The “Sir” Tony Blair [25] Institute

The Tony Blair Institute

Tony ‘The devils wankstain’ Blair and his ‘Institute’, which is ‘non-profit’ and therefore completely innocuous, is already calling for a 4th booster of the same shit you’ve had already. And a vax taskforce. And to ‘cajole’ the unjabbed. And a thorough vax pass system.

I don’t really care what his bellendry institute says. My point is, why the fuck does this shit even exist? Who is funding it? Why? And what skin in the game does he have anyway!

Should be investigated for corruption, then the doors welded shut with him his fucking repugnant family inside, and carpet bombed into oblivion.

Link to some shit about Blair and his big mouth.

Nominated by: The Big Chunky Cunty

(Notice. Since processing this Nom just over a week ago, we now learn the cunt has become a Knighted Cunt. Given that this nom is about to go live in the next hour, you may as well include his knighthood for a cunting as well and save the bother of creating a new Tony Blair nom just for that. Cheers – Day Admin)

93 thoughts on “The “Sir” Tony Blair [25] Institute

  1. Never quite understood who gives a toss about an honour. If that cunt turned up at any normal persons door I doubt very much sir would be in front of Tony when addressing him. It’s a badge only the sycophants suck up to and go all weak at the knees.
    Ooooh it’s Sir Tony.
    He’ll be dead in 20 and will still leave millions unspent and he won’t change fiddly squat. He’s just a puppet to the real players in this world who in turn will die too for what end?
    If I had that money the amount of hookers and drugs I could get through till I die would be monumental
    Tony ditch the witch and enjoy the cash.
    Respect you more if you did that.

  2. At long last Miranda gets a Royal Garter. For services rendered.
    Who does she have the dirt on?

  3. Signed it and forwarded to many……..let’s hope the grinning twat is mentioned in the deadpool list SOON…..

  4. The only thing slimier than Tony fucking Blair dropped out of a dysenteric whale’s colon!

  5. For services to cottaging …..the filthy little cocksucker.
    What an utter cunt.
    I’m sending my knighthood back after wiping my arse with it.

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