Lord Ahmed of Rotherham (2) – Convicted Peado

Lord Ahmed ( Lord my arse, kid dy fiddle ing scum ). Some time ago I alluded that this Cunt was involved in the P. Aki grooming s scandal in Rotherham.

Well according to the link he is now officially a kid sex offender. Labour peer of the realm, makes me sick Cunt.

Pander to evil and it will take you over. He’s liebour are cunts the political establishment are cunts South Yorkshire police are useless cunts. Boy I could go on and on.

Ahmed you are a fucking CUNT

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“Ex Lord” Ahmed has been found guilty of historical kiddy fiddling from the 70’s.

Ann Cryer labour MP for Kiethly for many years raised the issue of par ki’s abusing white children with drugs and sexual exploitation, she was ignored by all the labour/ Tory twats on power, mustn’t upset the ethnics. Wacist…!

She was in fact told to shut the fuck up…The scale of this ethnic rape-abuse of white British children by sex starved Asians has never and will never be properly investigated.

There will be a token gesture with a few of them going to clink and that will be the end of it.. GB is now well and truly FUCKED. I hope the liberal lefty twats can keep their offspring safe, one day the ethnics will come for THEM….☠️

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130 thoughts on “Lord Ahmed of Rotherham (2) – Convicted Peado

  1. These filthy cunts when nicked should be sent to a special prison full of psycho gay rapists. The resulting outcome should be broadcast iworldwide.

  2. Downing Street now repotedly had not one but two parties on the night before Prince Philips funeral.Involved booze dancing and went on to the early hours.This is beyond a national joke.

  3. I’d like to think this is the start of exposing these vermin, but I seriously doubt it.
    They’ve been at it for decades, likes of Tommy Robinson called out these fuckers yrs ago.. he grew up amongst the vermin in Luton.. and has been banged up.. . ridiculed…. abused.. been placed on the terrorism list ffs.


  4. Hopefully the vermin P**I pee-do and all the other filthy Muzzi scumbags in this case are sent down and receive proper summary justice in clink in the form of a pool ball, sock and shiv

  5. ADMIN: With all due respect why has my joke been removed? there’s more controversial and derogatory statements on this ISAC site than my joke.

      • There’s a ‘ Contact Us’ option in the menu, Wobbler. Try that with your query. I don’t know if it works, I haven’t, as yet, had occasion to use it.
        I suspect the time is coming soon, though.

      • Thanks guys, maybe they construded it has incenting violence, If that was the case then most of the truthful passionate comments on here would curtainly be deleted. Unlike the left, I do have a modicum of personal restraint and don’t always act on what is stated, seems this demographic have F O Speach limits, unlike all others that you can virtually say anything to extreme levels, just revisit previous posts, to see. I digress……….

  6. 9614 Muslims in Rotherham as per the 2011 Census (Most recent census as to when this came to light)
    Remove the 2500 odd children
    Remove the 3614 women
    Leaves us 3500 men
    420 of these men are suspected/convicted rapists
    Thus, roughly 12% of Muslim men in Rotherham are rapists.

    There’s a fucking reason why the government won’t release it’s investigation into this….

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