The “Sir” Tony Blair [25] Institute

The Tony Blair Institute

Tony ‘The devils wankstain’ Blair and his ‘Institute’, which is ‘non-profit’ and therefore completely innocuous, is already calling for a 4th booster of the same shit you’ve had already. And a vax taskforce. And to ‘cajole’ the unjabbed. And a thorough vax pass system.

I don’t really care what his bellendry institute says. My point is, why the fuck does this shit even exist? Who is funding it? Why? And what skin in the game does he have anyway!

Should be investigated for corruption, then the doors welded shut with him his fucking repugnant family inside, and carpet bombed into oblivion.

Link to some shit about Blair and his big mouth.

Nominated by: The Big Chunky Cunty

(Notice. Since processing this Nom just over a week ago, we now learn the cunt has become a Knighted Cunt. Given that this nom is about to go live in the next hour, you may as well include his knighthood for a cunting as well and save the bother of creating a new Tony Blair nom just for that. Cheers – Day Admin)

93 thoughts on “The “Sir” Tony Blair [25] Institute

  1. There’s that rictus grin again.
    Always grinning.
    Ive lied under oath
    Ive gotten British soldiers killed
    I am a toilet trader
    Ive planted a bomb in Gotham hospital
    Cant trust someone always grinning, ask Bruce Wayne.

  2. They said on the Wireless r mews at midday (they were overjoyed – you could tell by the tone f voice) that he is a Knight of The Garter (which will keep his stockings from falling down and getting a ladder) that such a night “wears a lot of velvet”. I am sure he will look really duckie in it. Mandy must be made up for him (if he isn’t already – I am sure the powder will be flying other.

    Anthony says he is “honoured” and you can already imagine him sticking a couple of extra noughts on his fees for the arseholes who book him for corporate talks.

    If that raddled old poofter can get a knighthood there is hope for all of us.

    • wouldn’t want one, i have morals and principles, no money but i’d rather be poor than descend into the pit of filth with those demons

  3. Very disappointed to see this happen. Just goes to show that the elite have an agenda and purpose that conflicts with that of the ordinary citizen. Blair is an odious creature … the proverbial ‘thing in the night’. I hate the fact that he has been honoured in this way … I’m guessing that a deal was done with him to avoid a more serious attempt to derail the leaving of Europe. Something sinister …
    I’m even more disappointed that the Queen clearly supports this action … so she’s now on the shit list. When she decides to toddle off I’ll be backing the dissolution of the monarchy.

    • The only reason she’s been able to retain her popularity among those who should know better is because she keeps her mouth firmly shut when it comes to politics and divisive issues. Think of all the big name actors and celebrities who have opened their gobs about Brexit and climate change, etc, if they’d kept their mouths as firmly shut as the Queen’s and got on with doing what they do best, they wouldn’t be despised by half the population like they are now. Fuck her and her family.

      • exactly, can’t understand why jk rowling keeps going on about the dog nonces in frocks, ignore them, when they commit a crime beat the fuck out of the dirty cunts/ i mean pricks, otherwise stay off twatter, she’s not doing herself any favours if her publishers ban her next.

      • There’s a petition to have his knighthood removed, I just signed it.

        Won’t change the outcome but it gives the cunt a good poke in the minge.

      • Go to JP.

        Do a search for ‘tony blair rescinded’ and you should find it.

        It’s doing pretty well.

      • Whilst perusing the ‘reasons for signing’, I noticed the comment ‘The mans a cunt’.

        Nothing to do with you JP?

      • I signed.He is a disgrace to our country.He needs to be sent to the Hague for war crimes.I cannot stand the rat.

  4. A fourth jab, yes, for those who need it or want it.

    But herd immunity for everyone else. It’s the only thing that makes any rational sense.

    The Omnicron Mandela variant, with its very mild symptoms (if any at all), is a gift from Heaven that we cannot afford to squander.

    Too many cunts, from the likes of Whitty down, have a vested interest in keeping this madness going. Someone in Government has to say: “enough is a fucking ‘nough!”

    I’m not holding my breath.

      • Exactly Spanky. Pfizer especially have realised that they have the pharmaceutical equivalent of the iPhone and as such aren’t prepared to give this up any time soon.

      • I see, so we’re now back to conspiracy theories again, yawn. Pfizer is just one company. There are hundreds of companies also losing vast sums of money. And it’s not all about money. All these so called the experts who have got used to seeing themselves on telly and feeling important, the Civil Service has got used to “working” from home, teachers using Covid as a political football, the vested interests in bringing this country down.

        I despair.

      • no pfizer is not just one company, its a conglomerate of 100s of companies, mostly pharma but now a lot of media…plenty of videos out there that have collected all the evidence proving pfizer now own, cnn, disney, netflix, msnbc etc…its in their company records…i despair at the small hatted cunts that won’t stop shilling

      • Oh come on RTC, we both know that there’s people who benefit financially from this. Why wouldn’t they want to keep the profits rolling in? Obviously the virus is real and on balance the vaccine is probably safe but market forces are a thing.

      • I never suggested there weren’t people benefiting financially from the pandemic, and yes they’d love to keep the profits rolling in. But there are far more people losing £billions due to lockdowns and associated restrictions. If Pfizer and their ilk really believe that destroying the British economy is ultimately in their interests then they’re fucking idiots. As would be the Government if all they care about is Pfizer’s profits.

      • Unfortunately Ruff I think there’s people who really should know better who really are that short termist.

      • I don’t doubt that, but there are also people who like to be popular and win elections, and Johnson is one of them.

      • Pfizer own Disney and Netflix? CNN? I bet there are videos out there saying there’s proof, but probably on bitchute no doubt, where you can say any old shit and some fucker will believe it, and more so because it wasn’t allowed on any regulated media. This is always because it’s an outright lie, not because they are being silenced.
        Two separate stories about the same subject spring to mind, both posted on here as ‘proof’ or news that wasn’t being covered by the ‘MSM’
        The first was some crackpot Irish trollop, who was ‘reporting’ from outside an Irish courthouse, telling her slackjawed followers that there had been a ruling that the vaccines were dangerous, and their use was being withdrawn forthwith. She was waving this bit of paper around like some demented Chamberlain tribute act saying it was proof, in black and white, and was a victory against big pharma etc.
        Except it wasn’t. It was a fucking lie, and stupid gullible cunts bought it hook line and sinker. Fuck knows what was on that bit of paper, as she purposely didn’t show it to the camera, but the loners and stoners, the lazys and crazies couldn’t wait to share it. Fuck checking it out, it agreed with their narrative.
        A couple of weeks ago, there was a similar article, saying much the same story, but this time it was a court in the US, and they had labelled it a ‘bio weapon’
        Of course this was absolute bollocks too, was again shared on here as, wait for it, FACT!

    • wankers need at least 12 jabs, the annoying dinghy cunt in my corner shop needs at least 14 just for wearing two masks, i told him to be on the safe side ive had 8 and have never felt fitter, recommended he do the same then like me he won’t need a mask….he was very interested in my advise, excited in fact, i told him to use different centres each time and spell his name different to trick them cos they’re being racist with non whites and pretending they havent got enough to go round.

  5. Please forgive a pedantic response: I have long been interested in Blair’s extraterritorial operations, and have partial answers to your questions:

    “… why the fuck does this shit even exist?”
    Very briefly, and from memory, the Blair Institute for Global Blair emerged from the collection of charities, opaque business schemes and thinktanks founded by Blair in 2006. The Tony Blair Faith Foundation in particular was beginning to attract attention by the Charities Commission, while his financial fixer outfit Firerush Ventures ( and five associated tax-opaque brass plates) was not doing as well as expected. Blair retained the touchy-feely Windrush Ventures (and five more associated tax-opaque brass plates) as part of the new conglomerate, but has relinquished all pretence of charitable activities. The Institute for Global Blair fulfils the necessary role of making Tony look as IMPORTANT and DECISIVE as he hoped he did when in office. It trades heavily on his former connections.

    “Who is funding it? Why?”
    Anyone who wants a bit of lobbying done, anywhere. While Mandelson’s much less upfront Global Counsel does this in Russia and the FSU, Blair’s interest these days is in Africa, where he interposes himself between international aid streams and governance initiatives, the more corrupt the better. Other sources of income included Kazakhstan, for doing a spin job for the murderous regime, Rwanda, ditto, and Saudi Arabia, ($7M as I recall) entirely coincidentally after the brutal murder of Jamal Kashoggi. He represents the Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund, Mubadala, and JPMorgan, with particular reference to African investment programmes. Abu Dhabi has also funded some of his Balkan activity. He has Institute suits planted in half the governments of Africa. He cultivated the acquaintance of Egyptian zillionaire Naguib Sawiris – close to the Sisi regime – and for some time enjoyed the use of the Sawiris private jets. He “advised” on the TAP gas pipeline…hostile source intentional… …and this was probably connected with his employment by his big chum, Albania’s Edi Rama. The pipeline crosses Albania.
    Current status unknown, due to lack of media interest or enhanced security, but Chinese involvement suspected.

    “And what skin in the (Covid) game does he have anyway!”

    None whatever. But his delusion that his opinion matters forces him to express it all the time, unaware that this reveals his extreme superficiality, ignorance of the issues, and baseless conviction that he is still a political force. He shares this with John Major, also a Garter knight…

  6. The ultimate turd that just won’t flush.

    Nothing that this oily, grinning-like-a-wanking- jap piece of faecal matter says is of any relevance to anyone.

    You’ve had your chance to make a difference Tone, and made a complete bollocks of it, so just get to fuck once and for all. You fucking CUNT.

  7. Happy New Year Everyone

    This has been the most terrible start to the year, a man who took our country to war based on a lie, has been knighted. I suspect the Queen was over-ruled on this, it seemed to have been an act of just principle to deny him the knighthood Blair so deperaycraved. I just wonder what pressures were brought to bear to make it happen.

    • Happy new year one and all…except pedo dog fucking cunts and i hope they burn to death

    • Bloody hell. Apologies for the long link.

      Anyway the picture should be empty shield save for the Garter. Now come on Cunters let’s be creative what is something that reoresents Tony and should be a part of his Coat of Arms?

  8. Good job Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Stalin, Mao and other genocidal murderers aren’t still alive otherwise they would have probably received “honorary” knighthoods (KBEs I think) in much the same way that Irish bogtrotter, Bob Geldof got one back in the mid-80s.

    The Establishment fucks over the Proles yet again!

    • i see it as an official badge that outs them as pedo genocidal cunts, i wouldn’t want one of their pedo gongs or even want to breath the same oxygen around them

  9. That Van Tam fellow-I have not watched a single minute of the MSM coverage, since the second week into the “pandemic”-I did read last night that he said, something along the lines of:

    “We are at half time, of extra time, with the pandemic”

    He needs to say: “The referee blows-its all over. Oh, Tony Blair is a cunt who should be on trial for war crimes.”

    Then I will start the campaign to have him awarded a fucking peerage👍

  10. Stop the Press…
    Genocidal maniac deeply concerned about coughs and sneezes in the general population.

    Fuck off Miranda or should that be “Sir Miranda” now.

  11. I’m assuming this fucking cunt is sucking Bill Gates cock.
    For the last 20 years.
    Quisling multiculturist evil bullshitting traitor.
    Fuck Off.

    • yep he is, gobbling like a goblin, he’s a member of that cock sucker baby raper club known as the world economic forum, or the (genocidal cunts) for short

  12. Words cannot describe the magnitude of this cunt’s cuntery.

    Not ageing very well are we Tony?

    The years have not been kind to you have they son?

    Is that because you have had to live with the guilt of your actions, and their consequences for the last 20 odd years?

    I for one hope that you never get a decent night’s kip.

    And what’s with the black teeth Tone?

    Has Cherie forgot to buy toothpaste for the last couple of years, or are you smoking forty Senior Service a day?

    Who is your dentist? Remind me not to book an appointment there. Is it the same one Shane McGowan uses?

    Another couple of years and you will have a mouth like a burnt-out village.

    Five years and hopefully you will be pushing up daisies.

  13. According to Tone any cunt without a vaccine is an idiot.

    According to Tone a 6th form paper on WMD is reason enough to invade Iraq.

    We could cunt Tony all day everyday and never run out of reasons to cunt him!

    He really is a piece of shit.

  14. Flog him alive.I want to remove his shit eating grin off his face.Oven oven oven please Unkle Terry for the Bliar.

  15. Can honestly say in all truth if I was offered a gong I would dress up, go to the reptilian’s palace and announce to the press I was only there to tell Lizardbreath in person to shove it up her treasonist old snatch. Giving awards to British traitors like Blair & Witty is the ultimate insult to all the thousands of innocents that have died because of these cunts. Standing on a scaffold with ropes round their necks and shit running down their legs would be too good for them, petrol, match, good riddance

  16. The header picture sums him up wonderfully.
    The insincere grin, the lack of expression in the eyes.
    Has anyone ever seen him out in daylight?

  17. “Non-profit” and “Tony Blair” are two things that should never be seen in the same sentence together. When this fucker finally carks it someone needs to shoot him again with a silver bullet and drive a stake through his chest just to make sure the bastard really is dead.

  18. Does anyone else fancy a leaflet drop around the illegal gimmegrant hotels?

    I’m thinking along the lines of a picture of Teflon Tony and his home address, with a simple line underneath that reads “This is the cunt who fucked up your country”

    • Wouldn’t that be ace.

      “Yes, Cherie.”
      “There are thousands of Kurds, Iraqis, and Somalians in our front garden wondering if ypu could pop outside for a minute.”
      “They must want to give me another peace award.”
      “They’re demanding satisfaction. I know how they feel.”

  19. Tony Blair, the war monger gets Knighted, Suck Dick Khan lies again for the second year running that there will be no New Years’ Eve fireworks due to Covid and then surprise, surprise, goes ahead at the last minute.
    Ashley Banjo gets an MBE for being a race baiting cunt.
    Southern Trains are not going to run any trains until 10th Jan.
    2022 is looking like it is going to be a bigger shitstorm than 2021. My piss is boiling and the first day of 2022 hasn’t ended yet!

    • We’ve got fireworks again tonight, LLF.
      They’ll be at the food bank Monday.
      Sub normal cunts.

      • JP@ – Many a true word said in jest! A public burning of Blair would be more fiscally fecund, but stay downwind of the sulphur fumes..

  20. Fucking ‘ Sir’ Tony Blair a cunt for all seasons. What the fuck Liz is playing at fuck only knows. My piss has reached magma type temperatures today.

  21. Tony Blair truly is the Cunt of all Cunts. A cunt who is almost universally reviled by both the left and the right in equal measure. He doesn’t deserve to be on the Wall, he deserves an entire wall all to himself.

  22. The only honour this wanker should receive is a lifetime in prison
    If not the nearest lamppost to swing from
    Regarding his Institute For Global Reform it’s just like him a con 👎👎

  23. The only sane reason I can think of for Madge doing this is so she can ram a sword through the cunts throat on live TV. Then get rid of the undead monster’s carcass in a vat of holy water.
    I hope this makes him a bigger target for the peacefuls, I’d buy the one that ended him a new rug.

    • Just read that there are already 20,000 signatures on the petition to strip him of his knighthood at the counter was rolling round like a one armed bandit.

      • Bob Hawke. The Americans did what they perceived was best for them, fair do’s. A slimy grinning insincere duplicitous conniving cunt like Blair, before Blair. He is a foreign agent and traitor complicit in the 1975 coup. He transformed the Labor party from the party of the workers into the corporate woke cunts they are today. I could rant further but I’d give myself an aneurysm. Warm enough down there for you Bob?

    • Wasn’t there an Austrayan Proime Ministah that disappeared?

      Some believed he did a Reggie Perrin.

  24. We all thought that Jeremy Kyle was the British Standard Cunt then Tony Blair trumps it by getting a knighthood.

    • Indeed.
      I’d say that Blair should now be recognised by the UN as the International Standard Cunt.

  25. His institute is ‘jobs for the boys’ NGO type bollocks.

    100k+ (sometimes well over that) salaries for doing fuck all, but nobody can really apply for those jobs. The ‘experience’ needed can only be given to the chosen few (nepotism).

      • Signed.

        Words alone cannot express the magnitude of cuntitude that runs through Tone like the word ‘Blackpool’ runs through a stick of rock.

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