Cunts who buy Pineapples.

I don’t mind a little bit of pineapple in tinned fruit cocktail but some Cunts apparently eat it with gammon…how fucking revolting, an egg is the only thing that goes with gammon certainly not fruit…nobody would have beef and strawberry or chicken and raspberry, so why the fuck have gammon and pineapple?…

As for the drug addict/ Council Estate types who spend their benefits on a “pizza “with pineapple..well,nthey should be sterilised and confined to their dreadful bedsits before being gassed by Rentokill.

Anyone who buys a whole pineapple is probably a rampaging Gay who stuffs it up his arse before getting in his pink hairdresser’s jeep and driving too quickly repeatedly over speed-bumps while listening to the music of The Communards.

Nominated by: Dick Foxchaser-Fiddler

(Clearly you’re suffering from PTSD – Pineapple Traumatic Stress Disorder – Day Admin)

88 thoughts on “Pineapples

  1. As for the header photo, I’d slice the top off with a machete, then pour in a load of turps. Leave to marinade/die.

    How long before we see a banana hair cut?

  2. Good afternoon, Dick. A timely cunting of one of the great social evils,and as always you’re well informed about the Gay scene.

    Surprised the fad for gammon with pineapple has survived so long; it was the heighth of aspirant chic in my parents’ time, but they were rationed then, I suppose. It’s part of the nursery-food school of cuisine – drench, slather or otherwise coat a perfectly respectable cut of meat in something sweet and sticky. I refer you to honey glazed ham*, also sweet and sour pork (another target for the pineapple).

    An apple in the mouth of the suckling pig is as far as it goes at Komodo Acres.The apple is by tradition given to the most deserving of the tenants after the meal is over.

    *stuck with fucking cloves ffs. Cloves are for apple crumble.

  3. I cook an excellent pork and pineapple curry.

    Nothing wrong with a bit of fruit to liven up your food.

  4. How about cheese and pineapple though? They’re ok but the pointy sticks are little bastards.

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