Rowan Atkinson

There he is again the Cunt. The ultimate mug shot. Smirking at us whenever we try to nominate a Cunt. I know from personal experience that the Cunt does nothing for nothing and has trousered millions over the years out of a very meagre talent. Oh and what is that you may ask? The Cunt pulls faces. He monitizes mugging.

So how much is Admin paying for use of his self copyright? We leave that one hanging. Now worth approx £100 000 000 from TV and Film, principally the Mr Bean franchise, like shite hardened in the bowl no matter how strong you piss on it it will not shift. Go down on hands and knees and scrub away and it still will not shift. Thus Atkinson is always somewhere – crashing a plane or a super car, metamorphosing into an animated cartoon, always making money.

Mr Bean is about to appear on our screens totally miscast as Maigret for crissake. Given there is a strain of Froggie that looks like an over made up baboon (Charles Aznavour, Serge Gainsbourg, Nickolas Sarkozy et al) and a French soldier is universally known as a surrender monkey there may be some justifiable racial stereotyping going on here. But Atkinson as old bumbly voice rich as aged cognac (personally never touch the Froggie filth) Rupert Davies I say not so much as sacred bleu but sacrilege!! As to the portrayal of Maigret by Peter Ustinov I say nothing other than it has to be better than Bean’s.

An Oxbridge golden penis ring via Newcastle the cunt once went out with my sister in law – but then she was an ugly cow as well.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

49 thoughts on “Rowan Atkinson

  1. We know of this obnoxious little cunt in the states and in keeping with the spirit of this cunting let me just say, he’s a shit stain on the diaper of humanity.

    • Fun fact General Sir, in Oz and England a daiper is called a nappy. Perhaps the next time you send your batman (army valet/butler) to the shops you could get him to ask a black attendant where the nappies are. I’m sure you’ll find the security footage most amusing.

  2. Atkinson’s main talent is in spotting an opportunity to make loads of dosh then exploiting it ruthlessly. There’s certainly no talent on show in Maigret. Utter crap.
    He must be well pissed off that Baldrick got the knighthood and not him.

    • Ps
      Proper king that!
      Not like those inbred wet lettuce germans we’re getting!

  3. I liked this chap as Blackadder.
    Although I shudder to say that he was surpassed by that cunt Fry as the Duke of Wellington.

    Everything else he does is shite.

    And he seems to drive like Baldrick.

    • I’m afraid I have to agree. Fry was outstanding, especially as the duke of wellington. TEA!!!!

  4. I’ve always thought that if Mr Bean had been offered to a tv company by a relative unknown, they’d have turned it down flat. There was little about it that could be described as original, but Atkinson and Curtis could do no wrong back then. Most of these alternative comedy types from the early 80s developed a desire to be seen as serious actors when they stopped being funny, if they ever were, when in reality their predominant talent is for being leftie champagne socialists. Let’s at least be grateful that cunt James Corden hasn’t been given the role of Poirot. Yet.

  5. I don’t mind him. Bean can be irritating, but that’s just one element of his output.
    For a celebrity, he keeps a very low personal profile. Unlike others, who are constantly whoring themselves out to Hello ! magazine, ranting about BLM, trans rights, the horrors of Brexit, etc. etc.
    So he’s got loads of bunce and he’s written off a motor car or two. So what ?
    Compared to the likes of Ant and Dec and Jonathan Ross he’s a fucking God.
    I’ll give this cunting a Miss.
    Good morning.

    • Hey Jack,

      I trust your insights more than I do the American media.

      In the states he’s portrayed as a kind of “faux” conservative…an English RINO (Republican in name only) if you will. A hypocrite rather than a true believer who is always in search of the Almighty Quid.* Would you disagree with that assessment?

      (*That would be Almighty Buck in American slang.)

      • Hello, General. I can’t really comment on his leanings as he seems to keep himself to himself.
        No doubt he’d rather be rich than poor.

      • For everyone defending him, I’m not so much commenting on his work, although to be fair I’ve never watched the shows you guys are talking about and only remember him for “Never Say Never Again.”

        And I certainly don’t have an issue with anyone who wants to make money. We all prostitute ourselves to some degree or another. But it’s the money grubbing whore who makes a spectacle out of himself that I object to and that is the impression of him that I have.

        I also have the impression of him as someone who has presented himself as a supporter of the Conservative Party and Boris supporter. The latter isn’t necessarily the worst thing in the world, especially when compared to some of the alternatives, but the notion is that he doesn’t really live up to the values he espouses.

        With all that said, most of what I get is from the American Media with its notoriously left bias. Perhaps they portray him in a negative light precisely because he isn’t a liberal, virtue signaling, Phonywood type.

        As I said to Jack, I trust the judgment of the esteemed cunters here at IsaC more than the cunts in the American media.

        Regardless, I don’t have any specific things that I can point to that would demonstrate his alleged cuntishness so perhaps I’m wrong.

        It isn’t the first time and it won’t be the last.

    • Have to agree Jack. I loved Not the nine o’clock news and Mr Bean is pretty clever . Can’t be easy writing so much material for a mime. He’s alright in my book, A fairly normal bloke that’s done well for himself. Doesn’t spout endless woke and lefty political bollocks looking for right on applause.

    • In agreement with you JTC. There are much bigger cunts out there. I’ll be checking out the next nom. I’m off to work.

      • Agreed. Let’s face it, everyone is a bit of a cunt, but on the spectrum of cuntitude there’s far worse than Atkinson.

  6. Never forget his smug, arrogant face as Ronnie Barker presented him an award at an awards ceremony back in the 80s. The venom contained in the withering stare he gave Ronnie was palpable. Fast forward 30 years and this turd, like that 4 be 2 wankpiece, Ben Elton are part of the (mega rich) establishment, coseying up to the Royals. It’s at that point when the Oxbridge lot took over, having nothing but hatred and contempt for working class entertainment.

    • Now Ben Elton id definitely stick the boot in,
      Pure cunt that.
      Limply should of nommed that turd.

  7. Another close friend of Prince Charles. I wonder how long we have to wait to find out how many dead bodies he’s touched?

  8. Mr Bean utter shite and cant take him seriously as an actor (didnt he do Maigret?) Otherwise seems ok. Never known of him lecturing us little people.

  9. Ruoert Davis WAS Maigret just as David Suchet WAS Poirot. Why try to improve on perfection.

    (Maigret from 1960-1963 with the great Mr Davies is currently being shown on Saturday evenings 2000-2100 on Talking Pictures Freeview Channel 82, with repeats several weeks later on Tuesday evenings 2000-2100

    “le Patron!” as Lucas and Lapointe always said.

  10. Clearly Admin have sympathy with you Limpers as they’ve changed the picture on the noms page.

    Mind you, Clarkson ain’t much better…

  11. Sorry, I can’t agree with this nomination. Blackadder was well-written and well-acted (mostly down to Atkinson though great cameos). Mr.Bean is just for children, foreigners, and re-tards.

  12. Mr Bean and Johnny English are both crap, in my opinion.

    Blackadder, however, I thought was fucking hilarious. Not just down to Atkinson though, although in series 2 and 4 he was excellent. . Brian Blessed (Blackadder), Tim McInnerny and Miranda Richardson (Blackadder 2), Hugh Laurie (Blackadder The Third) and even Stephen Fry (Blackadder Goes Forth) all contributed to a top notch comedy series.

    On the balance of things, Atkinson escapes this cunting.

    • And let’s not forget Tom Baker as the sea captain, he hammed that up like his life depended on it.

  13. The lovely Victoria Coren Mitchell followed by the splendid Roman Atkinson?

    Something is rotten in the state of ISAC.

    Freedom for East Anglia (Queensland Branch).

  14. On the list of cunts Atkinson is quite low down, but I notice he doesn’t do the football commentating any more..
    Whereas Ben Elton is like every 40 year old student I have ever wanted to beat to death – the shifty no good lefty cunt!

    • I considered suggesting swapping back Ben Elton for Adam Hills (a bad deal for all concerned) . If only if uncle Vlad launched a hypersonic middle at their aeroplanes as they passed each other by.

  15. Perhaps this cunting is personal-after all, Sir Limply was almost relayed via marriage.

    As British as Fish & Chips, crap seaside resorts and shite weather🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    I’m with the “no’s” on this one:

    “Cunters? Ha!! I laugh in the face of IsAC and poke the eye of the dreadful, spindly, killer fish!”
    R. Atkinson, April 2022

  16. Loved the Blackadder series.
    Thought they were brilliant.
    Percy discovering the secret of purest green on Blackadder II was hilarious.

    Mr Bean by comparison is and always was shit.

  17. Nah not on board with this one…love most of the stuff he’s in.

    Blackadder is still one of the finest comedies ever.

  18. Loved Blackadder, but it wasn’t just him that made it funny. Not a fan of Bean as came across as a bit creepy to be honest. Could probably play Cliff Richards colostomy bag!

  19. Can’t be a cunt for being rich. Blackadder excellent, JE amusing. From memory Not the 9 O Clock news was funny. Bean is infantile. Atkinson stood up for jokes and free speech.

    This is the second time he’s trashed a super car, isn’t it?

    Is he a Freemason or something?

  20. He was so good as Gerald the gorilla

    Host “can Gerald really talk?
    Professor “Yes he can actually say a few simple words”
    Gerald “If I may just…butt in there…”

    • Yes he was good in ‘Not The Nine O’Clock News’, though not the most talented, that was Pamela Stephenson. Since then he’s dedicated himself to crap slapstick comedy that only a child would find amusing. But if it’s made him a pile of money, I suppose you can’t knock it.

  21. I think his Maigret is quite good.
    I rather fancy Caroline Langrishe in a trench coat, fedora, and black frillies.
    Did I mention that she’d make an excellent Mme Maigret?

  22. Came through the same 80s arsehole as Henry, Barrymore, Dennis you know the Bunch, they all believe their own hype and laugh at each other’s jokes, Mr Bean must be the most annoying character ever to grace the screen, if he really existed I’m sure I would kick him to death.!

  23. I thought he was very funny as the boss in The Thin Blue Line. I don’t know where I saw it or read it but if I saw him walking down the street I’d run into traffic with my eyes closed to avoid him.

    Same wiv Bryan Ferry. Don’t say hello to either of them.

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