Autism Awareness Month and the Neurodiversity Movement

As I have mentioned a couple of times on here, I have autism. I was diagnosed when I was 4, and have overcome a lot of challenges related to it to find myself in the position I’m in now. In addition to this, my brother also has severe autism, which poses him considerably more difficult challenges than those which I have faced.

So, why exactly do I hate the idea of an entire month of advocacy dedicated to raising awareness of said challenges? Well, the answer to that question is simple – it doesn’t. Rather than being dedicated to genuinely raising awareness about autism, April is instead an entire month of neurodivergency ‘advocates’ (who, it must be pointed out, are usually neurotypical), celebrating it as a separate identity and as some sort of pride movement in order to feel good about themselves. Indeed, anyone who even so much as raises the spectre of the challenges which autism poses, even if they are family members of autistic people or autistic themselves, is immediately shouted down as a bigot by said ‘advocates’.

Autism isn’t some wonderful part of one’s identity, it is an at times serious neurological disorder which, especially in the case of less high functioning people such as my brother, can cause profoundly negative lofe-limiting effects, and yet these cunts simply use it as an excuse to gain social capital using crap like autism awareness month as the Trojan horse. To that end, autism awareness month, and the neurodiversity ‘advocates’ who promote it, is a first class cunt of the highest order.

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44 thoughts on “Autism Awareness Month and the Neurodiversity Movement

  1. Any “_______ Awareness Month” solves nothing. Real existential problems are ignored and issues that tug at the emotions are the focus. How about an “Illegal Alien Invasion Awareness Month”. Or my favorite “Black History Month”. How should I celebrate? Wear no belt, a cap sideways, and flash gang signs with my fingers?
    Fuck off!

    (Incidentally, we have a nomination scheduled called “No Mow May Awareness Month”. Don’t cut your lawn for a month for the sake of biodiversity – Day Admin)

    • I keep my lawn immaculately trimmed daily just precisely because I don’t want to find any ‘biodiversity’ down there oops I mean in me lawn.

  2. I have friends who had a severely autistic son. He died aged 12 after a siezure. It was heartbreaking for him and them. Both his life and death.
    I do get sceptical about ‘on the spectrum’, where any and all personality quirks are put down to some form of autism. They are certainly not like the symptoms I saw.
    It looks to me like just another label. I might be wrong.

  3. For me the trouble with all these “…….Awareness” weeks/months is that if it doesn’t directly affect me,I really don’t want to hear about it…to be honest,I don’t care about other people’s problems and find most of the “causes” rather off-putting and would prefer to remain ignorant….don’t want the details rammed down my throat.

    I’m sure that there are some very worthy “..awareness” causes but they won’t raise my awareness because I just think to myself “Not for me,thank you very much” and switch over/tune out.

  4. How about a “Cost of Living Crisis Awareness Month”?

    Trouble is it would last far longer than a month, and quite frankly our politicians wouldn’t give two shits about it anyway.

  5. Sirs:

    A couple of years ago I was struck by the proliferation of various “awareness” weeks for all sorts of things. I thought,”By golly, I don’t want to get caught out wearing the wrong color ribbon and cause irreparable damage to someone’s self-esteem!:”

    Hence Awareness Awareness Month. It covers all the awarenesses, past, present and future.

    And because we’ve run out of different colored ribbons, to signal out fealty to Awareness Awareness, we wear a (clean) pair of plaid boxer shorts on our heads.

  6. Not an “awareness” campaign but my favorite commemoration is still ‘Festoon a Gnome with Bacon Rind Day’ from Round the Horn.

    • Round the Horn was brilliant.
      I went to the London theatre “revival”production about 2 decades or so (?) ago, after a rather grim funeral (schoolfriend, cancerous). I just couldn’t stop laughing. It was just what I needed.

  7. When is “Yorkshire poverty awareness month”? – we seem to have had all the fkin rest.
    Give generously you set of skinflints! 😀👍

  8. These “advocates” think they’re Rainman when in actual fact they are far more likely to be “trans” lunatics. My advice have children when your in your twenties rather than your forties.

  9. Good grump indeed from the perspective that it is indeed the neurotypical fuckwitts pushing this as ‘do-gooders’.

    Many of the dickheads in the wonderful world of education who I have crossed swords with have no fucking clue when it comes to autism. Finding Basil Brush’s arsehole beneath his tail is about the the limit of their deductive prowess.

    I continue to battle on for the sake of my 8 year old son, who is profoundly autistic but very bright, so these fucking knobheads think it is ‘right’ that he goes to special education needs ‘dustbin’ school, where all nurturing and education is abandoned and he mixes with the unfortunate, severely disabled children with genetic abnormalities. They haven’t won this round but the next battle will be in 3 years’ time when he moves to secondary school.

    • The school my brother attended (he’s out of education at the moment due to incompetence and council fuck ups) were still doing box work with him – something he did in reception – when he was 15. It’s no wonder he kept having meltdowns there – poor lad felt like he was being infantilised.

  10. I would call for a ‘Wimminz Driver Awareness Month.’ But like has already been stated. “These things don’t do any real good.” & you would need a bit more than a month anyway.

  11. I would like to see a Bullshit awareness month, with the long list of crap we have to endure from politicians, environmentalists, do gooders and assorted ism,s.

    A man can become a woman….. BULLSHIT!! 😂

  12. Serious question: are ‘normal’ men allowed to bone autistic ladies?
    Where is the line drawn?
    I mean, it’s not like shagging a lady with Down’s Syndrome or Katie Price visiting Harvey’s bedroom late at night whilst high on marching powder.
    Surely ladies with autism need loving too, but should that be by a gentleman with similar autistic tendencies?

    • I’m still recovering from reading MNC’s recent nom on that German brother/sister couple. She’s mentally disabled and her brother keeps fucking her. Four severely spasticated kids they’ve had.

      I’d definitely draw the line there. He should be locked up for life, the fucking dirty bastard.

      Knocked me sick reading about it.

      Mind you Thomas, you’ve probably watched worse lol

      • Watched? Or been the machiavellian perpetrator in?
        I am Josef Fritzl and I claim my £5.

      • I upset the family when they showed Fritz’s dungeon on the news. Everyone was quiet, as the cameras entered the hidden complex of rooms.

        My sudden outburst of, “Tell you what. I’d let him do some building work for me. Proper job he’s done there,’ didn’t go down too well.

      • Josef Fritzl.

        Terrible father. Excellent builder.

        Swings and roundabouts.

      • Like Peter Sutcliffe, evil murderer but an excellent lorry driver.

      • Good old uncle Adolf. Bit of sociopath but excellent at organising train timetables and building motorways.

      • I seem to remember Fritzl even had a gas oven in the basement, threatened at one point to gas his own daughter. Old habits die hard.

    • See a movie called The Other Sister. It’s about a “special needs” couple.
      The key TtCE is to find just the right kind of woman on the autism spectrum: example: for me she should be obsessed with fitness and likes having a set schedule for sex.

    • Just so long as you don’t make a big deal about their autism I’m sure they’ll be fine.

  13. When do we get ‘Anti-white racism awareness month?’

    I’ve just seen a clip of a show called ‘Dear white people,’ which seems to consist of chocolate faces slagging off honky and little else. How is this shit even legal?

    I wonder what HBO, Sky and the BBC et al will think of my idea for a show titled, ‘Dear uppity chocolate faces’?

    • Not a month but a public holiday that unfortunately hasn’t been celebrated since 1958. So I take a sickie, get plastered and am ruder to foreign types (Wøgs, cuntinentals, coolies, spear chuckers and any woke cunt ungrateful for the life they live within the realm) more than usual. 24th of May, Empire day. Every cunter should do their duty and have a black pudding and stout shit on a Parquays doorstep, it’ll make the neighbourhood smell better.

    • They have a sequel lined up I think..
      “I’m a thick as fuck waste of space with a Jupiter sized chip on my shoulder innit “.

      The useless cunts.

  14. How about a “Finding out how pissed off white working class males are hearing about George fucking Floyd and BLM” – Awareness week.

    • Good luck with that.

      * It’s just a pure coincidence that English clubs and the English national team started kneeling at the precise moment of that cunts death.

  15. Been having a right laugh on the BBC site today, winding up some of the cunts who go on there to post shite – proper giggles.

  16. Not a month but a public holiday that unfortunately hasn’t been celebrated since 1958. So I take a sickie, get plastered and am ruder to foreign types (Wøgs, cuntinentals, coolies, spear chuckers and any woke cunt ungrateful for the life they live within the realm) more than usual. 24th of May, Empire day. Every cunter should do their duty and have a black pudding and stout shit on a Parquays doorstep, it’ll make the neighbourhood smell better.

  17. My mates lad has autism,
    Along with other linked conditions, including tourettes.
    Lovely kid,
    And a self taught musician playing piano, organ, accordian,
    And plays to a high level.

    Autism isnt just a character quirk, and is draining on the kids parents.
    To be shouted down by some know it all lefty dogooder must be galling.

    I was dead excited when I found out he had tourettes!
    Finally someone who swears as casually as me I thought!
    But no.
    Sadly tourettes has levels,
    And this kid just yelps when stressed.☹️

    Best of British to you Opinated Cunt, and your brother,
    Chin up lad.👍

    • Tourette’s can be funny as fuck. Watched a documentary must have been 29 years ago. Scottish guy living with his mum. Sat in a therapy session when he suddenly shouts out ‘I’ve got gay porn in ma hoose’! I spat my drink all across the room and was rolling around on the floor, crying with laughter. I almost pissed meself!

      • Is that John Davidson of John’s Not Mad fame? He seems like a decent bloke. Full marks to him for punching Keith Allen in the balls in the sequel programme then just giving a wry smile when Allen asked him if Tourette’s made him do it.

  18. I’ve dealt with clients over the years who have had autistic children and from my experience I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.
    My heart goes out to them.

    My daughter’s job involves working with autistic children and I know that it can be an incredibly demanding job.

    She does enjoy it but has been on the receiving end of some aggressive behaviour from some fairly big teenaged kids from time to time. As you’d probably expect.

  19. I remember that Live 8 was also done to raise ‘awareness’.
    Well, the only things it made me aware of were celebrity cunts guzzling champagne, eating caviar, getting ludicrously expensive goodie bags, acting like Roman fucking emperors, and being complete and utter cunts. I especially recall Mariah Carey and her slaves. What a fucking cunt she is.

    Bob Geldof is a sack of shit.

  20. “Mind Your Own Fucking Business Month”
    would go down a storm, I bet, so much so that the following year it would be expanded to,
    “Mind Your Own Fucking Business YEAR”

  21. When people talk about “the Spectrum”, I usually say:

    “I was on the Spectrum-in 1983, playing “Attic Attack”, “Jet Set Willy” and Piemania, mostly😀👍

  22. In my humble opinion, and as someone who, unfortunately, is currently forced into working in marketing, “Awareness” , invariably means jumping on whatever is the most talked about and fashionable woke bandwagon topical that week – meaning potential brownie points for the ‘client’. Make no mistake, these cunts couldn’t care less for anything else except their own existence – the fashionable stubble beard, brogues, expensive designer specs, R8 driving ‘Exec’, always carrying a laptop held aloft, full of their own importance. And the females…20 year old graduates straight off the catwalk, Ronnie Barker specs and that flirty, hair flicking weirdly vague way they have of talking (like a seven year old) to help alleviate any sort of personal responsibility (especially when they have the decorators in), a designer coffee in hand…From one cunt meeting to another, talking bollock speak of “Low Hanging Fruit” and “Colateral”..It’s the most cynical, suck each others cocks, make-believe fucking existence…and when the company goes down the shitter, they move on to another (or the NHS) and start all over again with a higher salary. BRITISH MANAGEMENT…
    I want to retreat to a ramshackle bungalow on the south coast and whittle white dog shit into walking sticks, listening to Shawoddywaddy, whilst boogying around my Tikka warm cholostemy bag and dying inside.

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