Angela Rayner (6) Goes Basic Instinct

(Our Ange arriving at the House of Commons for another busy night on the Floor, allegedly! – Day Admin)

Granny Rayner/Sharon Stone.

Yes! At P.M. Question Time, just to put Boris off (apparently)
It was however, like the film, just an open and shut case! But on this occasion, a misunderstanding mixed with some misogynistic tripe, by all accounts.

Well unlike Catherine (the name used in the film) I just hope Flangey was wearing something between her legs, because if she wasn’t, and Queer Charmer had been on the receiving end, he would have recoiled with embarrassment, and confusion, at the sight of that thing resembling a carpenters tool bag, knowing full well he has recently lost track of what a real woman is, or even looks like, deep down, if that really is a good example anyway.

The Basic Instinct star incidentally is 23 years older and looks fitter. So I know which one out of the two I would prefer to drag into a shop doorway.

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Nominated by: Lord Scunthorpe

66 thoughts on “Angela Rayner (6) Goes Basic Instinct

  1. If it looks like a whore, talks like a whore, dresses like a whore – than she’s a whore, and Starmer and his bunch of poofters and champagne socilaists think this trollop could be deputy Prime Minister – and – if Starmer fell under the proverbial bus (a 69 probably) – she would become defacto Leader of Britain. No wonder Gary Neville has joined Labour – probably takes him back to his playing days when any under-dressed WAG would happily take it up the bumhole for a few drinks and some bling.

    Whatever Starmer is on, can I get some?

  2. Turns out the rumours were started by none other than… Angela Rayner.

    Still not sure if I would though.

    Can other posters here guide me with their pint-o-meter scale of how many you would need to launch their filthy custard up Angie’s kitten purse?

      • Morning Jack.

        Is that Angie buying you a half a shandy, before whispering in your ear ‘Get your coat, you’ve pulled’?

      • You old romantic, Jack.

        Rest assured the taxi, pud’n chips, peas and gravy are going on expenses.

  3. In the words of Boris Johnson

    “Erm, ah, erm, oh ,oh my , eh,
    As socrates once said…oh, …eh,carpe jugulum,,..erm,..
    Churchill in 1936 said to lord ponsonby….oh! Errr..
    Like a fox thats been run over..
    Erm, …
    Sorry ive cum.”

    • Just so long as he came outside.
      Imagine, if you dare, the love child of Boris and Rayner.

      Run for the hills.

  4. Rayners cunt is simply another ballot box, and one that should remain empty.

  5. Apparently a tactic the cheeky political minx discussed a forehand over drinks on the House of Cunts terrace.

    I’d have a ride,dressed as Pol Pot.

    • Apologies Admin my phone wiped my login info

      Or that up skirt of Angie broke it

      (no worries – Day Admin)

  6. Another day. Another election.

    Another ballot paper to wipe my arse on.

      • @RTC. I’m not a doctor. But in my expert opinion, you have early onset dementia.
        Get thee to a care home 😀
        Good morning.

      • Morning Jack.

        You’re not wrong there. Seriously, it’s bin happening a lot recently.

        Wrong on the care home front though. The moment that becomes a possibility I have plans to imbibe a handful of diazepam pills washed down with a quart of railroad gin before throwing myself under Suckdick’s father’s bus.

  7. Luckily most there were watching porn on their phones and didnt notice…

    (No word from Cunstable yet? I wonder why! – Day Admin)

    • Fuck me. An interactive Admin. Either sober or all wanked out.

      No word because I find this nomination demeaning. Have saved the picture.

  8. I would imagine that the sight of a run over hedgehog, with its guts spilling out and flies circling it, is as near to a flash of Angies minge as we plebs will ever experience. All joking aside though. This made up story gives a clear insight into the workings of Rayners fucked up mind, as well as her over fucked gash. She’s just modern Labours answer to John Prescott, only more uncouth and with lower breeding.

  9. Bike shed Flangela is one of those few people for whom the word ‘cunt’ applies in both senses of the word.

  10. She’s one of those who comes to parliament dressed like a trollop. Mutton lambish bint.

    I’m not sure if her fetid growler would’ve been that visible anyway, under the matured stilton covering.

    Put it away!

    Or maybe they can queue up with some crackers and scrape a portion each off?

    They usually grab every freebie they can get their greasy, little, fucking mitts on after all, the fucking shithouses.

    • I imagine that Angie is probably pro-eu, and her minge cheese is like that gloopy eyetie stuff, crawling with maggots.

  11. Great grandmother by the age of 48.
    Any odds?

    What a thick tongued, tuna-minged, low IQ piece of dogshit👎

  12. That such a gobby, thick strumpet, can become deputy leader of a major political party, shows how shallow and inept our political system has become.
    And it looks like it can only get worse, as The House starts to admit Cocks in Frocks.
    Another fine mess.
    Get To Fuck.

  13. Angie has been much maligned. Rather than flashing Johnson she was simply trying to eject a few ping pong balls in his direction.

  14. Just wait until that ‘brave’ tranny MP crosses his legs.

    He’ll probably have balls, a little nob and a fake cunt emitting an overpowering aroma of shite.

    He’ll probably ‘bravely’ fuck himself during PMQs and demand his right to have a baby.

    • Well, he’d better be quick as there is no chance of him being re-elected.
      BTW, have we ever had a worse bunch of cunts in Parliament?

  15. Wonder how she’d have reacted if Johnson had joked that he was going to wave his winkie at her as she spoke in The Commons ?……called the Police and launched into a diatribe about respecting wimminz,no doubt.

    I wonder if Lady Nugee has ever parted those meaty thighs and flashed the Opposition….might account for that fat-fuck who claimed to have PTSD and had decided to become a most unlikely female.

    • DF Afternoon Sir Fiddler – perchance mangy Angie would wave a copy of “Much ado about nothing” at Boris as crazy Carrie nodded in the background..

  16. I’ve heard and read so much bollocks over this business. Of course the old slag did it and knew exactly what she was doing. Despite the impression the MSM give us 95% of blokes are not poofs and trannies and the 95% of women who are not lezzas and trannies know it only too well. (I’m being generous with my percentages here) Factor in the fact that Boris is a well known pussy monster and Angie is a right manipulative slapper and there’s your answer.
    Forget the fake moral outrage……both of them guilty as charged!!

  17. Faced with a choice of seeing a deputy Labour leader’s fanny…Angie’s or Dianne Abbott’s? 🤢

    • At least Angie’s hasn’t had a baby gorilla emerging from it.

      • I bet it’s had it’s fair share of Sooty dick up there.

        I bet both of Raynor’s holes have been bored out to +.40 and beyond and need re-sleeving or new liners dropping in.

        If she were a motor car she’d burn 20w50 oil at a rate of a pint every 20 miles.

        It’s reputed that she has Kingsway and Queensway tattooed around each entrance, as both resemble the Mersey Tunnel portals, and carry a lot of heavy traffic on a daily basis.

        There are no charges though. She has a toll booth tattooed on each arse cheek, stating ‘lane open’ and ‘free’.

  18. Ah, Angela Rayner. She’s the equivalent of a female John Prescott – installed as a ‘thick as pigshit with a Northern accent’ cunt, simply to appeal to supposed traditional ‘working class types’.

  19. Looking at the header pic and all I can think of is 30 day old kippers for breakfast!

    Imagine munching on that first thing of a morning!

  20. A cracking choice of pic Admin!

    (Crack, being the operative word, thanks – Day Admin)

  21. Sharon Stone? I thought Angela Rayner was trying to impersonate Kenny Everett! The clothing, makeup, leg twirling and, best of all, the facial hair. It was almost spot on.

  22. Putting naughty pics up early in the middle of the week gives me the right horn at the wrong time of the day!

    However, I somehow doubt Rayner did a ‘Stone’ in front of BloJo as the Loch Ness Monster would have escaped from the depths within, which would have seen Kweer Starmer doing a Steve Irwin with Flabbott belly flopping the beast and Nandy keeping the tail of the animal contained between her big titties.

  23. To quote the opening to the Star Trek TV series of old:-

    “Old Crack – the sloppy frontier
    These are the rides of the Starfish Rayner
    It’s 40 year mission
    To explore strange new cocks
    To seek out dogging on the moors and creampie bukkake parties.
    To boldly go where 400 men, women and things have gone before!”

    Make it so, Number 1

  24. Like a ginger standard poodle with its guts slit wide open.

    The stench from her hot, itchy, gaping axe wound would be like a full dustbin left in the summer sun for a fortnight. Complete with bluebottles encircling it.

    • That is an insult to Grimsby.

      If that is even possible.

      If Raynor was ever to canvass around Grimsby, you would smell her at the start of the M180 near Doncaster .

  25. Angie ‘hot legs’ , council house rough, shagged her way into the Unions, got a leg up (or cock) into politics, problem with Angie you can take the girl out of the council house but it’s a Slapper from breeding, attitude and fucking GOB.

    The dirty bitch loves all the fucking attention, a new commons name ‘tart of the house’

  26. Imagine for a moment the following nightmare scenario:-

    Labour wins the next election in 2024

    Angie is Prime Minister
    Analeazy Dodds – Home Secretary
    Jess Phillips – Chancellor
    Diane Abbott – Education

    The Four Cunts of the Apocalypse awaits!

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