David Smith and Media Omission

This piece of work was a Tory councillor, who resigned from his post after he was charged with diddling little boys. He’s now been found guilty and will be sentenced next month. He would spend cash on them, get them high on drugs and then molest them when they slept, by all accounts. A real fucking piece of shit.

I’m am also cunting the media here, who all seem to be covering the story of the conviction, but not another fact they will all be aware of.

He campaigned for transgender bathrooms.

Obviously completely irrelevant to the story of his conviction. Nothing to see here.

Get to fuck.

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74 thoughts on “David Smith and Media Omission

  1. Holy shit, he ought to (from his point of view) have at least tried looking less like a pædo. He couldn’t look more like one if he had “I AM 100% A PÆDO” tattooed across his forehead.

    • A cross between an actor portraying one of those kiddie-botherers in a 70s public information programme and the Dungeon Master.

      Blowtorch, pliers and a steam roller.

      • Ha ha, Dungeon Master! 80’s cartoon perfection.
        Afternoon PM, do you reckon that Venger was a wrong ‘un?
        After all, he did wear sort of a dress and, around the young protagonists, he had the horn (the one sticking out one side of his head):
        In the first series of Dungeons and Dragons, there’s an outtake where Presto has his way with a struggling Uni whilst Shadow Demon watches from behind a rocky escarpment.

    • Good afternoon TTCE. I reckon Venger gave it up the wrong’un.

      His spiny, skeletal digits massaging the shaft and balls of his hapless victim for a rather brutal reacharound.

    • Lol

      First thing I thought when I saw his picture was a word that rhymes with bonce.

      • Neighbours always say peedos and serial killas seemed so normal after their crimes are revealed. Not in this fucking case! Or Sutcliffe, Saville, The Wests, Glitter, Cyril Smith etc. We should intern all those who look like creepy deviants, starting with Philip Schofield. And that cunt Russell Howard.

  2. If convicted, this horrible looking cunt will have the ‘personal privilage’ to chose which gender of prison he serves his time.

  3. Who the fuck would vote for that cunt, did all the other candidates just step back, the mind boggles.

    I bet he lived with his mum 😂

      • The creepiest thing I’ve heard was Savile on that recent Netflix documentary.

        When asked why he requested to be left alone with his dead mother at the morgue for several hours, he said that once the hospital staff had finished with her, he could now, “Have her all to myself.”

        The way he said it too made it the fucking weirdest thing I’ve heard.

        Not exaggerating, I dry retched at it.

        Although I reckon the cops who had to watch David Fuller’s home video collection suffered far more. Imagine sitting through hundreds of hours of that?

        I bet they’re dribbling loons after viewing that lot, the poor cunts.

      • As challenging wanks go, that documentary was up there with “Under the patio at 25 Cromwell St”

    • She”ll be (hopefully) still rocking in a chair, in an attic, somewhere in Middlesboro.

  4. My god! If anyone was born to be a diddler, it’s this gruesome fucker. It’s akin to the mugshot you see of a black person whenever a stabbing suspect is named. You just fucking know their form by looking at them. Are we sure it’s not Matt Lucas dressing up as that spaz in the wheelchair again?

  5. Wow! What an extraordinarily chubby chappy he is, with that unfortunate thickening of the neck so redolent of borderline cretinism.

    He actually looks quite disturbingly similar to the TV historian, Domenic Sandbrook. After several lockdowns of eating and drinking far too much, failing to exercise or even get his hair cut… he could almost be Sandpaper’s less abrasive but more wankerish doppelganger.

  6. He looks just like Domenic Sandbrook, the TV historian, but after a lockdown or two of binge drinking, not getting a haircut and no exercise. Alternatively, perhaps it is indeed Sandbrook, but with an advanced case of goitre.

    Either way, he does seem a bit of a cretin.

    • He’s a charmer, isn’t he. Like David Mellor with a geordie mullet. If there wee a picture dictionary, he’d be the entry under ‘pæd-ô’.

    • Too right Guzzie. This shitbag looks like the offspring of the Kraut sibling fuckers from the previous nom.

  7. Obviously failing the audition to be a Klingon in Star Trek Picard affected his fragile little mind.
    Best to end it all eh?

  8. Socialism always seems to attract these predatory Peter Phile types – but who would have guessed this innocent looking politician was a monster from his wholly innocent looking photo?
    A whole life term with a fucking good prison “education” once a month prevents reoffending.

  9. Who had Dennis ‘sing da feel toon’ Waterman in the Dead Pool?

  10. As soon as I looked at the nom pic I thought – he likes young boys.
    And not the Swiss football club either.

  11. Got ‘kiddie fiddler’ written all over him.
    Needs to travel from the top of a block of flats to pavement – the quick way

  12. Fucking hellfire… That’s an identikit Joe Ronce if ever I saw one. Talk about looking the part. Ugly cunt.

  13. Point is though, is it me or could it just be a coincidence, that a cunt who campaigns for ‘gender neutral’ toilets/changing areas, turns out to be a raving ‘rhymes with bonce’?

    How can the fucking media call themselves journalists, by not at least noting these points?

  14. Not so long ago someone who campaigned for “gender neutral” toilets would have been treated as a nutter and quite possibly a dangerous nutter. Such a person is still just as crazy but now you are not allowed to say so and you are required to pretend it is not true.

    • We seem both to be making pretty well the same point, CB.
      Great minds eh?

      • Aye

        To me the link between campaigning for gender neutral bogs and changing areas and ‘boncing’ are obvious.

        Point this out though and you’re worse than Adolf.

  15. Not only would I be checking this cunts hard drive, I’d be digging up his patio and inspecting the drains.

  16. Are these transgender toilets everyone talks about the same as the old Unisex toilets from when I was a kid ?

  17. The most shocking thing about this is hes 33yrs!!!
    No fuckin way!!

    He must age in dog years,
    Looks about mid 50s.

    Sort of Ronnie corbett/meatloaf hybrid?

    Course hes a sexcase,
    Tory politician.

    • Ermmm politician of any flavour, our glorious council leader he’s been labour lib now independent has been up at least 3 times for kiddie fiddling must have something on someone high up as he always gets off.

    • He reminds me of one of the fruity hitman in Diamonds are Forever.

      Mr Kidd I think it was.

    • Lol

      Even his hand would prefer being chopped off and thrown in the bin.

  18. I don’t think he’ll be on normal courtyard exercise in a few months time. I wonder,will his parents be visiting him in chokey ?. Do they get lots of visits or do family and friends cut them dead ?. just curious.

  19. Dont see anyone rocking a mullet anymore CB eh?

    It was the haircut of choice for footballers, soft rock ballads,
    And action heroes.

    Miss the mullet a bit ,
    Lesbians liked it too.

    • The Germans kept ‘mulletting’ a good twenty-five years after they died out everywhere else.

      I link the death of the mullet in England, to a mulletted Chris Waddle missing that semi final penalty in Italia ’90. Never saw them in blighty after that.

      I bet they still have them in Germany now though?

      Fucking love a good mullet do ‘Ze Germans’.

      • Yeah loved it didn’t they?
        Only time ive seen them smile.
        Think the Aussies were partial too?

        Business upfront
        Party at the back!

    • Afternoon MNC, did you have a mullet in the 80’s?
      I had an awesome one in 1987, aged 15. Spiky as fuck on top, super long and flowing at the back. Then I got thr back permed like Glenn Hoddle.
      I realised that I might’ve looked a bit of a twat when my normally ultra-serious Father saw it and was literally howling with laughter!

      • Howdo Thomas👍

        Yep, I had a mullet in my early teens, I then grew it out into long hair as id discovered drugs and the music of Hawkwind .

        Ive had mohawks, spiked hair, all kinds of shite.

        But a shaven to the bone far right haircut is so much more practical.
        *Not that ive much choice…

      • Perhaps you’d like to sport a Frank Bough-style combover…and post a pic of yourself…go on, it’d be hilarious!

      • Hehehe 😀

        Don’t see that much either di you?
        Blokes refusing to admit their bald, fighting tooth an nail with a combover.

        In the 70s being bald was like a disability,
        People wouldn’t give you a mortgage,
        Spit on you in the street,
        Heckle you from vehicles.

        “Oi!! Kojak! You cunt.
        Stay indoors!”

        You were hideous.
        A fuckin freak and a failure by genepool.

        Nowadays even teenagers are slapheads .

        Oh an no.
        Im not doing it.

      • I remember, when I was young, someone saying about a bloke with a comb over that he was even growing the hair in his left ear long, so he could add that in. I believe it, as he had the lowest parting I’ve ever seen in my life!
        Trouble was, if it got windy, it would wave about like the Union Jack on a flagpole.
        Convincing, not! I think it was Jackie Charlton they were referring to.
        Unfortunately, I have now joined the follically challenged, but nature compensates with luxurious eyebrows, nose and ear hair.
        Being old is a delight.

      • I love being a slaphead, easy peasy, just use unguarded clippers once a fortnight.
        My younger son (aged 11) has waist length hair and he has to wash it twice a week, takes forever to dry and get all the knots out.
        It does look pretty cool though, I’ll give him that…and the girls flock around him.

  20. What’s with the ‘neck beard’. He should be condemned for that alone. Creepy fat fucker.

    • Hes got 3 chins and thats the best he can offer?!

      Noticed kiddytamperers cant grow beards?

      Low testosterone.

      My beard consumes my face,
      Cant see my neck,
      Like im peering over a hedge.
      And it filters out flies an mozzies in summer.

      • Flies and muzzies?
        Aye, there’s usually flies when filthy muzzies are around.

      • Flies and muzzıes?
        Aye, there’s usually flies when filthy muzzıes are around.

  21. More proof (if needed) that the main parties are now getting people from the same vats of genetic waste outside Southampton General’s incinerator.

    This guy looks like he plays Warhammer… on his own.

  22. I don’t like to judge a book by it’s cover but this bloke looks like a n*nce. In fact he may as well have a big neon sign on his head….. “ I Fiddle Children.”
    Take the specs away and he reminds me of John Wayne Gacy…….an evil piece of work.

  23. Got to be schizophrenic.
    How do you reconcile being a Councillor representing the public, trying to make things better, with destroying young people’s lives.
    Abused children can go on to be abusers, so he’s contributed more potential predators to the world.
    I don’t think that was what the public expected when they voted for him.
    And yes, he might as well have dodgy as fuck tattooed on his forehead. It should be part of their sentence.

    • Lot of wrong ‘uns in local politics. It seems to attract them. Lots of opportunities for chucking your weight about, backhanders and/or access to vulnerable people to indulge whatever revolting pecadilloes one might have.

  24. Seems such deviant behaviour is becoming the norm for quite a few councillors and no doubt the odd MP too. And yet the media, the old bill, the courts and minority groups seem to be accepting of the notion that adults can fiddle kids with gay abandon!

    And yet the same media are making a huge fucking deal out of this partygate bollocks as if Boris has somehow massacred 30 odd people with an axe!

    Fiddle kids? Don’t worry about it. Just normal behaviour (or soon will be)
    Have a few drinks behind closed doors despite fibbing about it? Resign, resign, resign! You’re a disgrace etc.

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