Lord Ahmed of Rotherham (2) – Convicted Peado

Lord Ahmed ( Lord my arse, kid dy fiddle ing scum ). Some time ago I alluded that this Cunt was involved in the P. Aki grooming s scandal in Rotherham.

Well according to the link he is now officially a kid sex offender. Labour peer of the realm, makes me sick Cunt.

Pander to evil and it will take you over. He’s liebour are cunts the political establishment are cunts South Yorkshire police are useless cunts. Boy I could go on and on.

Ahmed you are a fucking CUNT

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and supported by John morlar

“Ex Lord” Ahmed has been found guilty of historical kiddy fiddling from the 70’s.

Ann Cryer labour MP for Kiethly for many years raised the issue of par ki’s abusing white children with drugs and sexual exploitation, she was ignored by all the labour/ Tory twats on power, mustn’t upset the ethnics. Wacist…!

She was in fact told to shut the fuck up…The scale of this ethnic rape-abuse of white British children by sex starved Asians has never and will never be properly investigated.

There will be a token gesture with a few of them going to clink and that will be the end of it.. GB is now well and truly FUCKED. I hope the liberal lefty twats can keep their offspring safe, one day the ethnics will come for THEM….☠️

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130 thoughts on “Lord Ahmed of Rotherham (2) – Convicted Peado

  1. Yoh know it’s come to something when the Grauniad arsewipe prints an article about it.
    Hopefully this N. Once gets his come uppance very soon and spills the beans on a whole load more of thses tribal heathens.
    Fuck off.

  2. This cunt was wheeled out by the BBC every five minutes as a great example of diversity in action.

    Well, there it is.

    Just like most of the others.

    There was a Joe Daki lad when I was at university. He was a good lad. Years ago he was going on about peaceful rape gangs before I’d heard anything about it. I thought he would as talking shite. Said taxi drivers were hanging around school gates. He said loads of cunts were at it and the cops are doing fuck all about it. Thought he was joking or mental.

    This ‘Lord’ is another one it seems. It’s not one or two of them, it’s fucking thousands of the cunts
    He seems to have been knighted simply for being a smelly p a kie.

  3. Every last one of these evil n.once cunts should be broken on the wheel then burnt at the stake.

  4. Even the BBC is learning that it can no longer cover up this kind of crime. It had an article on its site yesterday about Moslem “refugees” groping and harassing European women at New Year´s celebration in Milan, a repeat of the mass sexual assaults in Cologne in 2016 when Merkel opened the floodgates. Can´t find BBC link but here it is from the Daily Mail.

    Italian police investigating New Year’s Eve sex attacks on at least nine women in Milan | Daily Mail Online

      • Some teenage girl was plied with drugs, then gang-raped and strangled in Vienna. Apparently, the filthy bastard ended up in a 5* hotel over here. I believe he may be on his way back to Vienna, where he will hopefully be kicked to death by the local cops.

  5. Just start with assumption that they (P’s) are all cunts and you won’t be far off the mark.

  6. Yet, they continually shut down Tommy Robinson. I believe he is about to launch a documentary about the same dirty fuckers in Telford. I can’t seem to find it, and it’s not on the BBC unsurprisingly.

      • Why oh fucking why do they insist on giving Tommy robs real name after every report in the media? What are they trying to prove?
        Does radio 2 say, here’s the latest shite from cliff, real name Harry Gupta Webb? Same with fat Reg and countless other talentless cunts that are shoved down our throats day after day. I’m not a huge fan of Tommy but he is so unfairly treated by the gutter press

      • The grooming gangs are just a modern day manifestation of the rape sanctioned by Islamic scripture since its inception. Since it is a religion of war and conquest, the edicts from the religion permit this kind of behaviour. White women were particularly prized as concubines by the Ottomans and the other caliphates that came before it.

  7. Tommy Robinson on Gettre is exposing more of these fuckers in Telford. Why do Parking stanleys want to fuck white children? I mean who in their right mind would want to do that. Its Jihad. Rape by war There cannot be any other explanation why an entire demographic go for this. Apart from them being inbred. Im confused but no longer surprised by the wankers who make up the “police” who are simply not interested. Its time for new politicians and the training up of local people in law enforcement so the entire “police ” can be disbanded. Peter Hitchens idea.

    • They have no place in this country.
      I hate the cunts..
      Those mosques that blight the landscape of this once great country is truly shameful.

  8. Let’s not forget that this cunt was jailed for killing a motorist on a motorway a dozen or so years ago. The sentence was, from memory ,about 14 weeks.

    • In 2009. the good Lord Ahmed received a 12 week sentence for killing a motorist. The accident occurred around 1.86 miles or 2 mins after the good Lord had last used his phone for texting.

      The Judge who accepted the argument that Ahmed had finished texting and had returned to safe driving, unfortunately, and totally unconnected to any distraction due to mobile phone usage, crashing seconds later.

      No doubt this story would have been corroborated by the other passengers.. who were his wife and mother.

  9. Doesn’t being a nonce make him official one of the old boys establishment now. If any of these cunts were on fire I wouldn’t even lend them a fire extinguisher.

  10. Is it actually possible for our eyes to observe a påķi without a bit of sick coming up?

    • No Thomas, it isn’t possible.
      I had the dubious privilege of being in the Deepdale area of Preston, this afternoon.
      What a fucking shithole, Daleks everywhere, as well as groups of dodgy looking, parking stanley chaps, no doubt plotting their next sex crime against white kids.
      The whole area should be fucking napalmed.
      We are well and truly fucked.

  11. They all should have their pricks knocked off with a hammer, like the BBC statue. Fucking vile cunts.

  12. And yet little is being done to bring these criminals to justice, because Dog forbid anything is done that may upset the ethnic communities, or hint at racism!
    Frankly, I don’t give two fucks who gets upset, a criminal is a criminal and if you break the law in this country you should be punished. They want to consider their selves fortunate we apply British justice and not Sharia!

  13. Are doctors embarrassed when they ask people from Paxtan, “Are you sexually active?”

    • For the peacefuls, the UK driving exam now includes an emergency stop outside of a secondary school.

  14. Well what a surprise…

    A day in the life of a newly arrived Parking Stanley in the UK.

    1pm – Touches down at Leeds Bradford airport arriving on the Pakistan International airlines flight from Islamabad.

    2pm – checks in at the mosque.

    3pm – joins grooming gang.

  15. This rapist peice of shit threatened to mobilise 10,000 Muslims to great Dutch politician Geert Wilders back in 2009 after the release of his anti Muslim film Fitna.
    It’s a sad state of affairs when you can’t find a single version of the original Fitna film, just one-sided Muslim responses in the 100’s. Europe deserves to become part of the Ottoman empire again as it is doing its best to eradicate its culture and history and hand it over to these Muslim cunts.
    Douglas Murray’s Strange Death of Europe has all the warnings and no one is listening.

  16. Wasn’t it MP Naz Shah who stated these victims should just shut up?
    These ‘things’ are a fucking disease, a Hamilton Aki version of the sickle cell is required, jump to it Pfizer.

  17. He made the excuses for the fucking degenerate, rapey cunts:

    “OVER 75% of Pakistani’s in Great Britain are in arranged marriages with their FIRST COUSINS. This leads to unsatisfactory marriages.”

    So there you have it.

    Fucking subhuman scum.
    Give the power and authority and I would construct concentration camps and chambers to dispose of this fucking filth, that would make the works of Eichman, Boormann, Goerring and Great Unkle Addy look like fucking amateurs.

    You are all invited to the grand fucking opening.

    • When that happens im going to get ’employee of the month’ every month.

      Load those trains!!!!😁

    • What I find abhorrent about this is that you have not considered me for Kamp Kommandant. Especially as I can already supply some ‘sonderkomando’ to do the most filthy tasks. 🤔

    • Perhaps their ever diminishing gene pool will be their undoing.
      De evolving into smelly gelatinous blobs, unable to breed, but excellent for drying and mixing with wood pellets destined for Drax.
      Keep the home fires burning. 🔥🔥👍
      Get To Fuck.

  18. It was always a s simple as this, there is no place in the west for Islam, its adherents, and certainly not the Camels. All should be returned to the shit dish from which they crawled. Those who were born here have a simple choice. Renounce Islam or fuck off.

    • As Jack implies, EyeClaudius, renouncing islam is not realistic. Mountains of evidence that the offspring of migrants who were born in the country to which their parents migrated and in many cases have never even visited their parent’s country of origin are frequently the most fanatical adherents to said parent’s culture and religion. Like Jack I would plump for the fuck off option.

      • There’s always the oven.
        Fuck off or oven, keep it simple.
        Why aye.

  19. Notice its just white kids they tamper with?
    Dont fiddle with their own?
    Because their kids are ugly and stink probably.

    Dirty smelly cunts

    • Do the pākıs ever fiddle with black kids?
      Probably not…it’d be quite difficult to wrest a youngster from an enraged mother gorilla and sneak it past zoo security.

      • TtCE@ – Evening Thomas – They tried with the Sikh and the black children but did not like the violent response.
        So they prey on the easiest targets.

    • MNC@ – Evening Sir – Long rambling post of mine, didn’t get modded as I kept my vigorous temper under control! 😀
      I believe my fellow posters know my opinion of islam – it is not blind hatred – it is the culmination of a lot of research, investigation and conversations over many years.
      My conclusion is – keep islam and muslims in islamic Countries.
      Let them experience their own misery.

      • Evening Foxy!

        I arrived at the same conclusion
        Through gut instinct and sensitive nasal passages.

      • I’ve only ever been to one Muslim country. Morocco
        I can confirm that it’s vile, full of cunts and very much in need of a lot of ovens

  20. Sex offences differ to other criminality in that they are not driven by addiction, stupidity, immaturity, being in with the wrong people, peer pressure etc – the normal things driving crime.
    “Normal” crime can be tackled and reduced – 75% of the people in prison are substance abusers, mentally ill or simple – victims of a one size fits all system designed to keep the peasants away from the great and the good just like the victims of crime who generally get fuck all in the way of justice are equally the victims of a failed system
    But this is different – if the motivation is sexual this cannot be cured, fixed or helped out of and offenders will always be a danger. I do not believe in the death sentence except for wholly proven and robust convictions for treason and terrorism – the Courts and legal system are a lottery for those without wealth and influence and I think many have hung who should not have and many have been celebrating in their club when they should have been engaging in a wholly different kind of “swinging”. But I support removing sex offenders from society – this way they will not re-offend and looking out of a barred window with an hour of weather dependent exercise a day until they die will give them time to reflect on their revolting crimes.
    Islam disgusts me, as do its followers – this is not due to “racism”, “islamophobia” or any of the other accusations the well oiled PR machine and its quite frankly fucking insane supporters roll out whenever hard truth is told – it is due to the fact that islam is not a religion, it is a barbaric medieval death cult which worships a wholly evil entity and supports and encourages the most outrageous and inhuman behaviour – there is not one good, kind or decent thing about it and it is time for muslims to shape up or ship out – Lord Ahmed had been mired in rumour for a long time but, like a lot of others, was protected by apologist appeasers who did not want to be seen as non PC or “racist” and a system which increasingly appears to view offences of this nature as minor.
    Enoch Powell saw this coming, and was derided by those who would defend the indefensible as “racist” but he was right and we need people in charge who will deal with this menace or we will face civil unrest like we have not seen.
    We are at the fulcrum of whether we are a free democracy or an autocracy, and only we as a society can decide which way it goes, but the if we keep the same politicians and system nothing will change except things will get worse.
    So it’s up to us.

  21. These grooming cunt need to feel the full force of the law, and no mercy or mitigation offered either.
    Yet there is an elephant in the room. Where do they get these girls from? What kind of parent allows a young girl to hang around a kebab shop or taxi rank, or anywhere of the sort? What kind of girl is attracted to these maggots, I mean none of them are ever lookers, the mug shots look like the bucktoothed inbred fuckers you’d expect them to be. If I had a daughter and she ended up in that situation then I would feel partly to blame, for not bringing my child up properly, and for not caring enough to keep her safe.
    Perhaps Mr Yaxley Lennon can do a documentary on that.
    Incoming rounds in 3,2,1….

    • I believe that some of the children were in ‘ Care Homes’, having been removed from unsuitable home situations. How fucking ironic!
      It’s not just the police who need to be held to account, as well as the child rapists. There’s a whole so called support system that should be shamed, publicly, and prosecuted if possible.
      Yes, they may not have been the most lovely children ever, that doesn’t mean that they deserved to be manipulated and abused.

      • No they didn’t, in fact they needed more protection, as a child that isn’t cared for by their parents is not likely to care about themselves or others. Without love and discipline, as neither alone works, how can you expect kids to grow into responsible human beings?

      • Evening GJ👍

        I admit you have point regarding parental responsibility.
        But I and guessing many more on ISAC were allowed to roam as a kid, only showing my face at teatime.
        In a functional society kids should be allowed to play out without the worry theyll be raped by a bunch of peacefuls.
        These kids were under the guidance of social workers mostly being in care.
        And we know how fuckin useless social workers are.

      • You’re right, MNC.
        Long school holiday in Summer, my old Mum used to chuck us out with some jam butties and a bottle of orange squash, with the instruction, don’t come back until teatime.
        And we did have a lovely time, but there was a gang, about a dozen, weren’t no pervert approaching us.
        These days, kids don’t pal around, really, and that makes them vulnerable.
        It’s scary.

        Makes ’em fat too. Have you seen the size of kids these days? Mini Michelins. -NA

      • Yes, far too many mini blimps these days, stuck in front of screens in dark rooms, with a supply of socks close to hand.

      • They need to take up a healthy hobby, like my granddaughter.
        She does Brazilian Ju-jitsu.
        She’s already a blue belt, skinny but vicious, like a black mamba.

      • I’ve just commented, but it’s in moderation, because my cunning prevert was helpfully changed by
        ” Fuck You, Autocorrect”

      • JP@ – The muslims deliberately target the vulnerable, the anonymous and those with no voice. Muslim appeasers are in all areas of the Civil Service as well as Parliament – Naz Shah (Labour of course) being one of the worst offenders.
        This is a national scandal, and only Tommy Robinson is speaking out – the “religion of peace” have been hard at work with their campaign to destroy him – and it is just unlucky coincidence of course that his house and several cars in the Telford area have been firebombed.
        We need to stand up to these fucking menaces and when the politicians start to see lynchings (not that I would recommend this of course!) maybe they will realise how angry the people are.

      • Yes Gutstick, these naive young girls from broken homes did need more protection.

        Protection from the taxi drivers that should have come from the social services, police, politicians, do-gooders and so on.

      • Good points well made Mis. My siblings and I would be out for the day returning late afternoon or early evening. I can’t remember our mother showing the slightest concern. And social workers, who hadn’t been invented back then, are staggeringly fucking useless!

      • I know what you mean Mis, I had an idilic childhood, camping up the mountains with my mates at ten years old, out until dark, and long after most nights.
        Unfortunately those days are long gone, and the description ‘broken home’ is from another time too. Nowadays, the children that end up in care are usually the offspring of skumbags junkies and thieves, children who’ve never known a father, children who were accidents, and treated as such. Children who were born so a mother can have a flat, or added to other children to get a bigger house, and extra benefits. I’m not saying all children in this demographic are unwanted or unloved, but the couple of years I work for the housing services of my local council showed me this was more than commonplace.
        The government is at fault, for providing a system that rewards people for having children they are incapable of caring or providing for, and we as a society are at fault for agreeing to it, or ignoring it. But ultimately, it’s the feckless people having children that are to blame.
        I know that if those cunts had come within a hundred yards of my sister, my dad would have battered every single one of them, and he was a powerful, but quiet man.

      • Agreed, its always the kids that suffer isn’t it?
        Either at the hands of sexual predators or neglect by feckless not worth a wank dole moles.
        Growing up in the time/place I did I was completely safe,
        Any adult would protect you or get help if they thought you were in danger.
        And any suspected diddler would have to pack quickly!

        When about 8yr I used to go the shops for my mums cigarettes before school🙂
        Common back then,
        Nowadays shocking I suppose?
        There was a bloke called “Chinaman Joe” a bit weird,
        A bit slow maybe? But he had a interest in chatting to kids,
        And he was skating on thin ice.
        He was deaf an dumb,
        Made those sort of moaning noises?
        Anyway he mithered me on the way back,
        Making those noises like fuckin Frankenstein and pulling at my jumper.
        I shit it! Only a nipper.
        I ran like fuck crying,
        And a passing van with 2 workmen in stopped.

        “You alright lad?”

        I dived straight through the drivers window into the passengers footwell!😁
        On the way home we saw Chinaman joe leaving the playing fields,
        The van stopped, the driver punched Joe straight through some privets,
        And I got driven home.

  22. Guts and Vern.
    I cannot tell you how much I agree.
    Poor little sausages, no one cared.

  23. Guts, my apologies.
    I’ve just realised that when you referred to bucktoothed inbred fuckers, you were referring to the wankers convicted of rape, etc., because the children wouldn’t have had photos published.
    Sorry, mate.

  24. There were Muslim police, Muslim social workers and Muslim councillors, completely complicit in the grooming, rape and sometimes murder of white children.
    Think about that for a few minutes.

  25. Teacher.
    Billy, if you have 4 apples and Ahmed asks you for one, how many do you have left?
    4 Miss.

  26. And still the goverment won’t acknowledge the Muzzi threat until each MP starts to appear on home videos via the islamic BBC, having their fucking heads cut off with a butter knife.

    • I’d bet that a large majority of British people regard Islam as inimical to our national life.
      The powers-that-be will bend over to Muslim sensibilities tho.
      It’s just plain odd.

    • The English, as a race, do not deserve to survive”
      Jack Straw. Former Home Secretary.

      I do now genuinely believe that the UK, specifically England, has been marked for historical and cultural obliteration.
      We had the last successful colonial empire (tough shit Fritz!) and too many foreigners, assisted by home grown traitors and greedy sell-outs, want to punish us.
      Mostly for shit that happened hundreds of fucking years ago, the hand-wringing cunts…

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