Uppity Gender Pronoun Cunts

A university professor in the colonies has just successfully sued his employer for 400 grand. All because of some uppity little cunt who demanded to be addressed by correct gender pronouns or as a bird (born a bloke).

The professor innocently answered a question with, “Yes Sir,” to which the 18 year old student took offence. After the lecture, he confronted the professor and said he was a tranny and needs to be addressed as a woman. He then got huffy and flouncy and demanded to be called by his ‘correct’ gender pronouns (the usual ‘they them’ shite I think).

The professor, quite rightly, refused and the little shit then pretty much said he’d have him fired. He filed a complaint and the soft as shit yooni gave the prof a written warning with a clear intention to get rid of him if it happened again (which it would as soon as the uppity cunt got in his face the next day I bet).

Well, good for the colonies because the prof won damages due to his first amendment rights being violated.

A matter of time until it happens here and when it does, the prof will have no chance due to our lack of such protection. These cunts can probably have your job if you don’t let them control the sounds coming out of your face.

Imagine some bloke getting in your face and saying “Call me Miss, right now or I’ll have you fired.”

I’d knock the cunt out. And I’d be the bad guy forever.

I did want to cunt the student, but his (yes, his) name has never been released. They had no problem releasing the professor’s name though, therefore throwing the prof to the uppity widow twanky/antifa loonies.

Fuck off.

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59 thoughts on “Uppity Gender Pronoun Cunts

  1. It will soon be the same as when that boxer wouldnt call Muhammad Ali by his new name. Calling him ‘Cassius Clay’.

    In the fight Ali-‘what is my name?’

    I can imagine peoole squaring in the streets soon ‘What is my PRONOUN?’

  2. It has happened here.
    Jordan Pieterson lost his associate professorship at Cambridge, the same week that Ugly Indian Diplomat’s daughter, who said “white lives don’t matter”, was made a full professor.

    I cunted her in early 2020.
    Primavida or something👎

  3. Either address someone by their surname, as in the good old daze, or address them as CUNT.

  4. I cant be arsed to get peoples names right never mind the fuckin pronoun they want.

    They can frankly get fucked.
    I decide if your a bloke or bit of fanny,
    And I don’t really know what a pronoun is,
    And refuse to learn

    If youve a sensitive streak for how to be addressed,
    I’ll classify you ‘NUTTER’
    And talk slowly and clearly .

    They/their should be gassed.

  5. There are no transvestites anymore.

    A transvestite was someone that enjoyed dressing in the opposite gender’s clothes.

    They were nutters, but harmless.

    Now, any bloke that puts on a frock and a wig appears to have the absolute right to be called ‘she’ and be referred to as ‘her’.

    And it doesn’t seem to matter how unconvincing they look in their ridiculous clothes and badly applied makeup.

    Being a transvestite is a serious affair now, and not playing along with their perversion can land you in a lot of trouble.

    But I couldn’t give a fuck.
    I am not going to play along.
    A bloke in a frock will get called a bloke in a frock.

    More reasonable, intelligent people have got to start saying “no”.

    • Im not particularly reasonable or intelligent but I say NO.

    • Blocks in frocks have also won the right to perv in womens changing rooms and toilets.

      • And the cunt would be severely damaged if it went into a ladies any of my darlings were using.
        It’s a brave freak that goes into a ladies loo, or communal changing room.
        Women are viscious and very handy at using a shoe as a weapon.
        I speak from experience.

  6. I’d do the little poof a favour and kick his bollocks in. Cunt, wanker, fucking fa**ot.

  7. Not all profs are woke cunts. I hope this proves my point.

    I like Prof Gad Saad. Very funny and a fucking genius. And Dr. Edward Dutton is as right wing as you can get. He’s a bit mental as well lol.

    • Professor David Nutt, gets my vote. There’s no wokeness in him. He specialises in drugs research, & has written books. But there has been controvery, (What a supprise!) & he has in the past, been labelled a cunt, by other cunts, when he definately isn’t.

  8. I have a hard time holding my tongue when confronted with bullshit. If you suddenly see no more comments from me it’s probably a good guess that I am locked up for offending some woke piece of human garbage.
    Interesting times.

  9. This tranny stuff never fails to provide wonderful entertainment, especially when it backfires on the silly cunts who take it fucking seriously.

  10. It’s becoming clear that “trans” are actually pedos who want to normalise sex with children. Cunts to a man.

  11. I was in a mining museum on Sunday and a bald bloke in a hi-viz started to explain the finer points of the cage position indicator.
    I suddenly noticed he had a rather large pair of tits and long blue fingernails.
    After leaving quickly I was telling a woman outside, “Shhh keep your voice down” she says.
    No I fucking won’t say I, I’m old school and won’t conform to this shite. Fuck off.

  12. $400,000? New holiday home and V8 with number plate message “my pronoun is Fucking Loaded!”
    More of this is needed – wars are not fought by continually giving the enemy ground.
    And “the enemy” is exactly what they are.

    • Vern, I yelled, ” yes” when I read this news report.
      Thank fuck someone developed a modicum of sense.
      I hope the man enjoys the money.
      Deffo a V8 with a vanity plate!

    • Oh for some cunt at Blackburn Rovers to double book Eid with Pride.

    • Not many women, equality within the Muslim community at its finest 😂

      What a wasted opportunity to fly over with a banner ‘Mohammed was a child groomer’ 😂😂

    • If you want to feel better about Eid, do what I do (I really do this). All big supermarkets make a thing of celebrating Eid and ramadamadingdong and have a big, “festive” aisle for it selling halal food (I say food in the loosest possible sense). Go to the meat section, grab the biggest piece of pork you can (a handful of bacon packs will do) and place it amongst the halal shit. Then, go to a member of staff (preferably a peaceful for added offence) saying how you’ve seen said item/s in the halal section. They have to then destroy every item in that aisle and get a rag head in to re bless it.

      This of course costs them a fortune. If enough of us do it, the more it will cost the greedy traitors in charge of the supermarkets. They deserve it and you can have a private chuckle to yourself knowing you have desecrated More-ham-head. Win win.

  13. The precious darlings would have a field day if they came to God’s own county.
    Here you get called, regardless of gender, love, lovey, duck, ducks, cock, cocker.
    We’re very inclusive, an endearment to fit everyone.
    Of course, if someone is being a cunt, they get called cunt.

  14. My preferred gender pronoun is ‘The Allfather’.

    With love.


    NHS Broadmoor.

    • And we totally respect that.
      Interesting to see the Broadmoor security is as robust as ever.

  15. I can imagine how this interaction played out.

    A third part witness to the event rocks up and:

    – Witness “Professor! There has been a terrible accident!”

    – Professor “Where did you witness this event and to whom did it happen?”

    – Witness “It happened to them over there!” (as the witness points it’s finger at a crowd surrounding a person, crying, in a hunched-over posture)

    – Professor “So which which one?”

    – Witness “What do you mean? THEM! …. right over their! Can’t you see them?”


    – Witness “I don’t think it’s appropriate to refer to a person as a derogatory term for the female genitalia! Don’t you know that’s offensive?”

    ….. then they died.

    Simple fucking cunts.

  16. I’m sick and tired of this looney-bollox shite. If someone looks like a man it’s reasonable address them as sir – although cunt would be more appropriate in this case. Unless these retards want to go around with a big sign around their necks announcing to the world their preferred pronouns, then they will have to develop thicker skins – although I appreciate that’s a tall task with today’s perennially offended self-obsessed moronic snowflake youth.

    Fuck them and fuck the woke idiots and PC loons that have sponsored this shite.

  17. On a slightly different note, there is a report in the Mail :

    Fictosexual man’ who married a HOLOGRAM can no longer speak with his wife after her software expires

    What a world!

    • Well ive changed my name to Gorgeous Randy Flamethrower.

      And from now on my pronouns are we/us.

      And if you dont use it we’ll report you to the authorities.

      Think on!💋

      (I would have thought “Artisan Creamy Gate Mac Flasher” would be more appropriate – Day Admin)

      • I’m trying to think of a title using the initials ACGMF, as an alternative to Day Admins spur of the moment offer. ( I know you’re busy), instead of MNC.
        But I have to ask, are you sure about the new name/pronouns.
        Once confirmed, they’ll be no going back.

      • My uncle had a dog called ‘Randy’ a little nippy yapping orrible corgi. Always trying to shag anything that moved.

    • I did a nom on that, So Long, and it vanished quicker than alcohol at a biker party.
      So probably binned, shame, the very defenition of Dweeb.

      • I’m sure Greater Manchester Police and the other relevant authorities have updated their records, Gorgeous.

      • The top brass were all at my ‘naming day’ LL.
        So expect so.
        Nice to see that nice Cressida Dick, all clean shaven and wearing a suit and tie!

  18. There’s a famous cunt round my way known as “the Clapham Trannie.” He was in that series “Chicken Shop” on C4 a few years ago. I’ve seen him around loads of times, the cunt must be knocking on 80 the sick bastard. I once saw an old posh bloke waving his brolly at him….”go away you’re frightening the children.”
    Anyway one day I was in the library and there was one computer free and on the next one was a right tasty bird (from behind) short skirt long blonde hair. You know what happens next don’t you?
    Yeah the thing wouldn’t accept my ID and I was cursing and swearing. From my right came a gruff voice…”can I help you?” Fuck me I was staring straight into his face from two feet away. I got up and walked out. Fucking hell, it put me right off my chips that did.

  19. I used to see this thing every morning back in the mid 1980s as I cycled through the local park on my paper round.

    Short skirt, high heels, big permed hair, tottering walk and a little yorkie terrier on a lead.

    Loads of slap cover the 6oclock shadow and always greeted me with a gruff ‘mornin young un’

    I used to cycle faster than Chris Hoy to get away from it. Another universe of life lesson learned there.

    Fucking degenerate weirdos.

    • Men and Women and a mass of mentally ill pervs and deviant’s. Two sexes only not 300 plus. Two sexes just two, sex cannot be chosen you are born one of two sexes.
      If you are a big bearded man who thinks you are a women, bollocks your just a man who is suffering from a mental illness if you wish access to ladies changing rooms, toilets etc you are also a deviant cunt and need some serious treatment.
      Time to stop this bullshit.

  20. Men and Women and a mass of mentally ill pervs and deviant’s. Two sexes only not 300 plus. Two sexes just two, sex cannot be chosen you are born one of two sexes.
    If you are a big bearded man who thinks you are a women, bollocks your just a man who is suffering from a mental illness if you wish access to ladies changing rooms, toilets etc you are also a deviant cunt and need some serious treatment.
    Time to stop this bullshit.

  21. As someone once wrote: let me give you a hefty boot between the legs and we’ll find out what gender you are.

  22. I saw a poll survey reporting differences between opinions on this topic. Utterly disingenuous questions of course. One example’s enough”
    “Do you think a person can be a different sex than written on their birth certificate?” or something like that. Well, yes, One in forty-five thousand or A hundred thousand have the wrong sex stated. There are various reasons but the decider is when they reach puberty and what was ambiguous before becomes clear (for example if they become pregnant) and there are hermaphrodites as well but really very few even though there’s quite a lot of categories for such a mistake being made. So the answer is YES.

    None of it concerned how a person felt but these vanishingly small percentages, 1 in 100,000 being 0.001%, although real, does not mean that most people agree transgender is real. That’s not what the question asked. But that’s what a correct answer (in this case) was reported as meaning. If they had facts they wouldn’t need to do this.

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