Jonathan Powell

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A special new year gift of a pair of trousers with a hole in each knee, please, for Blairite arse-licker Jonathan Powell, the frizzy haired old queen who used to be the press front man for the Duchess of Sedgefield.

Now that we have “Sir Anthony” so many of his old muckers have crawled back, blinking in the limelight and Powell is not to be outdone.

He feels that Brexit has endangered the so-called “Northern Ireland Peace Accord”. Needless to say 2 newspapers have taken up the old maid’s “fears” one is the Independent – the rich man’s Daily Mirror and the other, of course, and inevitably, is Lord Adonis’s favourite lavatory paper, The Guardian. I give you the latter, because at least they don’t claim to be “independent”:

Guardian News Link

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

58 thoughts on “Jonathan Powell

  1. A knighthood seems to be a solid indicator that the person is a cunt. Are there any “knights” of the realm who are NOT total cunts?
    Asking as a yank.

    • Nope, you have to be a (semi) famous cunt, crook, jock or micro celeb.

      You can also get one if you’re a partner in a corrupt bean counter, crooked official in the paperclips ministry or just have the money to buy already unethical MP or minister. Money attracts money.

      As far as I can see, most go to people who should be in prison.

      • The combined readership of the not so and guardian wouldn’t fill a public convenience
        They are written by cunts and read by even bigger ones , fortunately their wonky world views don’t resonate with the vast majority, I used to have a brief look at both but found them both deeply depressing and hugely irritating..

    • Well they are cunts, but not as much of a bunch of cunts that run your Republic. George III would do a much better job than any of your Presidents and the sewer in Washington since Eisenhower.

  2. The architect of the Good Friday Agreement? So the people of NI have you to thank for releasing scores of terrorists from prison, including serial murderers.
    Brexit, brexit, yada, yada, yada. Fuck right off you cunt.
    And your curly perm needs redoing as well, you limp-wristed old Queen.

    • Powell has a short memory, as I recall it was the late Mo Mowlem who did the heavy lifting in that agreement. Then the night before it was signed Blair minced into , with Powell walking two steps behind to enjoy his masters farts.

      These wankers have an ego the size of Diane Abbotts arse – gets larger when the people like Ms Mowlem are no longer around to argue – reminds you of the “My dad the Toolmaker” story of Dame Keir.

      • Keir’s Dad nade his biggest tool from his nut sack once Keir made an appearance from his mothers vag.

      • Yes, Dame Qweir is a right tool, by any stretch of the imagination. Or sphincter, in Powell’s case…

      • Absolutely correct, WC. Also remembering “Lord” Peter Mandelscrote, who continues to claim credit for having been NI secretary – but had to drop that job fast when found to have got his chum Hinduja a passport. In fact the Good Friday Agreement was simply the final resolution of talks which were begun by Major and mediated by Sen. Mitchell. We don’t need to remember that says Blair…

        Powell continues to be an ‘advisor’ to the Blair Institute for Global Blair. May have had trouble uncurling his tongue from Bambi’s prostate….

    • Plenty of players did very well out that.
      Money talks.
      That’s Bliar..
      No morals
      No standards
      No nothing.

      I’m amazed he hasn’t been targeted by one of these rampant far-right groups we keep being told about.

      Fuck em all.

      • I’m surprised he hasn’t been targeted by the families of a million dead Iraqi civilians.

        Come on Iraqis! Up your game!

  3. Powell was an ineffectual useless pen-pushing, arse-sniffing cunt back in the day, and nothing much has changed 25 years on other than the cunt has only come out to play because its safe to do so and his surrogate “suck on my tit” mommy, Sir Blair of Arseholeshire, is back in the limelight for various nefarious reasons.

    No different to other ancient political dinosaurs who just don’t know when to die – Major, Lawson, Tarzan, Hunchback and a few other fetid leftovers

    • And at least he managed to crash himself to death before the h0m0s appropriated the word “Rainbow”…
      As you’re a fan of Motõrhead, MNC, do you also like Dio?

      • Ah, good old Rainbow – have seen them a couple of times under the watchful gaze of that cunt, but excellent axeman Richie Cuntmore.

      • Wouldn’t say im a fan Thomas,
        Really .
        Some of my mates are.
        Know how some bands you just never listen to not by choice,
        Just get overlooked?
        Dios like that for me.

        Heres Cosy at his best!

      • Rainbow Rising is a great album.

        I treat my neighbours to a regular rendition of Man on the Silver Mountain and Stargazer played on one of my lovely Strats.

        They don’t seem to appreciate it though.

        The philistines.

    • Ronnie was a legend and truly had time for his fans. He died way too early.

      That long-tongued arsehole and pretendy Red Sea Pedestrian rock start Gene Simmons tried to make people believe he invented the devil’s horn hand sign, when it was Ronnie who did it first.

      • Dio was an awesome singer and showman, especially for Sabbath and his own Dio lineup.

        Saw him with Sabbs back in the early 80s during their Heaven & Hell tour, and I gotta say his voice resonated far more than Ozzy ever could.

      • Damned right TC…as amusing as Ozzy was in his hellraising heyday, his voice was always shit and reedy.
        Although Lemmy wasn’t much better (in terms of technical ability), much as I love him/Motörhead

      • I’ve never understood how Kiss became so successful. I liked ‘I love it loud’ but that’s it.

        Ramones, Television, Blondie, Dead Kennedys to name a few. Far more influential.

  4. Blair, Powell, Brown etc are like psychotic ex partners – even when you have volubly told them to fuck off, dumped all their shit in the street and told them LOUDLY that you want fuck all to do with them ever again they still won’t leave you be because they hate the fact they are not twisting and pulling strings any more.
    Blair destroyed my Country and killed my people, and I will never forgive him – further – if it was up to me I would make the day the evil little goblin bastard rejoins the boss downstairs “Dead cunt Blair day” and a national PAID holiday.
    I would love to kick this bastards heart out of his ribcage.

    • Ive had that hairstyle since 1986.
      No cunt had pulled me up on it.
      Now I’m paranoid that I’m a fuckin tramp

  5. It’s scary to think that in 20 years time we’ll be moaning about the politicians, advisors and slippery-cunts of today, such as Kweer, Flabbott, Hancock, Hunchback and of course Boris the Doris.

    We will hark back and say “Do you remember how Boris betrayed the country and totally fucked us over? And yet he ended up with a knighthood for services to cunthood by King Fuckwit Harry and Queen Migraine!”

    However, in 20 years time most of us will be dead, or not allowed to post anything remotely offensive otherwise we’ll be carted away to have our brains rebooted by the sitting government, The Woke Party

    • It won’t be long before we have a Prime Minister who’s a transbumder freak, standing up to the despatch box in a dress and wig to pass a law that makes being a bender compulsory.

      • Doris in a frock? He’s already got the dodgy hair. G-Plan could supply the “feminine” garb…

  6. Am looking at that header pic of that King of Cunts, Blair and that arrogant stride of his coupled with that fucking Cheshire Cat grin.

    I think he is the only person that I would ever wish some ISIS cunt would come along and hack his fucking head off for real.

    There are a lot of other horrible cunts in this world, but I would never wish them an early grave. But Blair… OMG… he is a festering boil that needs a good fucking lancing with a rusty scimitar!

  7. Powell was just on the World At One holding forth about the Downing Street parties. Of course, he towed the Labour line absolutely. Apropos the apology to the Queen, he expressed the hope that it sounded ore sincere to the HoC one – of course Powell would know exactly what to say to an old queen as he s one himself and has worked for one.

    That’s what I love about Wireless 4 – their total predictability – want an independent voice to comment on Brexit? – Get Grieve, Soubry or Mandy

    Want an independent comment on the Conservative party – get a Blair lickspittle.

    I wish Boris would just resign (I assume he will have to with piss poor local election results in 5 months time), if only so that the BBC can stop wheeling out these arsewipes.

    • Absolutely agree that Boris should resign but it should be coupled with leaving Nadine Dorries in place as culture secretary and privatisation of the BBC. There should be no more witch hunts and campaigning with public, licence fee payer’s money.

    • Can you squeeze in that archcunt Blair and his rancid wife and kids? Ah fuck it it’s Friday stick the whole Labour party in too. CUNTS

  8. It’s that Man With Shit-eating Grin again. Plus bum-licking acolyte.
    I’d hang the pair of them in the jungle for the natives to wipe their arses on instead of prickly leaves.

  9. Isn’t this the cunt who at some point decided to pronounce his surname “Pole” and from then on had a hissy fit if someone referred to him as Powell?

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