Novak Djokovic – No Balls Please

I probably spelt his name wrong as I couldn’t be bothered to look it up. Then again I could have just put tennis cunt and everyone would know who l meant.

The cunt refuses to release his vaccination status – probably because his wife is a rampant anti-vaxxer who thinks covid is caused by 5G and he doesn’t want to piss her off by getting a jab.

So he tries to bullshit his way into Oz and end up in a deportation detention centre. Boo boo for him.

If the Aussies let him get away with this, then they are bigger cunts than he is. Deport the cunt and ban his re-entry for three years just like they do for ‘normal’ people.

No jab, no entry, no play. No exceptions. Just fuck off…


UPDATE: Just to add to my cunting of Covak whatsisname, the cunt has been given leave by the court to stay in Oz, so any player drawn against him should withdraw or stand there and just let him hit the ball.

Balls boys/girls should refuse to go on court with him.

Crowds should boo him every time he hits a stroke or comes on court.

Of course, none of this will happens because none of these moneygrubbing unprincipled cunts have the balls…

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Nominated by: Dioclese

142 thoughts on “Novak Djokovic – No Balls Please

  1. Thank fuck my grandmother returned to England in the 1920s. My ancestors were on the second shipment out. Australians are made up of convicts and their guards and the guards always have the upper hand. Fuck Australia and their dumb ,stupid idea that somehow you can stop a virus that kills the over 80s and the obese. Wankers.

  2. Well all this fuss about the Rooshaggers not being able to deport a foreign cunt who hasn’t had the jab while we can’t deport foreign rapists, murderers and kiddy fiddlers. The media need to get a sense of perspective here.

      • I hear there are nearly 50 million Roos in Oz. There must be some of them who are up for it with the Peacefuls.

      • @ Freddie. The peacefuls here are traditionalists, they brought their own camels.

    • The roos wouldn’t allow illegal murderers , rapists and kiddy fiddlers into Aus in the first place, unlike the cunts in government in the UK.

  3. Why do you want to impose your shitty jab on everyone? Let us die in our corner, if you say “It’s selfish you are spreading the virus ” then good, I hope it kills you first you moaning cunt.

    I will be supporting the tennis cunt and hope he wins, a small victory for sensible people.

  4. I see the ghastly Nigel Farage has added his two bobs worth, as if his opinion on anything, much less Australian immigration policy, matters two fucks.

  5. Well bugger me sideways..
    Djokovic must be a cunt because the best tennis player in the world doesn’t want an experimental injection…Yawn Yawn Yaaawwwn!!!

    Entitled boomer snowflake shithouses the world over must be recoiling in horror at this man’s audacity.

    This man is a legend and should be applauded.

    • Novax donkeydic or whatever the cliff Richard pleasing cunts name is,
      Is indeed a cunt!
      Thinks because hes good at fuckin Badminton an famous hes above the rules?!!!

      Its not about vax or anti-vax,
      Not to me anyway,
      One of us tried this shite we’d come a right cropper.
      Step right in, sorry about that.

      The Aussie government backtracking like fuck.
      Seems its not just the UKs politicians that are carved from dogshit!!

      Id of thrown this New age little cunt in a holding cell,
      Forcibly jabbed him then kicked him out if Oz.

      • The point being that hopefully Novak Djokovic is a big enough personality and superstar of the sport that he can help expose the Australian regime’s behaviour for what it is… Fucking retarded medical fascism.
        He has way more influence than some unfortunate health care worker somewhere facing the sack for not queuing up for 3 injections per year.

        Whether he competes or not I don’t give a toss.
        Is he the best tennis player in the world though and too big to silence, dismiss or manipulate? Yes Probably.
        Does he need experimental vaccines despite being a 20 time grand slam winner in peak physical condition? Erm… No.
        Is he making the Australian Nazi regime twitchy? Yes.

        Good 👏👏👏

        Give this man a knighthood not Tony fucking B-liar

      • Djokovic is a cunt, when in Rome do as the Romans do or in this case if you want to enter Aus FOLLOW THIER FUCKIN RULES YOU TWAT.

  6. The Australian government are absolute one hundred percent dyed in the wool, corrupt cunts.

    I’m afraid anybody who supports this regime is as big a cunt if not an even bigger cunt than the Aussie government is combined.

    These cunts only get away with this because of subservience from the compliant population of nodding dogs and medical Guinea pigs.
    Amazing what a bit of fear can do to people.

  7. If this chap had any guts at all then as soon as he got out of his cell he should have held a brief news conference during which he stated he was leaving the country never to return.
    As for the rest of it with attached Bat Flu pantomime I couldn’t give a fuck.
    Tennis indeed!

  8. All backwards. He previously had covid and has a PCR test to prove it, so what difference does it make if he’s jabbed or not.

    If anything he is safer to others with his natural immunity. This is what that British Dr said to our malteaser head health secretary the other day. Natural immunity is superior and jabs don’t stop transmission.

    Fuck Australia and their batshit medical tyranny.

    You’ve been sold three lemons.

    • I find it odd that the (some not all) triple jabbers are happy to contract and spread the very illness they’ve been vaccinated against amongst their hive minded buddies in coffee shops and restaurants etc.

      Yet some (not all) are frightened of some healthy cunt with natural immunity coming within 10 metres of them. Or in the case of the nomination – frightened of them entering a fucking country.

      The last 2 years has been a pandemic of irrationality more than anything else.

      • I think this guy is stupid for daring to enter Australia with the way they have been about covid.
        But I love seeing him stand his ground about what he believes.
        I too am choosing to not be a fucking lab rat.

      • Sunk cost fallacy. Fat egos that can’t admit they have been conned by someone smarter than them and will try to perpetuate this charade to protect their ego.

        If the truth comes out the mental gymnastics will be Olympic gold quality, as they try to convince everyone (and self) they knew all along!

        A lot of people really aren’t self aware unfortunately. Shells, husks, borg, watching shadows in the cave.

    • @chunky

      But you say it’s all a hoax and PCR doesn’t work so how can you use the argument that he has had something you don’t believe exists and has been confirmed by an analysis that just ‘finds anything’ and he has superior natural immunity to a con trick. 😂

      • Presumably Chunky would say that PCR tests are recognised by the Australian government, so under their reasoning they don’t have grounds for the way they’re behaving.

      • Maybe chunky can speak for himself, my reply to him was meant to be humorous rather than serious (hence the laughing face)

      • My argument in this thread is in the context of Australia and the conventional narrative. Australia’s position is irrational according to the logic of the conventional narrative.

  9. All this sort of reminds me about the trans debate, but on much greater scale. If someone doesn’t want the vaccine then fair enough but the pro vax (yes governments must promote the public health message) are becoming as crazy as the anti vax.
    Health and Care settings are a different debate but Joe public and indeed tennis players should have the right to decide for themselves, however if a democratically elected government put in immigration rules then it is their business.

    Australia is opening up and have strict rules of entry regarding Covid status and it has to be respected, if those rules are met then fine, if not then it tough shit and bye-bye.
    The court ruled in favour of Djokovic, his wife may be another princess nut nut but from what I have seen and heard he hasn’t told anyone not to have the vaccine (I may be wrong) but stated no one should be forced to have it.

    He should have just told them to shove it and got back if on a plane to Dubai, however he has decided to stick it out but it would be hilarious if he went out in the first round.

  10. Rules is rules.
    To me hes no different to Katie Price getting leniency for driving like a twat,
    Or anyone else whos celebrity status makes them immune to the law us little people have to abide by.

    What a fuckin racquet.

    • MNC in my opinion the inject to work rules are complete bullshit, for him, and for all the rest of us.

      I like that he’s cracked through in Australia and hopefully breaking the dam wall of utter fuckwittery here.

    • MNC@ – What a racquet? String him up, by the balls, no second service.. terrible tennis jokes!
      Cockovic didn’t give a bollocks about the nazis running Australia until it looked like it might affect HIS prize money and ranking.

      • Exactly Foxy.
        He assumed they meant
        the population of earth barring him..
        Just another entitled foreigner expecting special treatment.

        Gas him 😁

  11. The worst counting of all time, your fucking jabs are useless they don’t work and have harmed and killed. He’s standing up to fascist cunts pity more don’t.

  12. Oh an whos that relatiion of his gobbing off on the news?

    That count Dracula motherfucker.

    Saying hed been treated like a animal?!

    Fuckin drama queen.
    Fuck off,
    Translyvania is that way 👉

  13. With Chunky and Herman 100% on this one so will not / cannot support this cunting. The true cunts being the hand-wringers and pantie pissers soiling themselves over a fucking flu! All this drone and blether whilst the media fail to turn the cameras onto the real story unfolding in the streets.
    If he had a viral infection recently then he has immunity end of story, that’s how immunology works fer fuck’s sake. When they recently tested the blood of 18 people who had SARS back in 2003/5 or whenever it was they found that their memory T cells immediately recognised this CoV2 virus (80% genetic similarity) and kicked fuck out of it thus proving the efficacy and longevity of their natural immunity.

    The ‘Omicunt’ scariant is apparently 30,000 bases and varies from CoV2 by about 0.02% so… if natural immunity can recognise and deal with a variation of 20% from 17yrs ago it will have no problem sticking it to a variant which differs by only 0.02%.

    In other news… we see that the Novak Djokovic Foundation links have suddenly disappeared from the World Economic Forum website…?…hmmmmm?

  14. Assuming he’s telling the truth about having Covid recently then the issue is very simple – he has natural immunity, so he should play. Slavishly following the rules for the sake of it shouldn’t be done.

  15. More cuntishness from Djokovic snr and the rest of the family by comparing him to some persecuted martyr, the president of Serbia weighing in and turning it into a diplomatic incident and the fans outside his quarantine hotel holding a candle lit vigil – he isn’t dead or George Floyd you cunts.

  16. I wonder, with the way that the Australian government has dealt with Covid and treated its entire population like a load of star wearing Jews from the 1940’s, will there be a mass exudes back to the motherland?

  17. Fact 1. Covak submitted his application 6 days after the 10th December deadline so should have been excluded.

    Fact 2. He claims he tested positive on a PCR test on 16th December, so why was he presenting awards to a bunch of kids on the 17th without wearing a mask and when he should have been isolating anyway?

    Fact 2 alone makes him a reprehensible arrogant world class weapons grade cunt in my book…

    • Fact 2 is a good point, I watched Farage interviewing Novaks uncle and he asked that very question about the date he tested positive and his appearance at a presentation on the 17th.
      His uncle couldn’t give an answer and said Novak would have to explain that for himself.
      Why did he have the PCR test, if he thought he might have Covid he should have avoided the public even if he didn’t get the result until after the 17th.

    • If 2 is correct then that changes things somewhat. BUT it still doesn’t change the fact that people shouldn’t have to have jabs in order to work – that’s a very dangerous slope to go down.

    • Re Fact 2 – Recall that the PCR machines are set at between 40 and 45 cycles (according to the NHS data sheets anyway) and at that level of amplification will detact single molecules or smashed up DNA fragments in fucking tap water! So a +ve test is neither a surprise nor a reliable indicator of infection.

      I saw the footage of that event, he didn’t look under the weather at all, therefore he was asymptomatic at worst. Evidence of asymptomatic transmission of this thing (or any other respiritory virus for that matter) simply isn’t there. If he had sufficient viral load in his upper resp. tract and nasal passages such that it would be aeroslised then he would DEFINITELY have had symptoms. If he was coughing and barking he would have naturally called off on the event.

    • As I understand it this cunt also LIED on his Visa application by saying he hadn’t been to any other country in the last 14 days but it seems he was in Spain at one point during that period. Even though they are massive cunts, I think the convicts are quite within their rights to deport the cunt. Why should he be any different just because he plays tennis for a living?

  18. A large proportion of Mrs Bastard’s familyvare Ozzies. Bunch of cunts, drugs, robbers, scumbags.
    Never liked them, arrogant big mouthed cunts, one and all.
    Fuck dm, fuck em all.

  19. “Rules are for the guidance of wise men and the obedience of fools.” – Douglas Bader
    Personally, I really don’t give a flying fuckety fuck about tennis, or covid, but I do think the Oz Gov are proper cunts to their native citizens.

  20. Totally agree with Dio’s nomination it was bang on the nail. Djokovic is a lying, cheating cunt. He didn’t have covid in December, that’s complete bollocks and if he did he should be banged to rights for mixing with children knowing he had it Whether you agree with the vaccination or ate against it, the Aussies laid down rules which this self entitled cunt thinks he can ignore. Hopefully the government kick the cunt out of the country and ban him from entering for 5 years. As for his arrogant cunts of a mother and father you can see where he gets his arrogance from.

    • It’s the principle of the thing surrounding jabs in order to work though. There’s very good reasons why we don’t tend to pursue such policies.

    • If only we could somehow forcibly vaccinate all those pesky kids without the consent of their parents.
      After all – it’s perfectly normal that isn’t it.

      Also, if it makes most obese 85 year olds with underlying health issues feel safe and sanctimonious for the remainder of their lives – it’s all worth it.

  21. What about all those ‘ Australian’s ‘ waving Serb flags ?
    They may have been born in Oz, but they’re still loyal to the ‘ Old Country ‘
    Sound familiar ?
    Serbia is a rats nest.
    Get To Fuck.

    • Serbian death squads.
      I met a Serbian bodyguard years ago (shooting club).
      The photos he showed us, of his family back home, armed to the fucking teeth with weapons from the Balkan conflicts-you wouldn’t want to fuck em off.

      They are nasty bastards, hired guns all across Europe.

  22. At the end of the day the government said it was up to the local governor to grant entry, which he did (they decided that as he’d just recovered from Covid, he’d have antibodies).

    Some kicked off, but the government stuck by their decision to leave it up to the local district. So the tennis cunt came. Then, the government changed its mind and locked the cunt up when he landed.

    I could have got this wrong, I just caught a bit on the news. However, if he was granted entry, flew over and was then locked up… that’s bang out of order. He’s been released now I believe.

    I’m not against the vaccines like some, but the Aussies behaved poorly here.

    Although tennis is a fucking dull and rather gay sport, so they should lock all players of this sport up anyway.

    • Although if he has lied about having Covid and where he’d just been before flying to Oz, fuck him.

      Whether or not you agree with the rules, you need to follow them to get visas to enter a country. If you knowingly lie, don’t cry if they lock you up if they find out.

      That’s if he did lie at all, of course.

      But as I say, only bummers and tuppence lickers like tennis anyway so fuck him.

    • That is funny

      Many years ago the place where I worked we had one guy who fucking stank, I mean it was literally vomit forming. He was thick as pig shit but other than that a decent bloke, my deodorant wouldn’t have worked on him for sure 😂

    • “Are you cold?”


      “Well I am and I’m going to put my jumper on but it’ll only work if you put one on too!”


  23. I struggle to believe that people who play games for a living are in any way entitled to special treatment and insane wages. Looks as this specimen was lying about his not having travelled in the previous fortnight. If these cunts had any shame they’d top themselves and save Covid the bother.

    • @ Komodo

      Unfortunately for the vaccine enthusiasts and left wing bed wetting Twitter types – Covid is incredibly highly unlikely to kill him.
      The experimental vaccine may fuck up his heart though.

      • Actually Komodo he may have a point. Myocarditis is rare but elite athletes are more susceptible to it because of the fact they’re pushing their hearts to the limit anyway.

      • I know, OC, and I agree. Both the disease and the vaccine can give you myocarditis, and I’m not sure it’s all that rare a side-effect, particularly after repeat doses. The statistics show, however, that vaccination has had an enormous effect on the disease death rate and I’ll go with that rather than the 5G conspiracy twats.

        Auschwitz, eh, HJ? If you’d read the notice you might have had better luck spelling that…but full marks for sinister introduction of universally reviled but wholly irrelevant event, eh?

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