Victoria Coren Mitchell

Victoria Coren Mitchell is a cunt, isn’t she.

Intelligent, sexy, charming, funny, fair, modest, are all adjectives nobody would use to describe this tart.

Jimmy Carr does a gag about Hitler killing poîkeys and Coren defends him; a bloke on GB News makes a joke about that Iranian “journalist” and Coren wails like an amputee.

“Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe is Iranian for ‘ungrateful’ ” said GB News’ Leo Kearse. Not a bad gag and something you could say regardless of whether the whingeing ex-prisoner was French, Norwegian, or Brazilian.

Not for this aloof bitch who called it ‘wayy-ciist’ and tediously banged on about it on social media. Coren, best known for her condescending voice, her dull gameshow, and chuckling about thickie Brexit-voters on Radio 4, visted Zaghari’s husband while he was on a hunger strike. Incredibly, he survived the terrible ordeal.

Yes, yes, she’s got an ample pair of tits but that doesn’t exonerate this spoilt bitch. She and her portentously dreary husband seem to be obsessed with GB News and its viewers. It’s almost as if the BBC creates these condescending, haughty, woke cunts in a laboratory.

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98 thoughts on “Victoria Coren Mitchell

  1. Point of Order!

    Her name is Victoria Coren-Mitchell. Not “Cohen”.

    Surely shome mishtake……

    Point of order. Coren and Mitchell are not hypenated. I checked. I fixed the misspelling though, RTC. Thanking you. – NA.

  2. Ricky ratfaces hunger strike lasted from dinnertime to teatime an he nearly died?😂

    I would only listen to Vicky if she flopped those big titties out.
    Shes married to that bugeyed wetmouthed penguin looking fucker from peep show?

    Probably never had a good tomming?
    Little limp slug like posh cocks all shes had,
    Just frustration talking
    She needs a big hairy northerners unwashed winky in her clam and told politely to shut her fuckin yap.

    Posh slags love rough sex
    And id shove my undercrackers in her mouth to stop her squealing and dry bum her.
    Shed be smitten.

    • Crushed glass and iron filings in the lube MNC old chap, have some decorum

      • Evening Cuntymort 👍

        I had ambitions of being the new Barbara Cartland,
        But because im northern working class they were rejected.
        Class prejudice is worse than racism I think?

        Heres my titles they rejected

        Scuttle round the back
        Lust, chips n gravy
        20 shades of gravy
        Two fingers up an rising..
        Wuthering hands

    • She was worth a wipe 20yrs ago (when she used to play poker with low-cut tops); she’s just another flabby opinionated twittercunt now.

  3. She’s got a great rack but she sounds far too much like her bug eyed, cuntish other half when she talks for my liking.

    And she’s part of the BBC/liberal handwashing intelligentsia.

    So yes – she’s a cunt

      • They certainly are moggie. I wouldn’t mind wanking all over them then watch her offer each tit up to her mouth and lick my jizzun off em.

    • I was thinking the same. The News Quiz died with Alan. Maybe it’s a generational thing. Her brother is an entitled cunt too.

      • Is that Giles? Can’t say I know anything about him. Is it fair to say…….that makes him a cunt? I feel I’m missing some reasoning. Ahhh, fuck it, that’s what the left wing do.

      • He used to co-present some bollocks about food with Uber cunt Sue Perkins if my memory* serves me right. Surely that would be enough to brand anyone a cunt.

        *Some things are best left forgotten.

      • Alan Coren was the last of the old guard on News Quiz – fair, firm and he would have taken the piss out of Kweer Starmer just as much as Boris, when he deserved it, but the wankers who do it these days deliberatly draw a line under the crap Starmer regurgitates. “I like Keir”was the only comment one of the wimminz funsters made last year when he spread his horsehit about not being right to say only women have a cervix.

        Bad news – “The Now Show” with the two OAP undergrads ends on April 15th and the week after “I’ve been Andy Salztman” returns with yet another heap of News Quiz shit. to fill i till the next hilarious run of The Now Show.

        As for pompous Davd Mitchell and his long running offal, he’s on now but he doesn’t deserve that magnifient pair of tits of Vicky’s. I could do more with her funbags even though I am several decades older than him – lets get them jiggling Vicky, and if you are lucky I’ll let you top the bill at my Soho stripclub The Steaming Pussycat. Rest assured she will hear about the benefits of Brexit while I am fucking her.

      • I don’t know the news quiz but I seem to recall his column (Sunday Express?) back in the 70’s and 80’s, enjoyed reading it.

      • There is now a load of middle class twaddle on Saturday mornings called KItchen Cabinet where fucking gobby “foodies” have their concerns debated (fuck World War 3 and energy prices going through the roof, the BIG question is what wine should I serve with the tufa at my candlelight supper?). This is introduced by a fat four eyed slob called Jay Rayner son of the late Claire Rayner. Jobs for the relatives of deceased Wireless 4 presenters and personalities. It’s like Labour on the airwaves.

    • Neither was she when she first started out. Or Mitchell, for that matter.

      But like most of their ilk they’ve gradually allowed themselves to be absorbed into the prevailing BBC Guardianista lefty cultural abyss.

      Not many have resisted. Ricky Gervais is the only name that springs readily to mind right now.

      • I hated Ricky because of his sneering attitude, but when I saw the direction it was pointed I have very much warmed to him, the cunt.

      • He has grown on me over the years. I used to think he was just rude for the sake of it, but his opinions are very touching to know that some ‘Celebs’ are down to earth.

      • John Cleese is another who has stood firm in the face of the woke fascists

      • Yes, John is a great epitome of common sense, it’s why the lefties hate him.

    • Her dad was very un-PC, writing a book taking the piss out of Idi Amin in the 70’s. Idi was featured on the cover saying “Dee nooo bestseller”.

      • That’s not saying a lot. Everyone took the piss out of Idi Amin in the ’70s, and well beyond. Coren was on pretty safe ground there.

      • He was indeed. Amin was an evil cunt. But you probably couldn’t print that today on a book cover, even about a loon like Amin.

      • Agreed. But it was mainstream in the ’70s.

        I’d think a high proportion of book covers from the ’60s to the ’80s would be unprintable today. The covers on practically every Tom Sharpe novel in the Creampuff Manor library would most certainly be verboten!

      • Good to hear Tom Sharpe mentioned, Ruff.

        I’m a great admirer of Kommandant van Heerden.

  4. Just another patronising woke witch. The media is awash with these odious harridans. They mistakenly believe they are on safe and hallowed ground. Fervently accepting all the liberal identity bollocks constantly spewed over them.
    The arrogance and ignorance of these whores seems to know no bounds. They will in time be devoured by the bastard child they created.

  5. Way too broad in t’ beam.

    I just don’t get why there was so much fuss over that ungrateful Vaseline Ziiggy Ratarse anyway, not even a proper Brit 😉

  6. As Leo Kearse said in an interview following VCM throwing a tantrum, he wasn’t criticising Iran but an individual who happened to be Iranian, accused of being ungrateful isn’t mutually exclusive to Iran but a negative personal character trait and finally, Iran isn’t a fucking race of people so is xenophobic if anything….which it wasn’t.

  7. On the subject of comedy, the biggest joke this week is an (allegedly) tax dodging daki, who has plenty of cash and registered as a ‘non-dom’, married to the Chancellor of the UK Government who has just butt-fucked up with a tax increase.

    Hahahaha – very fucking funny.

    Boat trip back to Calais would fitting…

    • Have you ever known a government so out of touch with the people as this lot? Not even during the dark days of the end of the Thatcher regime did a UK government really not give a fuck about the plebs.

  8. Her fucking brother is also all over TV like a bad rash. Lady C goes apoplectic when this woman is on TV. Her and Katherine Jenkins for some reason.

  9. A great rack is great but does not make up for a mind full of liberal bullshit. There is nothing less attractive except ugly fucked up feet. Both are instant deal breakers.

    • In my opinion, she is so doable. Who cares about political allegiances and lefty views. There’s a certain vibe she radiates that is definitely horn inducing. As for ugly feet, you shouldn’t be looking at that when you’re poking the fireplace. No one should care about politics and such like when you’re in full grunt mode. I agree her better half is a complete cunt. I cannot imagine him fulfilling his ‘duties’ which is why I think, in the right place and time-if you’re lucky, you would need a lot of rest and recuperation post exercise.

    • Mitchell was excellent in Peep Show. For that series alone I can forgive almost anything.

      I consider him best avoided or ignored nowadays.

    • Mitchell is just a ranting lefty wanker-for-hire on panel shows nowadays.

      I honestly wonder if he believes any of the guff he comes out with.

  10. Typical patronising, self-righteous, libtard, metropolitan cunt. Her and her unfunny husband on board the BBC gravy-train, showering the little plebs with their wisdom. Two cunts for the price of one. A fucking bargain no one wants. Just fuck off the pair of you.

  11. Sorry chaps-inappropriate horn-this chubby bitch looks like David Cameron in a tranny wig😢

    As for tits: 34c is the magic number.

  12. I cannot support a cunting of this fine fettered lady, with breasts that are indeed the epitome of all that is milk laden wonderment. A gaping gash of silken delight, with a vaginal liquid so sweet, and a scent of the very Gardens that are Eden. Nipples , erect, Prominently thrust forward every ready for a hungry mouth.

    No sirs, I cannot.

  13. Re: Leo Kearse.
    He is a regular on The Locust-Eaters podcasts.
    Whilst he is an “average” comedian at best, he is at least, slightly right of centre.

  14. Point of order

    Are those tits plastic?

    I do not like plastic tits.

    They are prone to melting.

    Inth oven.

  15. What I can’t stand is this self styled holier than thou cleverness the likes of Coren try to portray. More often than not, it’s the famous parents who were the genuinely talented ones. The BBC do like giving jobs to the offspring of the old guard as though their ancestry guarantees talent. Look at the likes of the Dimbleby’s, Dan Snow, Claudia Winklewank etc. Please don’t ever tell me Attenbore’s offspring are thinking of following in their old man’s footsteps. I’ll top myself.

    • Add Emma Forbes and Zoe Ball to that list.

      Wasn’t Dimblebore a Bullingdon cunt as well?

  16. Leo K has his own YouTube channel, glorious stuff.
    As for sticky Vicki, I’ll give her to the gardeners to rummage over, what’s left will be boiled up for the dogs.
    Posh,sanctimonious twat.

    PS: Mitchell just exudes the aura of the swotty cunt who got bullied at school and didn’t lose his virginity until his 30’s.
    A fair cunting that allowed two birds with one stone.

  17. Fat stuck up cow with a complexion like a pepperoni pizza.
    And BBC filth to boot.
    Then hang what’s left…

      • Perhaps Ruffy,

        I’ve often thought I have a knack for spotting a cracking looking lass.

        Sometimes I find it more sexy when a woman keeps some items of clothing on.

        Sadly these days, the best I get is Mrs Palm and her 5 daughters. 😔

      • Evening CG,

        Sometimes I find it more of a turn on when it’s hinted at what lies behind that duvet, rather than a woman just having her beaver on display.

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