Victoria Coren Mitchell

Victoria Coren Mitchell is a cunt, isn’t she.

Intelligent, sexy, charming, funny, fair, modest, are all adjectives nobody would use to describe this tart.

Jimmy Carr does a gag about Hitler killing poîkeys and Coren defends him; a bloke on GB News makes a joke about that Iranian “journalist” and Coren wails like an amputee.

“Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe is Iranian for ‘ungrateful’ ” said GB News’ Leo Kearse. Not a bad gag and something you could say regardless of whether the whingeing ex-prisoner was French, Norwegian, or Brazilian.

Not for this aloof bitch who called it ‘wayy-ciist’ and tediously banged on about it on social media. Coren, best known for her condescending voice, her dull gameshow, and chuckling about thickie Brexit-voters on Radio 4, visted Zaghari’s husband while he was on a hunger strike. Incredibly, he survived the terrible ordeal.

Yes, yes, she’s got an ample pair of tits but that doesn’t exonerate this spoilt bitch. She and her portentously dreary husband seem to be obsessed with GB News and its viewers. It’s almost as if the BBC creates these condescending, haughty, woke cunts in a laboratory.

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98 thoughts on “Victoria Coren Mitchell

  1. I hate her and I’d love to do her plump fanny with the same gently romantic ferocity that Peter Doocy would muster if he ever manages to trap that evil, sexy, lying horndog Jen Psaki in a White House broom closet.

  2. I’d put something in her mouth to shut it. And yes, that Iranian bitch is an ungrateful, hairy arsed spy cunt with a bell for a husband. I’ll give him his due though. His ability to go without sustenance for months is miraculous.

  3. I don’t know who this person is, never come across a mention of her, before today.
    Thats how irrelevant she is in my life, and should be thus in everyone else’s.

    • Exactly. Worthy of a footy chant of ‘who are you?’

  4. wasn’t she known as Vicky whoren during her poker days with the devilfish and others.
    bet she didn’t think it was waysist when she collected a pot or two , or demanded that a more representative selection of cumunniddy should be playing poker with spades.
    imagine a showdown with one that had lost on the river ,fucking Will Smitherines time and on telly .
    yah her new found moral compass points to where the wind blows and that wind is woke the walk

  5. Harold , my ramblings are probably similar , the poor misfortunate that Bruce and i, have became
    Make it a tenner the next time you cheap fucker and ill see can i call.

  6. She is good at poker which makes her very sexy in my book. I used to watch her to early hours of the morning on channel five Ept tournaments at 16, perfect wank bank material. I don’t want to read about her misdemeanors.

    • but the telly thinks her opinion has value and the telly loves an alternative view, its like the new revolution and they invite us to embrace the alternative.
      I love me telly ,can’t live with em, cunt live without em.

  7. Absolutely fantastic tits. That’s the sort of attitude that got me into a lot of trouble in the mid-90s.

    Perhaps her defence of the Radcliffe woman was more a case of sticking up for a fellow posho? Anyway, fantastic tits.

    She wouldn’t have time for any BBC-style performative leftism if she was at mine. Mouth too full of East Anglian meat.

    Fantastic tits.

    Freedom for East Anglia (Queensland Branch).

    • those tits Emperor , have become her burden ,but she still knows there value and will continue to woo the cock audience ,as long as she has an agreement with the hens
      fucking telly makes

  8. Funny how people assume that Iranian tart is innocent of spying just because she married a Brit. Used to be quite common for travellers to unfriendly countries to be approached by the security services for a favour. Ask Kim Philby. She looks like a double agent to me and I’ve seen the Bond films. And Red Sparrow! Whenever I go to Wales or Ireland I report back to MI6 on my observations. They pretend not to be interested in my findings so they have deniability if I get captured photographing the Irish airforce’s hot air balloon. I believe they are in the process of developing a powered hanglider capable of carrying a 12 bore shotgun too.

  9. Another gobshite cunt who has fucked her way to where she is now, her only talent is sucking a golf ball through 6 feet of garden hose, and turning the windows of her car steamy in the office car park after hours [ but probably still clocked on]
    These cunts would make me laugh id they weren’t so tragic, selective affront its called, basically i will laugh this off and get offended about that [ Will Smith style].
    No fucker cares about her opinion [ they forget this] so fuck off back to the car park….cunt

  10. I saw her hosting ‘Do I give a fuck about the News For You ‘last night.
    Predictable wank.
    Smug, posh comedian host ‘Tory man, baaaad!’
    Panelists; fwah-fwah-fwah!
    Studio audience: Ark! Ark!
    Smug, posh comedian host ‘Tory woman? baaaad!’
    Panelists; fwah-fwah-fwah!
    Studio audience:’ Ark! Ark!’
    Ian; ‘it’s a bit like Brexit, really, isn’t it!’
    Paul ‘You mean like the Daily Mail’
    All ‘fwah-fwah-fwah’
    Studio udience; Ark! Ark!

    • Time for Have I got Cunts for you to be cancelled. Ian Smugcunt with his tedious Brexit jokes and Paul Cuntsmug with his unfunny jokes and vacuous stares. Cunts of the highest order.

  11. Cannot stand Her or Her horrible condescend husband a pair of proper cunts 👎👎

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