that say they are of a particular faith, but this bit is allegorical, this bit is apocryphal, and they follow the bits they think are relevant to them, and forget the rest.
        The whack jobs in America pushing this agenda are considered normal, moms apple pie, law abiding citizens, and that’s what makes it scary.

  15. Is this predominantly a German thing? I only ask as our very own German ex pats, the royal family, have a bit of previous with this kind of thing. Horse faced, prematurely balding, buck toothed, mongoloid thickos seem to be the result. A bit like an upper class traveller community. Mind you, I bet this couples offspring can play some mighty fine banjo.

  16. My sister in law works in a care home for people with profound disabilities.
    One of the in mates is a wheelchair user, cannot speak, just screams all day and has multiple seizures at a cost of £65,000 per year 😱
    Now… His parents are Pikeys . Both with mental problems and can’t manage without care support.

    • Shouldn’t laugh at the afflicted but sometimes it’s difficult. I recall a local care home for such types would take the residents out to the shops now and again. There was one old dear who’d shout ‘Tuesday!’ at the top of he voice. Over and over. And nothing else.

      I have no idea what you’d call that.

      • Perhaps she was a fan of the actress “Tuesday Weld”-who would definitely have “taken it”, in her prime😍

    • In Hitlers Germany, all three would have been classed as ‘useless mouths’. With a predictable outcome.

  17. I wouldn’t expect anything less from europeans, I’ve said it before and I mean it, I don’t see them as human beings.
    They’re some kind of sub species, honestly I would renovate Auschwitz and go full bore filling it with scum like this.

  18. I bet the family make a fine banjo ensemble.

    “Go getcha banjos. Your grandbrother wants to hear. Yeehaaah!”

  19. Dirty bastard though.

    He’s been in jail twice for this already.

    He should be hanged.

  20. Well, that’s all of those Norfolk jokes rendered obsolete.
    🎵Deutschland, Deutschland Uber Alles🎵

  21. Sorry to go off subject but I have to inform you the new Doctor Who is a dark key.

    • There’ll be loads of Daleks and Cybermen, stabbed to Fuck.
      Sonic machete.

    • How long before this token gets his maiden cunting on here? Gonna be some kind of record.

    • He looks a bit Gay. Though he’s discreet about his sexualty. Huge plus in his favour if he found out to be so.

  22. Let’s face it you can’t have a whitey Doctor travelling into the future. As soon as he steps outside the Tardis he’ll get chopped to pieces.

    • Yes Time Lords change. Or ‘regenerate’. All good sounding sci- fi stuff. Like a mythology.

      You say W Hartnell would be spinning in his grave. Maybe that’s how they tegenerated back then. But it wasnt such a revolution (or revolutions) because they changed into another middle aged white man.
      The regeneration process has gone off the rails–firstly changing into a woman. Now a black man.
      It’s not the same.

  23. 10 years from now, it will be classed at a hate crime to ‘persecute in any way,’ cunts like this. The woke warriors will as usual, get on the case, & it will just be “The same old fucking story!”

  24. Just have a look at The Royal Family. Whoever they marry are usually distant cousins. Wouldn’t surprise me if some of them have six toes and an Adam’s apple the size of Rotherham.

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