Angela Rayner (6) Goes Basic Instinct

(Our Ange arriving at the House of Commons for another busy night on the Floor, allegedly! – Day Admin)

Granny Rayner/Sharon Stone.

Yes! At P.M. Question Time, just to put Boris off (apparently)
It was however, like the film, just an open and shut case! But on this occasion, a misunderstanding mixed with some misogynistic tripe, by all accounts.

Well unlike Catherine (the name used in the film) I just hope Flangey was wearing something between her legs, because if she wasn’t, and Queer Charmer had been on the receiving end, he would have recoiled with embarrassment, and confusion, at the sight of that thing resembling a carpenters tool bag, knowing full well he has recently lost track of what a real woman is, or even looks like, deep down, if that really is a good example anyway.

The Basic Instinct star incidentally is 23 years older and looks fitter. So I know which one out of the two I would prefer to drag into a shop doorway.

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Nominated by: Lord Scunthorpe

66 thoughts on “Angela Rayner (6) Goes Basic Instinct

  1. It took astronomers years to photograph a black hole. The could have stood at the despatch box….

  2. You would be able to fit the dartboard together with the obligatory tyre into her growler and have room to spare. (Allegedly)

  3. If at some conference or union bash the opportunity arose I have to admit to you esteemed cunters that I would every way possible, Cannot help the urge for women such as our dear deputy leader most likely genetic or a facet of manic depression.

  4. I’d still give Shazza one, any day of the week…

    The thing with Rayner is her hilarious ‘outrage’ at such ‘misogyny’. Would it shock or surprise anyone here if it was true? No, me neither. But, even if it was, we would still get the ‘all men are bastards’ routine and the holier than thou act. As already seen with Weinstein’s various slags, Natalie Portmouth and Moby, J-Law’s ‘glazed’ look, and – of course – Amber ‘Psycho’ Heard. Seen one, seen ’em all…

  5. Granted Boris is probably bewitched by a bit of snatch and who can blame him, but it would be better if it wasn’t attached to Angela fucking Raynor who is about as attractive as a tin of live bait….

  6. Yet another useless slapper who has fucked her way to the position of snatch flashing she,s in now….

    • Still, it could have been worse for Old Bozza.
      He could have got a flash of Diane Abbott…

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